From the early access Rust back in 2013 to the full release in 2018, many aspects of the game mechanics have changed and improved. Players had something to look forward to with each, and with the 2021 release, they certainly delivered – an underwater world, submarines, and sharks!

Another just as important and exciting aspect of the latest game release is fishing. We sat down and researched how to fish in Rust, so you don’t have to. 

In this little ‘How to Fish in Rust’ guide, you will get how to use a fishing rod, what bait to use and how to cook the fish you caught.

So, grab your fishing rods, and let’s go!

types of fish rust

How Do You Catch a Fish in Rust Console?

With the latest 2021 release, fishing is much more realistic in Rust than before. Now, Rust players can craft a handmade fishing rod and use some bait to catch various types of fish. Fishing in Rust has its benefits, from raw fish, animal fat, and bones. So the question is not can you fish in Rust, but how to catch fish in Rust, and we are here to explain.

While fish is a perfect way not to be hungry, they can also be traded or sold at a fishing village for scrap. While some see it as another mini-game in-game, others think Rust fishing is a great way to pass the time.

To start fishing, you will need a fishing pole and some bait. You can either get a fishing rod for a vendor at fishing villages or craft a handmade fishing rod from 2 ropes and 200 wood.

Once you have your fishing rod, you are ready to catch fish. The best locations for this are lakes, rivers, and even the ocean. On top of that, there are some underwater labs where specific kinds of fish live.

casting a line

If you are only going to use the fish as food, fishing in shallow waters is the way to go, more specifically close to the beach or to a fishing village. Here you might catch small trout, herring, anchovies, etc. If you are looking for big fish and better loot, go to deep water where salmon and small sharks inhabit.

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How to Use the Fishing Rod in Rust?

Once you have your fishing rod, to cast the fishing line hold your right-click, aim and then left-click to throw. After you get a bite, you can use your ‘WASD’ keys to reel the fish. Hold the S key to reel the fish, and simultaneously click on the A and D keys to move side to side. If the fish is heavy to catch, avoid holding S for too long because the line might break. Also, to avoid line breaking, use A and D in short bursts to bring it closer.

handmade fishing rod

If the line does snap, not only will you lose the fish, but you will also lose the bait that you were using. Similar to real-life, catching fish needs learning, so don’t be frustrated if you lose your first few fish.

What Can You Use a Bait for Fishing in Rust?

Fishing bait in Rust can be all sorts of things, and different types of bait have a different bait values. Essentially, there are different bait levels, ranging from 0.5 to 10. The lowest values are the various plants or berries available in Rust in different colours. Closely above them are some vegetables like potatoes, corn, and pumpkin.

bait for fishing rust game

A higher bait value than fruits and vegetables has raw meat. It can come from various animals like worms, wolves, horses, chickens, pigs, deer, bears, fish, and even humans. The highest level baits you can get are from yellow perch, orange roughy, a small shark, small trout, catfish, and salmon.

In the beginning, berries and worms will be your primary bait because they are the easiest to find. You can find worms in various plants as well. 

How Do You Cook Fish in Rust?

After you’ve caught fish, you may find some items. However, most of them won’t be rich in nutrition, besides the blue keycard.

Smaller fish in Rust won’t give you much so-called “raw fish”. However, if the fish you caught is on the bigger and better fish list, you will get up to 10 raw fish.

After you have gutted the fish, you can place it on a stove, which every underwater lab has. Cooked fish gives you the same stats as pork, so your health will rise a lot.

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cooked fish in rust

Final Words

This brief how to fish in Rust beginners guide will help you to learn the mechanics of the game. It is also a great way to earn some scrap which you can later sell. All that is left is for you to hop on a server, get your rod and try to catch one fish at a time.

If you are also interested to know how to get food in Rust (not only fish), our  Rust blog explains you also this important aspect of the game.