The Rust stone wall is a highly efficient way to protect yourself. If you’re just getting started and need to build a base fast, read this tutorial until the end to discover all tips and tricks related to the stone wall in Rust. 

It’s significantly better than the cheap twig walls. For example, the Rust stone wall is fire resistant. That makes it quite expensive for other raiders to destroy it from the outside.

high external stone wall rust

However, you should pay into an account that has a soft side the Rust. It’s also known as the weak side, meaning it takes significantly fewer resources and time to destroy the Rust stone wall from the soft side.

The Rust stone wall guide will teach you everything you need to know, such as how to craft or destroy stone walls.

High External Stone Wall Rust Building Tips

Unlike the simple stone wall in Rust, a High External Stone Wall can help protect your entire base. So, if regular stone walls protect only you and your loot, High External Stone Walls protect the entry area around you and your small base.

These walls are massive, spanning 4 meters tall and 2.5 meters wide. To take full advantage of these walls, you should put the following tips into practice:

  • They don’t need a foundation. You only need to find level ground.
  • High-External Stone Walls still must be placed within the allowed radius of the Tool Cupboard in Rust. The idea is to build many shacks around these walls with a TC inside each one.

What Can Damage Stone Walls Rust?

Excluding fire, there are plenty of other weapons and items you can use to demolish and destroy stone walls in Rust.

Here, you will find a list of the most effective ways to damage and destroy a Rust stone wall.


The most effective way is with explosives. Out of all the explosives in the game, the following five options are the most effective for demolishing buildings, doors, and walls.

  • Timed Explosive Charge (2 Charges)
  • Rocket Launcher (4 Rockets)
  • Satchel Charges (10 Charges)
  • High-Velocity Rockets (8 Rockets)
  • 40mm HE Grenades (30 Grenades)

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are significantly less effective for destroying stone walls in Rust. However, they are also much cheaper and easier to get at the beginning of the game. As a result, you might waste less time using this weapon than trying to obtain or craft Rust explosives.

NOTE: All of the weapons below deal less than one damage to the hard side of the stone wall in the game. As a result, it will require time to destroy a single wall.

The five most effective melee weapons for destroying Rust stone walls are the following:

  • Stone Spears (268 Spears) – 0.17 dmg per hit
  • Longsword (371 Swords) – 0.15 dmg per hit
  • Salvaged Cleaver (321 Cleavers) – 0.12 dmg per hit
  • Wooden Spears: (220 Spears) – 0.12 dmg per hit
  • Mace (385 Maces) – 0.1 dmg per hit
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You can also use tools to destroy the stone walls of your enemies or your own base’s walls in Rust. However, keep in mind that Tools are even less effective than Melee Weapons for this sort of mission.

In any case, the five most effective tools you will want to use here are:

  • Salvaged Icepick (65 Icepicks) – 0.13 dmg per hit
  • Pickaxe (74 Pickaxes) – 0.12 dmg per hit
  • Salvaged Axe (93 Axes) – 0.09 dmg per hit
  • Stone Pickaxe (379 Pickaxes) – 0.06 dmg per hit
  • Salvaged Hammer (120 Hammers) – 0.06 dmg per hit

Are Metal Walls Better Than Stone Rust?

Metal walls are better than Rust stone walls in every way.

The main difference between these two types of walls is the difficulty of destroying them.

Metal walls have 1000 HP (health points) in total, which is 500 more HP than what a stone wall has. Metal walls are also flame resistant, but they are almost immune to tool damage, unlike stone walls which can be destroyed with enough hits by a pickaxe or similar tools.

In regards to explosives (the deadliest of weapons in Rust), it takes a whopping 23 Satchel Charges to destroy a metal wall. If you were wondering in Rust how many Satchels for a stone wall, it only takes 10 of them.

rust metal wall vs stone wall

In addition, it takes more of each explosive to destroy a metal wall than it does to break a stone wall. The same is related to many grenades to destroy a stone wall in Rust? – the answer is 46 (Beancan Grenades). For a metal wall, it takes 112 of the same grenades.

Rust Stone Wall Vs. Rust Wood Wall

Rust wood walls are much weaker, cheaper, and easier to destroy than stone. Wooden walls are also not resistant to fire. They are vulnerable to some hatchets and have significantly less HP (250) than a Rust stone wall.

rust stone wall vs rust wood wall

As a result, you should never rely on a wood wall in Rust to protect you for too long. It’s wise to consider upgrading to a stone wall as soon as you can gather enough resources. The fire resistance, extra health points, and the extra protection stone walls offer. 

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When comparing Rust wood walls vs stone walls, you should remember how easy it is to destroy a wood wall based on what the Rust raid chart has to show below.

rust wood wall raid chart


If you’ve recently stocked with questions like, “how many spears for a stone wall in Rust?”, or “what deals most Rust stone wall damage?”, now you know!

To sum up, here are a few things you should remember from this guide.

  • It is notoriously hard to destroy a stone wall with melee weapons or tools, but it’s possible.
  • Stone walls are fire-resistant, so don’t waste your fire arrows or flame throwers.
  • Wood walls are twice as easy to destroy as stone walls.
  • A metal wall in Rust is twice as hard to destroy as one stone wall.