Rust is one of the most popular online games, where players try to survive on a post-apocalyptic island, by scavenging resources, building their bases, and most notably, fighting against NPCs and other players. Although PvP technically isn’t compulsory and you can join other players in cooperation, it’s often impossible to avoid PvP in the game, since the more you upgrade your base, the more attractive it will be to potential raiders.

Sooner or later you will come up against enemy players trying to rob you of your resources and wealth. That is why you should always get ready for surprise PvP while playing Rust. In order to give yourself an additional edge over other players, it’s always a good idea to use Rust PvP settings!

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What Are Rust PvP Settings?

Although skill plays the most important part in Rust PvP without a doubt, your graphics settings can have an impact on your performance as well. When you’re squaring off against other players, there’s no room for mistakes, and a lag or an FPS drop at the worst moment can cost you your life, resources, and more. Because of this, it’s important to use anything you can to get an edge over other players.

While it’s nice to have a pretty-looking game and enjoy all the awesome visuals that the game engine creates, Rust requires a relatively powerful computer if you want to run the game with all of the graphics settings turned up to eleven. There are various settings, like foliage, shadow quality, or water reflections, which don’t add anything besides a visual upgrade. If you’re engaging in PvP, Rust PvP settings will let you rank up your game.

While PvP Rust settings are a great way to get an additional edge over your enemies, skill still is the most important part of the game. Make sure you check out our Rust PvP guide!

What Are The Best Rust Settings For PvP?

If you want to get the best Rust settings for PvP, you should start by disabling various game settings, that can negatively affect your FPS. Make sure that your game settings tab features the following:

  • Hit Cross: On
  • Field of View: 90.0
  • Crosshair: Off
  • Compass Visibility: On
  • Hurt Flash: On
  • Rich Presence: On
  • FPS Counter: Basic
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Next, go to the censorship tab. These settings hide certain graphic features of the game, such as blood and gore, which are useful for PvP, as they give you visual indicators if you have hit your enemies. Your settings should look like this:

  • Limit Flashing: Off
  • Hide signs: Off
  • Show Blood: On
  • Nudity: Underwear
  • Censor Recordings: Off
  • Internet Audio Streams: On
  • Streamer Mode: Off

Once you have this taken care of, now it’s time to head over to the graphics settings. The best Rust PvP settings include a simple graphics setup, that won’t make your eyes bleed, but shouldn’t affect your game performance either:

  • Graphics Quality: 6
  • Water Quality: 0
  • Water Reflections: 0
  • Shadow Quality: 0
  • Shadow Cascades: No Cascades
  • Draw Distance: 600-1000
  • Shader Level: 600
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 2
  • Parallax Mapping: 0
  • Glass displacement: Off

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Summing Up

Here are the best Rust PvP settings you can use to upgrade your own game. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out the rest of the SkinsMonkey blog, where we regularly post more tips, tricks, and guides for Rust! Also, make sure you check out our guide on how to sell Rust skins for real money!