The basic concept of¬†Counter-Strike: Global Offensive¬†may appear simple. But it takes professional players years to master their skills and be the best in CS GO. If you haven’t learned this already, you could have done it in the future. You’ll finally start asking: “how to get better at CSGO?”.

We can save you from wasting tons of hours by learning from your own mistakes. Instead of that, you can go ahead and read this guide on how to get better at CSGO. As a result, you will soon start to win games at a much higher rate than before.

how to get better in csgo

All Useful Tips: How to Get Better in CS:GO?

Ever since Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s release, players have been working out more and more ways to improve faster.¬†

Well, you finally have the complete list before you, so use its knowledge wisely.


Being good at Counter-Strike Global Offensive¬†relies highly on your muscle memory. And, what’s the best way to train muscle memory? The answer is by practising as much as you can, of course.

The more your practice matches in CS GO, the faster your reflexes will become and the better will be your game sense. Additionally, you will also start seeing improved aim, better recoil control, and many other improvements.

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csgo how to play

Have Your Settings and Server

The best way to set the perfect settings in CSGO is to try a few different preferences.

For example, try playing a few practice matches with higher mouse sensitivity and some with lower. Try to complete a few matches with different-sized CSGO crosshair placement. Try setting your keybindings. For left-handed players, we recommend knowing more about CSGO left-hand command.

If you have enough patience, you will eventually uncover the ideal settings that make you a much better player.

Remember, you don’t have to copy other players’ CSGO settings. You can try them, but if they don’t seem natural, the best thing to do is to create your own.

Play Deathmatch

Deathmatch is an amazing way how to get better at CSGO because it stops you from wasting too much time. It’s actually¬†among the fastest ways to improve aim, train muscle memory, and get you ready for competitive matches¬†as soon as possible.

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Why is this? It’s because the CSGO Deathmatch mode has much shorter rounds, puts you in more stressful situations, and forces you to think and act fast. As a result, you have no other choice than to improve your skills or constantly get left behind.

Play Aim Map

Aim maps in CSGO are an excellent way to focus solely on¬†improving your aim. What’s even better is that these types of training maps can help you improve your aim with all the core weapons in the shooter. As a result, you’ll always hit the target regardless of which weapon you’re holding in your hands.

If you are not already aware,¬†CSGO best weapon skins¬†have different recoil patterns. Because of this, they require non-identical handling and can cause you easily miss your target if you’re not prepared. This is why aim training in CSGO is crucial before playing a competitive game.

play aim map cs go

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Watch Pro Streams

Regardless of how much you train, nothing beats having a mentor. The closest you can get to this in CSGO is by watching professional matches. You can also watch your favorite pro players CSGO taking part in the competitive match on Stream.

This is an excellent method how to get better at CSGO competitiveness because you’re able to analyze matches, in which highly skilled players are making all the moves. Not everyone is willing to do this, which is why most players are placing themselves at a significant disadvantage.

Learn Your Map Callouts

The benefits of learning as many map callouts in CSGO as you can are the following:

  • You and your team can communicate better
  • All of you can get around the map much faster
  • Allows you to plan your next moves without wasting any time
  • Makes you a much better team player

With this in mind, you should know that learning CSGO callouts is super easy. All you have to do is look at a map and memorize the most important location names.¬†CS:GO Mirage callouts¬†are available on our blog. The more you play a particular map, the faster you’ll realize all the essential locations on each map.

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Learn Your Smokes and Flashes

Throwing smokes and flashes properly can easily make the difference between a bad and a good player in CSGO. Each map features various locations that are ideal for throwing smokes or flashes at, both teams. By learning this, you can allow your team to move through the map safely, acquire more map control, and eventually win the round.

smokes and flashes csgo

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What Else Should You Consider to Get Better at CSGO?

Regardless of whether you’re playing for the T side or the CT Side, the tips and tricks above apply to every player out there. Start practising them as soon as you can, knowing that they will help you improve your game.

However, if you want a few more tips, we also recommend doing the following.

1. Invest in Proper Gaming Equipment

Regardless of what anyone says, having a better mouse, keyboard, and¬†CSGO gaming monitor¬†can make a difference. Imagine someone playing on a¬†240Hz monitor¬†while you’re suffering on a¬†30Hz monitor. Who do you think will lose their temper and start grieving faster?

2. Always Use Headphones, Not Speakers

In CSGO, audio is crucial. Your life depends on it. When you’re in the middle of a battle, you must be able to hear the footsteps of enemy players approaching. It allows you to easily ambush them and take them out.

use headphones csgo

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Just have a look at pro players who regularly stream on Twitch. At least 90% of them wear headphones. This tip is also applicable to other shooters, not just CSGO.

3. Communicate with Your Team

Without a doubt, communication is a basic thing in a team game like CSGO. If you communicate properly, you can save your teammates from danger and contribute highly to winning more rounds.

Why Should You Get Better at CSGO?

If CSGO is a big part of your life, then it’s only natural that you’ll want to get better at it. Getting better at CSGO improves the quality of your matches. You get matched with and against better players who know how to work as a team. Overall, the better you get at CSGO, the more satisfying competitive matches and other game modes will be.

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Final Verdict

If you are struggling to get better at CSGO, the tips we’ve listed here can help you.

All in all, devote time to practice more and do not forget what you’ve learned here. As a result, you’ll get better in no time.