If you’re a PC Rust player, chances are you already had your chance to try horse riding. The Steam version of Rust featured rideable horses for a long time now, and players could tame or purchase horses from the stable monument, which they could later keep in their base and use to ride across map.

Rust horses have been a very useful addition to the game, and PC players use them to reach new safe zones, discover new monuments, and even fight other players from horseback. Although not easy to maintain, a Rust horse is a serious upgrade to any player’s inventory, and will greatly improve your odds of survival.

Although horse riding in Rust used to be exclusive to the PC version, the console players will be happy to learn, that they can now get a Rust horse of their own in the console version. So giddy up, here is our Rust horse console edition guide!

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Can You Get A Horse In Rust Console Edition?

The last content update to Rust console edition features horses, together with all the new content necessary for horse ridings, such as saddle bags, horse armour, and many more. Console players can now ride horses just like in the PC counterpart. The updated included the following features:

  • Ridable horses
  • Horse items, like armor, horse shoes and saddles
  • New safe zones, Large Barn and Ranch
  • NPC missions

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How to get Rust Console Edition Horses?

Just like in the PC version, console players can obtain Horses in two different ways:

Tame A Wild Horse

In Rust console edition horses can randomly spawn in the overworld on some biomes, and players can use a saddle from their inventory to tame one of the wild horses for their own use. To do this, you will first need to get a saddle. They can either be purchased at the Large Barn monument for 75 scrap. Once you have a saddle in your inventory, all you need to do, is approach a horse that you want to tame, interact with the horse and select ‘claim’. This will remove the saddle from your inventory and allow you to mount your new horse to hitch a ride.

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Get A Horse From A Barn Or A Ranch

The update introduced quite a lot of new content to the game, one of the significant additions being the two horse monuments – Large Barn, and its smaller version, the Ranch. Both of these monuments are peaceful (meaning that they are no-PvP zones) and offer users a number of resources, tools, and equipment they can use to improve their horses. After purchasing the saddle from an NPC vendor at the monument, gamers can also claim one of the horses for their own.

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Still got some more Rust console edition horse questions? We’re here to answer everything! Here are some of the most frequently asked question by console gamers regarding horses in Rust!

Do You Lose Your Horses After Monthly Wipe?

Yes, you lose horses, just like every other item, in the monthly wipe. This is to ensure balance in the game, and that new players have an equal chance to enjoy the game as the veterans.

Do You Need To Feed Your Rust Horses?

Yes, each horse has a timer which signifies their hunger meter. If you fail to provide them with food, or log out for a longe period of time without leaving them some fodder, your horses will de-spawn, together with any items equipped.

Can You Fight From Horseback In Rust Console Edition?

Just like in the PC version, players who get their hands on a horse can use it as a combat mount. Fighting from horseback gives significant advantages, and the extra speed will give you a serious edge over enemies who have to walk on foot. If you want to learn more about fighting other players, check out our Rust PvP guide.

Can You Ride Horses In The Console Edition With Your Friends?

If you get your hands on a double saddle, you will be able to take one extra friend horseback. This is a great way to explore the map together with your friends, and will also make you even more dangerous when fighting from horseback.

In Conclusion

Here is everything you need to know about Horses in Rust console edition. If you want to learn more about Rust, check out the rest of the Skinsmonkey blog! Also, be sure to check out our guide on how to sell Rust skins!