The Rust console edition became popular when the first global lockdown broke out in 2020. It is a multiplayer-only survival game where players can hop on official servers or create private servers.

In almost every video game, you get to save your progress and continue where you left off. However, in Rust, there is something called a Rust server wipe.

The developers implemented this feature because some players or groups become too powerful after some time. When Rust server wipes happen, everyone tends to start with nothing once more.

rust server wipe schedule

What Is a Server Wipe in Rust?

A wipe Rust server means that official servers get a reset. There are three types of Rust wipes a map wipe, a blueprint wipe, and a server wipe.

The first Rust wipe version is a map wipe. Map wipes won’t wipe servers completely; however, they will reset all the players’ buildings and wipe all their resources.

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The second Rust wipe server version is the Blueprint wipe. It makes all the players start from scratch and lose everything they have made or gathered. A Rust BP wipe is initiated when several players are far weaker or have fewer weapons in their storage. BP wipes are widespread. They are made by the developers or the host of the server.

The third version is the server wipe. Server wipes are the kinds of wipes where developers would reset the whole server to enforce the game’s stability. Freshly wiped servers won’t have any buildings, nor will the players have any loot.

Does Rust Force Wipe All Servers?

The first Rust beta server wipe was on a Thursday. So from that point forward, every Rust console edition wipe is made on the last Thursday of the month. The developer, Facepunch Studios, has to make an official Rust server wipe to balance the gameplay and give a fair chance to new players.

When the process of a forced wipe is initiated, every server is affected, no matter if you are playing on a private server. There isn’t a no wipe server Rust option, so you can’t avoid wiping.

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map wipe rust

Do Rust Servers Auto Wipe?

The only time server auto wipe is when an update is being added to the game. All the other wipes are scheduled and performed by the devs. No matter whether you are getting the Rust Xbox server wipe, PS4 server wipe, or PC wipe, you will know when the reset is happening.

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If you are in-game, you will receive a message or notification a few hours prior. It is better to leave the game before the wipe begins. Otherwise, you will be automatically kicked out of the server.

When Do Rust Servers Wipe?

If you have been a Rust player for a while, you will know the expression, ‘Wen Wipe’, meaning what time do the Rust console edition servers reset? The Rust console edition server wipe is performed on the last Thursday of each month.

Regardless of the server region or time zones, Rust server wipe time is at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST, and 7 pm BST. Usually, the servers will go down between 20 to 30 minutes.

what time do official rust servers wipe

Once the downtime is done, the servers go back live, and players can start their adventure again. While loot can be important, never get too attached to it because the next wipe will come. And it will all be deleted.

If you play on private servers and experience a wipe, you can wait for the server to come back up. And later start all over again. Alternatively, you can head to a new server, where the community has already advanced, and you can join a group.

How To Wipe Rust Server?

If you are part of a private server, the host can also wipe the server. You may have witnessed the OTV Rust server wipe. It is a server created by the popular online content creator group.

Private Rust console edition servers usually do weekly wipes, where they either reset the maps or the blueprints. These are the most common wipes because erasing all the data makes the servers run more smoothly.

If you are hosting a server and you haven’t yet performed a wipe, follow these few steps to do a specific wipe:

  • Head over to the Iceline Panel
  • Stop the server
  • Click on File Manager
click on file manager
  • Find the Directory » Server » Rust
  • If you want a map wipe, delete all the files with the .map extension. On the other hand, if you are interested in a blueprints wipe delete all the .db files. Deleting both will do a server wipe.
how to wipe rust server
  • Restart the server

Make sure to delete all the files with the proper file extension, because if you leave some behind, there won’t be a full wipe.

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Rust Server Wipe Schedule 2022

All the Rust wipes are scheduled, and even though you know that wipes happen on the last Thursday of the month, here are all of the confirmed dates for Rust wipes in 2022:

  • 27th January 2022;
  • 24th February 2022;
  • 31st March 2022;
  • 28th April 2022;
  • 26th May 2022;
  • 30th June 2022;
  • 28th July 2022;
  • 25th August 2022;
  • 29th September 2022;
  • 27th October 2022;
  • 24th November 2022;
  • 29th December 2022.

If you forget about the scheduled wipes, you will receive a message in-game a couple of hours before. 

Final Verdict

Rust console edition wipes are a way to keep the game fresh and exciting. Imagine if there weren’t any wipes. So the servers would be dominated by certain groups. And the maps filled with buildings.

In other words, it would mean that the Rust servers won’t run smoothly. And most players will become bored over time. Moreover, it is only fair that the devs even put out official dates and times when the wipes will happen. As a result, no player is caught off guard.

To conclude, we wish you to enjoy your time on Rust and don’t be afraid to start a new one!