Rust is a survival game developed by Facepunch. This game offers a highly competitive experience based on PvP. The game’s mechanics are complex. It means that most of the players are curious how to play rust.

So we prepared an advanced guide for those who want to improve their skills in Rust. Read it until the end to know how to play rust with great results.

pro tips rust

Below you can find pro 15 tips and tactics on how to play Rust. It is an ultimate tutorial that makes your game experience better with time.

Tips 1 โ€“ Quick Start Saves Lives

Do not linger from the first moment you start the game. You shouldn’t waste time killing and chasing other people. Instead, try to collect wood, stone and some cloth. Farming them will probably only take 2-3 minutes of your time. When we think that the world of Rust is full of dangers, it is vital to base yourself quickly.

Start building a base of four frames if possible. Alternatively, you can construct it from just 2 frames. If you are suffering from the lack of resources. Then you will have a safe start by placing your door, lock, sleeping bag and, of course, your tool cupboard. Remember that hundreds of woods may be required to craft all of these.

Tips 2 โ€“ Take Extra Precautions for the Starting Base You Build

Friends, do you feel safe after building the base? Don’t feel it, because actually you are not safe. As soon as you get out, you can become the target of other players. Therefore, we need to take extra security measures.

The first thing we need to do is to leave everything on us to the Wood Storage Box. Then you must go out completely naked, with only tools in our inventory.

Our goal is to continue collecting more Wood, Stone, and Cloth as a priority. Because we need to craft as much extra sleeping bag as possible.

play solo base building

We strongly recommend that you put more than one bed near your base, especially if you intend to continue playing solo. We will also be talking about a different use of these sleeping bags in the following tactics.

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Tips 3 โ€“ Expand Your Base and Go Hunting

If you have completed the second item of our Helpful Tips list, you have the mines necessary to improve your base. What you need to do now is to increase your base from 4 to 8 frames. In addition, a second floor can be a precaution against sudden early raids that may be coming out.

There is an important detail that you should pay attention to when building a first base. Try to base the position of the tool cupboard when building on the upper floor or expanding your base left and right.

Let’s say you did that also safely and managed to expand the house as much as possible. Now you need to slowly move the game to the early game. For this, you must kill hostile animals by crafting a hunting bow.

more loot

Take care to make this farm safe, as you will collect plenty of animal fat, leather and cloth from the animals you killed. Even when killing hostile animals, do not collect wood, stone, sulfure or metal ore as much as possible. Just kill animals!

Tips 4 โ€“ Furnace and Creating Metal Fragments

If the animal farm you make is sufficient, produce up to 4 furnaces. Remember to use Low Grade Fuels for making them. Thanks to Furnaces you can receive better materials. When you finish, place the furnaces anywhere in your house.

create metal fragments

With the stones you have collected in the process up to this point, it may be good to make your base entirely of stone.

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Tips 5 – Produce More Valuable Materials

We had killed many animals for the next stage of the game. With the clothes and bones we collect from there, you can produce much stronger outfits to be more resistant to melee and arrow attacks. What is more, you can loot more valuable resources with your new clothes.

wear items ingame

Remember, your hand must be constantly triggered, you can be attacked by an enemy player from anywhere. For this, you need to safely collect more Stone, Sulfur and Metal Ore around your house.

The more metal ore you collect, the more metal fragments and high quality metals you can produce. Therefore, spend some of your time collecting metal ore only. In the meantime, try to collect all the hemp plants you see on your way out and on your way. And take care to plant their seeds, which accumulate in your inventory, near your home.

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Tips 6 โ€“ Sulfure Ore and Improve by Trading in Drone Marketplace

Sulfure Ore is of great importance to Rust mechanics. First, you can melt sulfure and use it to make bullets. Secondly, you can use it in trade with other players and NPC in Bandit Camp.

Therefore, after Metal Ore, your first priority should be to collect Sulfure Ore. Collect up to 8000 sulfur ore if possible, but do not melt them. After the collection is finished, open your map and you can see other players selling equipment in some areas on the map. You can see that items such as Weapons, Armored Door and Workbench Tier 2, 3 are sold.

What you need here are weapons like the Workbench and the beginner Custom SMG. Take care to get them by using Sulfure as much as possible. Then try to transport these purchased items safely to your own home. The riskiest part of the job is that this is where you’ll be very fit to be killed, I hope you’re lucky enough.

advanced items trading

Tips 7 โ€“ Research Table and Scrap Farming

Among the pro tips “How to play Rust” the most important is safe Scrap farming. Scraps are used in your research on the Research table. In this Rust tip and trick section, we mentioned that you can buy some items with Sulfur. Here you need to research those items after collecting Scrap. In this way, you will now be able to craft those items as you wish.

There are three important ways to collect Scraps:

  • to collect barrels and crates from the roadside
  • to farm by visiting various monuments and opening crates, especially military crates
  • to sail by boat using low grade fuel and is to loot Scrap by breaking the barrels in the sea.

Tips 8 โ€“ Hunt for Enemy Player

As solo players, you need to know that there is a high probability of encountering more than one person. If possible, try to get yourself a trusted partner in-game. If you do not like to play with other players, then you need to check if the enemies are only one person. Otherwise, losing all your loot can be disappointing.

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Tips 9 โ€“ Not to Go Out at Night

Go out at night just to gather resources and find canned food until you’re fully professional. Gather resources only with Stone Hatchet completely gearless. At least when you die, you have nothing to lose.

rust pro tips

Tips 10 โ€“ Beware of Radiation Monuments

There are small, medium and large monuments in Rust. Small monuments have less loot as you can imagine. And the loot found is of low quality. However, since it does not contain radiation, it can be visited by beginners.

Larger monuments are the ones with the most radiation. If you do not have a hazmat suit as clothing, you can die from radiation. In addition to all these, there will be a lot of loot in large monuments where there is a lot of radiation. However, remember that there will be other players in these regions, so you may have to do PvP.

It is all regarding how to play Rust for today. Do not forget to check our blog later for more tips and tricks to colour your gaming experience!