Abandoned post-apocalyptic sites are some of the most important places you’ll encounter in Rust. As you wander through the world of in-game.

This so-called the Rust Monuments are what remains of an ancient civilization. It has valuable loot resources for players. Rust Monument in-game types are also referred to as Rad Towns, landmarks, or dungeons.

In other words, the Rust Monuments are crucial to the game’s progression. It allows you more loot. That’s why we’ve prepared an advanced Rust Monuments guide. Thanks to it you can easily find everything you need to know about the most important monuments in Rust.

Tips For Monuments: Where To Start?

You can easily spot all Rust Monuments on your Map. Rust all Monuments’ land is brown, and you can see their name written in black letters on it.

There are two types of monuments in the game. Smaller Monuments include:

  • Gas Stations,
  • Supermarkets,
  • Abandoned Cabins,
  • Warehouses,
  • and Water pumps.

Therefore, looting them is not as rewarding as looting a large Monument. On the other hand, it could be safer and faster.

Unfortunately, most big Monuments are also Rad Town. It means that they teleported. You can’t see when an area teleports by looking at your game map. It is also one of the most dangerous monuments in the game. Because they contain radiation. Other players while going there, wear hazmat suits for rust radiation protection for monuments.

in game rust

The most significant and most rewarding Monuments Rust are:

  • Airfield, Dome,
  • Power Plant,
  • Military Tunnels,
  • and Launch Sites.

If you see any of these Monuments on your game Map, you should visit them as they are full of loot chests.

TOP 5 Best Monuments in Rust

It’s essential to know the custom Rust monuments. These monuments have juicy loot like elite crates and military crates. Moreover, along with the loot, there are also helpful items such as repair bench, oil refinery etc.

Below is the list with the TOP 5 most popular monuments in Rust:


The Airfield is one of the game’s most famous monuments. It is considered comprehensive and spread over a flat area. The Airfield has watchtowers, two runways, an office building, and three hangars.

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search airfield in game rust

So, why is the Airfield one of the best monuments in Rust?

  • The Airfield has a huge amount of looting potential. You can find a lot of loot in this monument, such as Food Crates, Medical Crates, and Military Crates.
  • It’s huge, so there’s a lot of loot to discover.
  • You may find the recycler and oil refinery from the Airfield.
  • It also hosts the repair bench and research table.


The Dome is an excellent monument to all players who have overcome difficulties. No matter how hard it is to get to the top, you will encounter good loot when you climb. It is difficult to get to the top of the Dome. Because you are more likely to die by falling.

rust dome location

So, why is the Dome one of the best?

  • It contains low radiation, unlike other monuments.
  • If you can achieve victory without dying, loot crates await you above. At the top of the Dome, few loot crates appear, guaranteed. These crates are four Military Crates.
  • It is an excellent choice for low-grade fuel farming.
  • It has two refineries. So you can make your oil low quality in the same place.
  • Around or base inside the Dome, you will see Military Crates and Regular Crates.
  • Also, the Dome, an excellent defensive place for when other players want to steal your loot, is an area where you can’t get your items easily

Power Plant

As the name suggests, you need to be careful in the Power Plant area, which has many radioactive regions. If you don’t have a hazmat suit for radiation protection, you don’t need to visit here.

spawn military crates rust

Note: If you want less radiation, The Train Yard is a safer zone than the other monument.

So, why is the Power Plant one of the best?

  • One advantage of having high radiation is that you don’t often encounter other players at the monument to loot comfortably.
  • You can find Military Crates and Regular Crates from Power Plants.
  • It is a mildly-irradiated area.
  • It has a Pump Jack outside.

Military Tunnels

Military tunnels are one of the famous monuments in Rust. They provide the high loot. But as much as it is rewarding, it also has its dangers.

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military crates spawn location

Why are the Military Tunnels one of the best?

  • You will find many Military Crates and Regular Crates in these tunnels.
  • It has a cave. You may loot more crates in this cave.
  • It has a recycling machine. ( a metal shack at surface level)
  • This tunnel has many barrels for farming.

Launch Sites

The Launch Area is one of the areas with the most loot access building in Rust. Here the PVP battles take place quite frequently. What is more, it is the most specific zone where players ambush each other and loot. If you hide in a good ambush, you can surprise even the best Rust player and take their loot.

The Launch Site is built on a reasonably large area. This feature makes it a trendy place. Also, an NPC patrol helicopter is constantly coming to the site to refuel. If you disable the helicopter, you will get high-quality metal and lots of loot!

In addition, The “main building” in this monument is the factory; for the more military crate, elite crates, and others.

So, why is the Launch Site one of the best in Rust?

  • If you survive the radiation, you will be rewarded with loads of loot.
  • Elite Crates is one of Rust’s best loot, and there is access to Elite Crates on the Launch site.
  • The Launch Site has an oil refinery, recycler, and research table.
  • You won’t have a crude oil barrels problem.
  • You may find many Military Crates and Normal Crates in this monument.

Other Best Monuments Rust

We have recommended 5 of the best to you, but 10 more areas are at least as good as them. But these monuments can be risky as they are smaller:

  1. Arctic
  2. Oil Rig
  3. Harbor
  4. Train Yard
  5. HQM Quarry
  6. Junkyard
  7. Large Excavator Pit
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Satellite Dish Array
  10. Scientist Compound

BONUS: Monument Puzzle

We added the puzzle as a bonus. Why? Because it is another way to gather loot from monuments! It offers you loot by having fun and researching. Puzzles give loot easy access and less risk of enemy players; kinda safe zone.

Let’s take a closer look at the puzzles to enable you to do these things. There are three types of doors. The color levels of these doors are; green, blue, and red. While solving the puzzle, your goal is to open these doors and reach the loot in the rooms. In order to access the loot, you have to open the locked door with the card of the desired color. In addition, you need to power the door with electricity.

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The List Of Green Card Monuments Rust Locations

  1. Oxum gas station
  2. The lighthouse
  3. Junkyard/junkyard
  4. The supermarket
green keycard guide

Once you reach the green door, you’ll find loot and a blue keycard in the loot room. Blue keycards solve the blue puzzle: will allow you to enter middle-tier blue doors. Middle-tier doors offer more loot than green doors. Where is the Rust blue card monuments’ location?

Where Is The Rust Blue Card Monuments’ Location?

  1. Small Harbor Monument
  2. Large Harbor Monument
  3. Satellite Dish Monument
  4. Outpost Monument
  5. Sewer Branch Monument

As you guessed, the blue doors will also access you to the red keycards. After collecting the loot there, go to the red doors. These doors are more complex than others but give more generous loot.

The List Of Rust Red Card Monuments Locations

  1. Water Treatment Plant Monument 
  2. Airfield Monument
  3. Power Plant Monument
  4. Train Yard Monument

In addition, green, blue, and red keycards are also required to open the Locked Crate. Locked Crate is one of the rarest crates in the game. You can get these crates by dropping the Chinook helicopters at random monuments or by accessing the Cargo Ship. It can also be found on Oil rigs such as Cargo Ships.