PvP in Rust can be savage. While Rust is a survival-building game, one of the dangers awaiting you are other players, who might want to steal your resources. While players can cooperate with each other and coexist peacefully, many Rust veterans simply opt for taking things away from less skilled players.

Because of this, if you want to survive in the savage world of Rust, you will need to learn how to overcome other players. Here are some of the most important tips on how to PvP in Rust.

Why Do You Need To Learn PvP Skills In Rust?

When you’re playing Rust as a solo player, there’s a plethora of dangers just waiting to get you. The worst of them all are other players, for whom you’ll be an easy kill. Beginner Rust players are an easy source of resources for skilled players, and many of them will try to get to killing fast with early-game weapons in less than an hour. If you want to just build and enjoy the survival aspect, you will still need to be ready to fight other players to defend yourself.

Once you learn some PvP skills, you can go and try a more aggressive playstyle for yourself. Once you master the different Rust weapons and gun recoil patterns, you can start trying to gank other players yourself. No matter which way you look at it, PvP skills are an essential part of Rust, and if you don’t know how to PvP, you’re essentially a dead target for other players.

What Are The Best PvP Tips In Rust

If you want to outplay others and survive in Rust, you have to learn how to PvP. Here are some of the best tips to improve your game:

  1. Add Airlocks To Your Base

If you want to protect your resources from raiders, you will need to plan and build your base accordingly. The raiders will be trying to ruin your base and steal all of your items and resources. That is why you must include defensive measures in all of your base planning. Building it on high ground is one thing, but extra airlocks needed to reach your base will greatly slow down the raiders, particularly, if they aren’t noticeable from the outside. If you get raided and your base is well-defended, chances are the other players will simply leave, if they don’t have the measures needed to break through quickly. If your base is already defended by parts like stone walls, try adding some additional airlocks for extra defense.

  1. Move Around As Much As You Can

This is one of the most important tips you can learn when engaging in PvP with other players. Automatic guns and weapons like assault rifle can be devastating and take you out very quickly. If you can’t run away while facing someone with better gear, you will have to fight them. When this happens, try to zig-zag around as much as you can to avoid getting hit. If you know how to move properly to avoid getting hit, you can use this skill to get into close range and simply try taking them out with a melee weapon or close-ranged weapons such as the pipe shotgun. Worst thing you can do is be a stationary target, so try moving around as much as you can.

  1. Try Out Rust PvP Servers

Besides the default game mode, Rust players can try different private servers, which allow them to experience the game in a completely different manner. These are often modded servers, including plug-ins that introduce completely new features to the game. Many of these servers include combat arenas, which allow you to instantly access late-game weapons and play Rust as a more combat-oriented FPS rather than a survival-building game. This type of battlefield servers are a great way to practice your PvP skills, without the fear of losing your base or resources. You don’t have to build or gather items for the entire game, simply hop in, equip your gear, and start PvP from the get-go.

  1. Try Solo Practice Servers

While technically Rust can only be played online, there’s still a way to play it without other players interfering. Although you lost out on many important aspects of PvP, practice servers like these are the perfect place to train gun skills and practice spray patterns to get a game sense of how the different Rust weapons behave. In order to play practice servers, all you need to do is simply start your own dedicated server, and include a password that only you or your friends know. This will let you enjoy the game, free of any outside interference, and learn the gameplay in your own pace.

  1. Focus On Early Game Research

Research is one of the most important aspects of Rust in general, and you will need to research weapons as fast as possible to stay ahead. Crafting weapons with decent firepower can not only help you defend your base, but you can also start playing more aggressively and take resources from other players. If you get really ahead with your research, the other players won’t really have a fighting chance, and you an raid their bases early on to steal useful items, such as healing supplies or automatic weapons.

  1. Farm NPCs Early Game

Besides other players, the world of Rust is also inhabited by a number of hostile NPCs. Although fighting them without a lot of good gear can be difficult, its also extremely rewarding, since these NPCs most often carry useful items, which they drop upon death. You should look out for scientists in particular, since they drop many very useful items such as medical syringes, custom smg and ammo. Scoring a couple of kills on NPCs early on can put you way ahead of other players, which you can use to raid them quickly for their resources.

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To Sum Up

PvP skills play an important role in Rust. If you want to improve yout PvP skills, try one of the methods listed in this guide. If you want to learn more about Rust, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!