Base building is one of the most important parts of Rust gameplay, and knowing how and where to place parts of your base can be a huge difference between surviving and getting raided by other players. Learning how to build your base in an efficient manner will greatly improve your odds of survival, and help you stave off any potential raiders looking to loot you and your stash.

When you’re building anything in Rust, doors are possibly the most important part of your base. It’s how you’ll enter the building, and how most likely the raiders will try to access it as well. That is why knowing where to place the doors in the most efficient manner can be a key aspect of your base.

However, Rust also offers an interesting choice for players who want to add some more features to their base, the Rust door controller. Here’s a guide on how to use the door controllers in the most efficient manner.

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What Is The Rust Door Controller?

On the 7th of December, 2018, Facepunch released a big update for all the fans of complex structures and base modification – The Electric Anniversary Update. The patch added a complex system of electricity to the game, allowing players to add some extra technology to their base and build elaborate structures, using power sources and cables.

With this update, players could create electricity-powered structures in their base, by combining different power sources. This allows for a very wide range of different constructions that you can build, and the main purpose is to automate certain actions, which would normally require you to put in some extra work of your own. One of the structures that you can add to your base is an automatic door, which works thanks to an electrically powered Rust door controller.

With an automatic door controller, you can use it to open doors without having to interact with them. It’s a great choice for a garage door or an entrance to your warehouse. With proper wiring and setup, you can install doors that will unlock and lock automatically, making it much easier to move around your base. With an automatic door controller, you can add some extra technology to your Rust base and make it more efficient.

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How To Use Rust Door Controller?

Using electricity in Rust can be a bit difficult and requires some technical know-how on your side. Once you master how to plug in everything at your base properly, however, you will open an entirely new dimension of base-building in Rust.

To start, you’ll need to craft the door controllers that you want to use. Crafting it is very simple, and can be done at workbench level 1 with only 75 metal fragments needed. Keep in mind, however, that besides the door controllers, you will also need to craft a wire tool, which you’ll use to plug your door controllers into a power source, and a switch, which you’ll use to open and lock the doors. The wire tool is a bit more tricky to craft and requires you to use two high-quality metal pieces. Likewise, the switch requires 5 high-quality metal pieces.

Once you get a power source and all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to start wiring your controllers. Before you do this, remember that the doors you want to connect the controller to must be open – if they are closed while you wire them, the process won’t work. Once you’ve got open doors you want to power, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Place door controller as close to the doors as you can
  2. Drag the cable from the output of your power switch into the input slot of the door controller
  3. Click on the door controller and select ‘Pair to door’

If you’ve done everything correctly, you should now be able to open and close the doors using the power switch attached to them.

Can I Install Automatic Door Controllers In My Base?

While the method above allows you to open doors and close them remotely using a plugged-in door controller and a power switch, you can also create automatic doors in Rust that open and close without you having to do anything.

You can do this by using an HBHF Sensor instead of a power switch. The HBHF stands for Heartbeat, Breathing, Humidity, and Footstep, and this device functions like a power switch, that detects possible movement and activates whatever it’s plugged into.

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Crafting an HBHF sensor requires 75 metal fragments and a level II workbench. Once you have the sensor, simply connect it the same way you would a power switch, and place it along the way to the doors. It should detect any movement passing by, and automatically open the door it’s connected to.

Bear in mind, that one HBHF sensor is required for each side of the door if you want both of them to open automatically. You can also choose to have an HBHF sensor on one side and a standard power switch on the other.

To Sum Up

There are many great things you can do with electricity in Rust, and door controllers are just the tip of the iceberg. Still, having automatic doors in your Rust base sure is an awesome thing. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check out the rest of our website, where we post more tips, tricks, and even offer a chance to score free Rust skins!