The Best CS2 (CS:GO) Skins Lists

In this blog section, you find the lists of the top CSGO weapon skins. Reviewing them regularly, you can be among the first who invest wisely in the best knives, gloves and cases. As a result, you will gain a significant edge over others when the time is right to sell your gun skins for a healthy profit.

Our lists of the best CSGO skins serve only ONE purpose – to show you which items to invest in. It doesn’t matter whether a CSGO weapon skin features a Minimal Wear float value or if it comes from the Rising Sun collection. All that matters is its present and past performance on the market.

Remember, you’re not buying just a weapon skin! You’re making informed purchases on Counter-Strike Global Offensive skins that will earn you money in the future.
Cheapest CSGO Skins
Get a well-researched collection of some of the cheapest skins in CSGO. It includes decent quality skins, such as the Desert Eagle, AK-47, M4A4 and the rest.
Most Expensive CSGO Skins
These lists introduce you to the currently most expensive skins in CS GO. You’ll find out the current market trends and status of each gun skin inside.
TOP CSGO Weapon Skins
The only things that matter for these CS:GO skins are their popularity and demand. Get detailed reports on popular skins such as the Empress skin for the AK-47, M4A1 S Hyper Beast, and many more.
Best CSGO Knife Skins
Don’t waste time risking drop probability for top CSGO knives. Explore our lists and discover the best in-game knife skins to buy or trade today.
Best CSGO Gloves
Which CSGO Gloves should you be investing in right now? The Steam marketplace doesn’t offer enough data on this. Our lists hint at which Gloves are worth obtaining at any point.
Top CSGO Collections
What are the most worthwhile CSGO collections to start investing in today? Is it the Phoenix or the Shadow collection, the Breakout or the Clutch collection? Whenever the market changes, you can expect one of our lists to help you make more educated choices.
Best CS GO Cases
Find out which CSGO cases have the most potential. With our tips, you can increase your chances of opening the jackpot.

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