The game already has some pretty amazing skins but Rust glowing skins have always been more eye-catching, especially at night. There are plenty of different and unique glowing skins that also differ in value. Some are more expensive skins, some cost almost nothing at all. However, they all look absolutely stunning and are just a delight to look at, especially during nighttime. Here, we’re going to have a look at some of the coolest and best Rust glowing skins in the game.

What Is a Rust Glowing Skin?

If you don’t know what a Rust glowing skin is, it’s just a regular skin that glows at night. Unlike Rust skins with glow sight, these types of skins make almost the entire body of the weapon or item glow.

What’s best about the glowing Rust skins is that they glow in different colors, have different textures, and vary in more than one feature.

Top 10 Rust Skins that Glow In the Dark

Let’s examine some of the most popular Rust glowing skins on the market today. We’ll have a look at their design, how they look in the dark, their price, and so on.

Metal Facemask – Glowing Skull Skin

metal facemask glowing skull rust

The Glowing Skull skin for the Metal Facemask in Rust looks absolutely stunning. It features a bright green glow that highlights the scary skull on the mask itself.

This skin is currently priced at around $130. Some marketplaces are selling it for even higher but it rarely goes below this price point.

Hunting Bow – Hunting Bow From Hell

hunting bow from hell rust

Unlike the previous skin, the Hunting Bow From Hell is one of the cheaper Rust skins on the market. Even though it is priced at just under $4, it is still one of the most gorgeous ones in the game.

This skin glows a warm red color that sort of looks like burning coal. It looks appealing during the day and night, and most players will be glad to know that it comes at such an affordable price.

Armored Metal Door – Molten Visage Armored Door

molten visage armored door rust

Now, this is a door many would be afraid to open. The Molten Visage Armored Door skin makes the Armored Metal Door in Rust look scary enough without it glowing. However, when the night falls, this skin starts looking ten times cooler.

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It glows a fiery orange color and features a terrifying dragon-like head in the middle. Best of all, this is a relatively affordable skin to purchase that only costs around $10.

Pants – Rusteratu Pants

rusteratu pants rust

How fun would it be to walk around in glowing pants? It may not be so fun doing so in the real world, but it sure would be in Rust.

Well, the Rusteratu Pants can make that happen. These pants feature a few simple designs across the entire body and glow in the dark. What could be better?

I’m glad you asked because this skin also comes at a ridiculously affordable price at just under $2.

F1 Grenade – Fire and Brimstone Grenade

fire and brimestone grenade rust

We all know that grenades can get pretty bright when they explode. However, this Rust skin makes the grenade glow even before it explodes.

The skin costs around $10 on both Steam and other marketplaces. It’s relatively affordable considering there aren’t many other Rust glowing skins of its kind.

Scorched Hammer – Glowing Body

scorched hammer rust

Hitting things in Rust with a boring old metal hammer is just not fun anymore. As a result, the Scorched Hammer was created. This hammer glows as it was just pulled out of a furnace. It’s piping hot and definitely looks like something you don’t want to mess with.

The skin currently costs $11 and is definitely a steal considering how unique and attractive it makes the Rust hammer look.

AK-47 – Jack O Lantern

ak47 jack o lantern rust

The AK47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the game. Now, imagine the same weapon with a glowing body that looks absolutely astonishing. This is one of the most attractive Rust skins that you’ll probably never get bored of using.

Now, you’re probably thinking that such a cool skin with a glowing body probably costs a lot of money. Well, you’re in luck because this skin cost only $5.

AK-47 – From Hell

ak47 from hell rust

This is another AK-47 glowing skin that we just couldn’t miss out on. It looks stunning and features one of the largest glowing surfaces on any Rust skin, except maybe a few rock skins.

This is also one of the most popular Rust glowing skins as well. It’s widely used by famous YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and many others. It isn’t however, as affordable as a few of the previous skins.

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However, it still doesn’t break the bank, as this skin comes at around $43.

Rock – Acid Rock

acid rock rust

The Acid Rock skin in Rust is one of the best glowing skins without a doubt. The entire surface of the item glows with a single, bright lime green color that just makes you want to look at that rock for days.

Here comes the best part, this beautiful Rust glowing skin only costs $3, making it an ideal choice to make other players jealous at an affordable price.

Sleeping Bag – Comfortable Coffin

comfortable coffin rust

And lastly, to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, the Comfortable Coffin Sleeping Bag skin in Rust is definitely something to consider getting. It features a white glowing cross and a few other markings that glow red.

This is another cheap Rust skin that costs between $3 – $4. It looks spooky and is definitely much more unique than the regular boring old sleeping bag.

Where to Buy Rust Skins that Glow?

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