Rust is one of the most popular online survival games, with players from all over the world competing with one another to survive on an abandoned post-apocalyptic plot of land. Players can either cooperate or compete with each other for items and resources.

To gather resources and survive in the harsh environment of Rust, players need to craft items that they can use to gather materials and fend off other players. This is particularly important early on when the resources can be scarce and many players will be fighting for them at the same time.

In order to defend yourself, you will need to craft weapons and armor. One of the best tools for self-defense you can get early on is the waterpipe shotgun, known simply as the pipe shotgun. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how to get it for your Rust inventory.

What Is The Waterpipe Shotgun?

The waterpipe shotgun is easily one of the most powerful weapons you can get in Rust early on. It’s easy to craft and packs a very serious punch to all of your attacks. It’s one of the easiest firearms you can craft in Rust, and is also one of the deadliest guns you can use at a close range. What the weapon lacks in its range, it has incredible firepower up close, and can in fact take out even an armored target with a single shot.

The Waterpipe Shotgun is best used in closed spaces, with a single enemy in mind. The gun has a very short effective range, which essentially makes it an extremely powerful melee weapon, but it also holds only a single shot and takes over 4 seconds to reload. This means that with this weapon you only get to fire a single round and if you miss it, you’ll find yourself in trouble.

Still, although it’s quite difficult and risky to use, you can, with proper training master the waterpipe shotgun and use it to effectively take out enemies early on, without having to worry about details such as their armor. While there are many better shotguns in the game, none of them are as cheap to craft as the waterpipe shotgun, which you can easily create at any point of the game and use to bounce back, if you find yourself in a tight spot in the game.

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How To Craft The Waterpipe Shotgun?

One of the main advantages of the waterpipe shotgun is that it’s extremely easy to craft. All you need to do to get a waterpipe shotgun of your own is to gather some wood and some metal fragments. To craft the waterpipe shotgun blueprint, you will need to have 75 pieces of scrap in your inventory.

To craft the weapon itself, you will need to use:

  • 100 wood
  • 75 metal fragments

Crafting the waterpipe shotgun takes exactly 60 seconds, and can be done with any usable workbench in range.

How To Use The Waterpipe Shotgun In Rust?

Although a very powerful weapon, the pipe shotgun allows you to only take a single shot before you have to reload. Since the gun has an extremely short effective range, it means that you really only get one chance to take out your enemy. However, if you know how to effectively use the waterpipe shotgun, once is enough.

The pipe shotgun is first of all a weapon that deals extremely high damage. It only holds a single bullet which fires with a very high spread, but if you get it all in, it deals 180 damage to the body, and a whopping 210 damage to the head. This means that if you can land a shot on the enemy’s head up close, you can even take out armored targets with a single shot.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the pipe shotgun isn’t very effective in open spaces or outside the buildings. The gun has a very high spread, besides the low range, which means that effectively taking out a moving target, which also has some extra space to maneuver around your shots, will definitely be a significant challenge. Still, if you get up close with your enemy, or if they have a melee weapon equipped, you can safely take out the pipe shotgun and try to fight them at close range.

Sneaking up on the enemy and taking them out with the pipe shotgun is almost impossible, considering how close you would have to get. Many players think that the waterpipe shotgun is great for this since you can immediately kill anyone you manage to sneak up on, but in reality, trying to get this close to someone who’s not AFK is really difficult, if not borderline impossible. Instead of trying to use it as an insta-kill stealth weapon, it’s best to think of the pipe shotgun as an extremely powerful melee weapon.

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What Are The Waterpipe Shotgun Skins?

Currently, there are two skins available for the waterpipe shotgun in Rust:

  • Rustpunk Scattergun
  • The Peace Pipe

Both weapon skins are quite cheap, with none of them ever going for more than $3. This means you won’t have to break a bank if you want to add some extra character to your pipe shotgun.

To Sum Up

Here’s everything you need to know about the waterpipe shotgun in Rust. If you ever need to learn more about Rust, or are simply interested in getting new Rust skins, be sure to check out