The Thompson Rust weapon is a highly used submachine gun. Not long ago, the Thompson Rust gun was the fastest one. It was before the Custom SMG appeared in Rust. In any case, you’re about to learn everything you need about the Thompson Rust gun. How to buy or sell it in the best trading bot platform. And, of course, the best skins for the Thompson, the ammo it uses, and lots more.

What is a Thompson Rust?

The Rust Thompson is perfect for close ranged encounters. The gun uses pistol ammunition, including Pistol Bullets, HV Pistol Ammo, and the Incendiary Pistol Bullet. It holds precisely 20 rounds of ammo.

The Thompson’s lower recoil makes it easier to control. This gun may not have a higher fire rate than Custom SMGs. But it comes with more high damage, meaning fewer bullets wasted.

Just remember its lower range and shabby accuracy means you won’t win long-range shootouts. So, stick to close-to-mid-ranged battles. And you should be fine.

Can You Craft a Thompson in Rust?

Yes, you can craft a Thompson in Rust using the following ingredients:

  • 10 High-Quality Metal
  • 100 Wood
  • 1 SMG Body
  • Metal Spring

It takes 15 to 30 seconds to craft this weapon. Ideally, you can also find a Thompson Rust gun from various sources of loot. The highest drop rate can be found inside a Locked Crate and a Supply drop. There is a 100% chance to get a Thompson from these loot sources.

TOP 10 Thompson Rust Skins

Considering Thompson’s popularity in-game, the skin market for this weapon has seen lots of action. Currently, the most popular and sought-after Thompson Rust skins are the following ten:

10. Tempered Thompson

tempered thompson rust
  • Average Price: $4

It is a popular skin for the Thompson weapon in Rust. It gives the gun a new look that steers away from the old scrap look of the default Thompson.

9. Venomous Thompson

venomous thompson skin
  • Average Price: $3

If you like something with much more color and diversity, the Venomous item for Thompson will be your new favorite weapon skin. It offers a clean rainbow look and features a suitable price for most players.

8. Cold Hunter Thompson

cold hunter thompson skin rust 1
  • Average Price: $4.5
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The Cold Hunter comes with an icy look. It completely covers the exterior of the gun in ice. However, it won’t ruin your comfort level in Rust, don’t worry!

7. Doodle Thompson

doodle thompson rust 1
  • Average Price: $4.10

It is another affordable Thompson Rust skin. It covers the weapon’s surface in various doodles on white paper. The red stripes also add an additional layer of uniqueness and appeal.

6. Blackout Thompson

blackout thompson
  • Average Price: $5.40

The Blackout Thompson is a more realistic skin. It is quickly becoming a fan favorite for so many Rust players. It’s clean, it’s simple, and it gets the job done.

5. Azul Thompson

azul thompson 1
  • Average Price: $4.70

The Azul Thompson is a beautiful skin with detailed patterns inscribed all over the gun’s surface. Its handles and magazine have also received an elegant coat with huge screws holding the parts in place.

4. Bombing Thompson

bombing thompson
  • Average Price: $1.70

The Bombing Thompson skin is painted with graffiti in mainly blue, red, white, and yellow colors. It is also one of the most affordable Thompson Rust skins out there.

3. Black Gold

black gold thompson skin
  • Average Price: $7

Black Gold is a luxurious and high-quality Rust cosmetic item. As a result of its prestigious look, it also comes with a higher price tag. However, this is no problem for experienced Rust skin collectors and enthusiasts.

2. JPEG Thompson

jpeg thompson
  • Average Price: $4.70

It is the most elegant Thompson skin you will ever find on the market. It offers a cartoonish look with only two colors across its entire surface. If you like simplicity and no distractions, JPEG is the right choice.

1. Neo Soul Thompson

neo soul thompson
  • Average Price: $3

Lastly, the Neo Soul Thompson is a brightly-colored weapon skin that looks incredible during the day. Sadly, it’s not a Rust glowing skin. On the bright side, at least it is affordable and still gives off that glowing skin vibe in the daytime.

How To Get Skins For Thompson in Rust?

You can either buy Thompson Rust skins or get them for free online. Here are the best methods of obtaining them:

  • Open the Steam market and see if you can find any good deals there. Players upload their own listings with custom prices.
  • Go to SkinsMonkey. It is use an automated trading bot to trade any other skins you want for a Rust Thompson skin.
  • Use the Official Rust store to purchase the skins from there instantly.
  • Join Rust community Discord servers and hope for someone to gift you a good Thompson skin.
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Final Verdict

Finally, you’re ready to head out into the world of Rust, find or craft your own Thompson, put on a gorgeous skin, and deal some damage. Just remember to get some target practice before you decide to take on everyone you come across with your new Thompson.