Rust is an exciting survival game. In the game, players have to craft equipment by collecting materials in order to survive. Otherwise, users can easily be hunted by other enemy players and lose everything from their inventory.

That’s exactly why we decided to prepare a detailed Rust crafting guide for you covering the most important aspects related to crafting.

What is Crafting in Rust?

In short, crafting is a process of transforming any in-game materials into usable Rust tools or equipment. Normally players spend plenty of time crafting new items in Rust. While some categories of rust items are easy to make, others could be quite challenging to produce.

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So, we can highlight several levels of crafting in Rust:

  • basic crafting – You just need to gather any items you find in the wild areas and turn them into new Rust tools in the crafting menu.
  • intermediate crafting – It is not as elementary as the first level of crafting, because you need to build a furnace first. Then you can craft metal. For example, in order to produce two units of the ore it is necessary to net four or eight metal fragments.
  • advanced crafting – For this type of crafting you need to become an owner of the corresponding Blueprint and a Research Kit. Probably, you will need a lot of free time and craft anything really difficult. 

How to Craft Items in Rust?

Thanks to the four simple steps you can be confident the art of Rust crafting is mastered. These steps includes:

  1. to open the crafting menu by pressing the Q key.
  2. to view 14 item categories on the right side of the page that opens. 
  3. to select the item you would like to craft
  4. to press the “Craft” button  by specifying the number in the lower left part. 
rust begin crafting

In essense, to learn the crafting recipe of an item, you must first find that item in the game. After you find the item, you should come to the Research Table and research that item in exchange for Scrap. When the research process is finished, the item will be deleted and added to your Crafting menu. If you have all the necessary materials, you can produce the item by opening your crafting menu.

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Essential Items To Survive in Rust 


The most important thing you need to do from the first moment you start playing Rust is to build a base for yourself. You can also use various construction elements to do this. First of all, we would like to remind you that you need to produce a “building plan” from the common section on the crafting screen. Now let’s take a look at all the items you can craft under the Construction category:

  • Building Plan

An item that you can use to build your own base. A menu opens where you can view various construction techniques when used.

  • Tool Cupboard

It is the most indispensable element of the game. As it is usually placed more than once inside or outside the base. Because it does not allow anyone but you to build anything near where you place it.

  • Door

In the beginning level of the game, you may need to use Wooden Door to protect your house. No Workbench required and you can craft using only x300 wood. 

  • Double Door

It functions the same as the Wooden Door, the only difference is that it has two doors. For this you have to build the floor from the building plan.

double door item rust
  • Garage Door

It is one of the most used construction items in the game. Garage Door is extremely useful for you to move around more easily when your base is raided. Metal fragments and x2 Gear are used in its production. Additionally, you will need Workbench Tier 2.


Guns are an integral part of the Rust competitive landscape. Thus, it is extremely important that you craft weapons. Now let’s take a look at the weapons you can craft:

  • Spear

There are two types of spears in the game. The first of these is Wooden Spear and the other is Stone Spear. Players generally use Wooden Spear as basic items at the beginning. Stone Spear is not preferred much.

  • Hunting Bow

It is one of the most used weapons in both the beginning and middle parts of the game. If you manage to headshot most of the opponents, it is possible to kill them directly. Therefore, everyone who is new to the game should take care to make a hunting bow first.

  • Compound Bow

Another type of bow added to Rust in 2021. Wood, Metal Fragments and Rope are used in its construction.

  • Bone Knife

It is a basic item that you can make from the bones you get by cutting animals.

  • Bone Club

As in the Bone Knife, you can craft this item by using the bones you get from animals.

  • Salvaged Sword

You can craft this using Metal Fragments. For this, you need to research first.

  • Machete

Another melee weapon in Rust that you can use by researching with Blueprint.

  • Mace

It is a weapon that can inflict high damage in close combat that you can use by researching it again.

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The next category in our Rust crafting guide is  tools. From first to last, we will list basic tools and then better tools.

  • Rock
  • Torch
  • Hammer
  • Handmade Fishing Rod
  • Flashlight
  • Flare
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • Salvaged Hammer
  • Icepick Salvaged
  • Axe Salvaged
  • Chainsaw: There are currently no better tools from Chainsaw in the game.
  • Water Bucket
  • Binoculars
  • RF Transmitter
  • Satchel Charge
  • Survey Charge
  • Timed Explosive Charge
  • Instant Camera
  • Smoke Grenade

Rust Attire for The Early Game 

From the first moment you start playing Rust, you can wear clothes to reduce taking damage. You might notice that there are many types of these clothes. Those types generally vary according to the armor provided by the clothes.

If you are new in Rust, we recommend to have a closer look at the following types of wooden armor in Rust: 

  • Wooden Armor Helmet 
  • Wooden Armor Pants 

Luckly, wooden armor is quite easy to produce thanks to the abundance of trees in the game. It also provides a decent level of protection from simple melee and ranged weapons such as Spears and Maces. 

» Are you curious to know what are TOP 10 Rust armor items? Find out some of the best armor pieces for the early game.


The world of Rust is brutal and extremely competitive. The enemy can attack and kill you anytime. In order to prevent all these, the medical items in Rust are very important. As Skinsmonkey, we wanted to add Rust crafting Guide medical items.

  • Bandage: Good for early game and cheap to craft.
  • Medical Syringe
  • Large Medkit: Crafting is expensive.
medicine rust

Other Items You Can Craft in Rust

So, we have listed almost everything in this Rust crafting guide. Now we will list other frequently used items in the game.

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Bed
  • Camp Fire
  • Furnace
  • Drop Box
  • Large Wood Box
  • Repair Bench
  • Research Table
  • Lantern
  • Small Stash
  • Vending Machine
  • Wood Storage Box
  • Water Barrel
  • Large Furnace