PP-Bizon SMG is a classic mid-game weapon, often purchased during eco rounds or early parts of the match. Although it might offer low damage when compared to other guns in the game, it also has low recoil, reloads quickly, and offers a high rate of fire, making it a great purchase when your team is struggling financially.

Looking to improve your CS2 SMG visuals? Here are our picks for the top 10 best PP-Bizon skins in the game!

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1. PP-Bizon | Breaker Box

skinsmonkey pp bizon breaker box

The Breaker Box is a very visually appealing skin, offering a serious change of visuals to any gamer looking to mix up their SMG looks. PP-Bizon Breaker Box replaces the standard Bizon SMG body with a mix of cables and wires. If you’re looking for a futuristic, robotic look for your CS2 loadout, this PP-Bizon skin is an absolute must-have.

  • Flavor text: Please consult an electrician before conducting your own repairs
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1.90
  • Available in collection: 2021 Vertigo Collection
  • First added: September 21st, 2021

2. PP-Bizon | Blue Streak

skinsmonkey pp bizon blue streak

The Blue Streak skin for the PP-Bizon is fairly self-explanatory. This weapon skin features a streak of blue paint, dragged all across the weapon’s body. If you’re looking for blue skins and want something that can break the mold, PP-Bizon Blue Streak is the weapon skin for you.

  • Flavor text: None
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1.00
  • Drops from case: eSports 2014 Summer Case
  • First added: July 10th, 2014

3. PP-Bizon | Modern Hunter

skinsmonkey pp bizon modern hunter

One of the most expensive CS2 skins on this list, if you’re a fan of the PP-Bizon, Modern Hunter is the perfect weapon skin to show your dedication to this classic SMG. It features a gritty, bone-grey base, together with golden details. This weapon skin gives off a deadly air, while still maintaining an elegant look.

  • Flavor text: None
  • Lowest Steam Price: $5.80
  • Available in collection: The Militia Collection
  • First added: August 14th, 2013

4. PP-Bizon | Irradiated Alert

skinsmonkey pp bizon irradiated alert

The Irradiated Alert skin carries a dangerous look to your PP-Bizon that will definitely signal to your enemies that you’re a walking hazard. This design features radioactive symbols together with darker colors, giving the impression of a dangerous and toxic weapon. If you’re looking for a deadly weapon skin for your PP-Bizon, Irradiated Alert is the item for you.

  • Flavor text: None
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1.16
  • Available in collection: The Nuke Collection
  • First added: August 14th, 2013
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5. PP-Bizon | Rust Coat

skinsmonkey pp bizon rust coat

The Rust Coat skin for the PP-Bizon offers an aged and roughened look. While it might not be much visually, it’s a great choice for someone who’s looking for a CS2 battle-scarred skins. PP-Bizon Rust Coast will give your SMG the look of a weapon that has seen many different battles.

  • Flavor text: Scars build character
  • Lowest Steam Price: $7.67
  • Available in collection: The Alpha Collection
  • First added: September 19th, 2013

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6. PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print

skinsmonkey pp bizon bamboo print

The Bamboo Print skin is a perfect choice for players who enjoy white and flashy finishes. Adding a bit of elegance to this classic SMG with its bamboo artwork, this skin maintains a clear and elegant look, while adding some style to your PP-Bizon. If you’re looking for the best white CS2 (CS:GO) skins in the game, PP-Bizon Bamboo Print is definitely something you should consider.

  • Flavor text: Insert shoot pun here
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1.68
  • Available in collection: Rising Sun Collection
  • First added: May 26th, 2015

7. PP-Bizon | Antique

skinsmonkey pp bizon antique

The Antique skin offers a vintage aesthetic for the PP-Bizon, featuring a unique pattern and antique finish. Combining metallic plate with wooden parts, PP-Bizon Antique looks like a weapon straight from medieval times. If you want to feel like a knight while shooting at your enemies, this skin will let you do just that.

  • Flavor text: With age comes wisdom and stopping power
  • Lowest Steam Price: $5.43
  • Drops from case: Huntsman weapon case
  • First added: May 1st, 2014

8. PP-Bizon | Brass

skinsmonkey pp bizon brass

If you enjoy simple-looking skins but still want to show off in a match, PP-Bizon Brass is the skins that you need. There’s isn’t a lot to say about this skin visually – it simply turns your entire PP-Bizon into metallic brass. However, if this sounds like something you might enjoy, you’ll be happy to learn that you can obtain this skin relatively cheap.

  • Flavor text: Fool’s gold
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.28
  • Available in collection: The Dust 2 Collection
  • First added: November 27th, 2013

9. PP-Bizon | Seabird

skinsmonkey pp bizon seabird

The Seabird skin presents aesthetically pleasing blue hues, evoking images of sea and ocean. If you’re looking for a calming and cool vibe to your weapon, this is one of the best PP-Bizon skins you can get for this task!

  • Flavor text: Mine.
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1.99
  • Available in collection: St. Marc Collection
  • First added: November 18th, 2019
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10. PP-Bizon | Space Cat

skinsmonkey pp bizon space cat

The Space Cat Skin takes a quirky route, featuring a creative blend of kittens, space, and pastel colors. If you want freaky skin for your PP-Bizon, you probably can’t do better than Space Cat. This skin features a strange cat-like creature, with its eyes placed conveniently on holes in the gun’s body.

  • Flavor text: The paws of creation
  • Lowest Steam Price: $0.13
  • Drops from case: Dreams & Nightmares Case
  • First added: January 20th, 2022

In Conclusion

Here are all the best PP-Bizon skins you can get for your gun. If you enjoyed any items on this list, make sure to visit Skinsmonkey, where you can always purchase CS2 (CS:GO) skins for the best prices, anytime, anywhere! Also, make sure to check out our giveaways for free CS2 (CS:GO) skins!