One of the coolest things about Counter Strike 2, is that players get to modify their weapons in whatever way they want. Gamers can purchase glove skins and combine them with their favorite weapon finishes, but that’s not where it ends. Players can also use different CS2 stickers to further personalize their loadout. With the new CS2 sticker update released earlier this year gamers can now use CS2 stickers to create their unique, mind-blowing designs. Besides, when you trade CS2 skins, weapon finishes with awesome stickers tend to be more expensive!

Green skins are awesome, but green CS2 stickers can make them even more amazing! If you’re planning to improve your CS2 looks, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll be going over some of the best green stickers CS 2 has to offer!

1. Team Spirit (Foil) | Katowice 2019

Counter Strike has always been a competitive game, with a robust tournament scene. This is why CS2 tournament stickers continue to dominate the skins market when it comes to popularity. Since eSports play such an important role in the CS2 community, many players want to get their hands on a remarkable sticker that will let them represent their team in-game. If you happen to be a Team Spirit fan, you’re in luck. Their logo comes in a form of a green sticker, featuring their trademark green dragon. Team Spirit’s stickers look great on any gun, even if you’re not particularly interested in the eSports scene since a deadly dragon will always add some awesomeness to any weapon skin.

  • Price: $17.46

2. Sticker | Phoenix Balaclava Co. (Holo)

If you’re looking for green stickers that will look great on any Terrorist weapon skins, you can’t go wrong with Phoenix Balaclava Co. This sticker features the classic terrorist silhouette with a balaclava face cover, and the Holo version comes in a beautiful Jade color. It’s also one of the cheaper holo stickers you can get your hands on, and you can find many offers for this awesome CS2 sticker for less then $3! Absolute steal if you’re looking to collect the best green stickers in the game.

  • Price: $2.02

3. Imperial Esports (Holo) | Copenhagen 2024

Even if you’re not a fan of Imperial Esports, you have to give them one thing, their logo looks extremely aesthetic. The knight’s helmet decal combined with green glitter is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add some regal details to their gun. Imperial Esports stickers are a great addition to any expensive CS2 skins that need some extra bling. If this sounds like something that’s right up your alley, we suggest getting the Copenhagen 2024 version, as it offers some of the best looks at a cheap price.

  • Price: $2.65
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4. Sticker | On An Eco (Foil)

This eye-catching sticker with its green hues conveys the importance of eco rounds in CS2. Its simple design is eye-catching, but won’t have you standing out in a match. Thanks to this funky green CS2 sticker you can show your dedication to environmental protection, as well as strategic plays. You can also buy this sticker for a very low price, making it a great addition to any green CS2 loadout.

  • Price: $2.02

5. Sticker | Ocean Sunset Skill Surf (Holo)

Surf maps have been a part of the Counter Strike cultures ever since the old days of the Counter Strike: Source. Surfing is an alternative to a standard game mode, where players can use the game physics to move around the map, quite literally surfing through. If you enjoy playing custom CS2 workshop maps that include surfing, this sticker is an absolute must-have. Ocean Sunset Skill Surf will let you show your dedication to the CS2 surf mode, while also keeping a cool look.

  • Price: $6.02

6. Sticker | The Awper

Looking for a green CS2 sticker to go with your most expensive AWP skins? You’ll be happy to learn that this legendary CS2 sniper rifle has its own dedicated sticker in the game! The Awper will let you show your dedication to what is possibly the most iconic weapon in the Counter Strike franchise. This green CS2 sticker includes a graphic design featuring a crosshair, referencing the deadly aim of the AWP.

  • Price: $0.62

7. Sticker | Drug War Veteran

Despite its slightly controversial look, we couldn’t skip Drug War Veteran in a top list of the best green CS2 stickers. This simple sticker features a Marijuana leaf, with the words ‘drug war veteran’ written on top. Not everyone is a fan of this sticker, the fact that it features a real drug promotion makes it very controversial. However, if you feel like trolling the more righteous members of the CS2 community, Drug War Veteran will be a great choice.

  • Price: $0.74

8. Sticker | The Real MVP (Foil)

We’re finishing this list with one of the player’s favorites, The Real MVP. Featuring green laurels and the words that are its namesake it’s CS2 sticker that will go well with just about any weapon skin in the game. Everyone certainly wants to be an MVP for their team, but if you’re not good enough, hey, at least you can use this green CS2 sticker to give yourself a pat on the back.

  • Price: $1.11
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In Conclusion

Here are some of the best green stickers in CS2, that will give your items a solid visual upgrade. With the new sticker update you can use them to create your own personal green sticker designs, allowing you to breathe in some personalized aesthetics into virtually any gun in the game.