Mirage is a CSGO bomb defusal map that is extremely popular among the best CSGO players. This is also one of the oldest CSGO maps still played today. Since it is extremely large, many players use the CSGO Mirage callouts to quickly communicate between them.

CSGO Mirage callouts are essentially phrases and various map locations that most players use to communicate the enemy’s position between them.

There are many CSGO Mirage callouts that you will need to remember if you want to become better on this map. So let’s check out some of the most common Mirage callouts CSGO players use.

Why is the CSGO Map Mirage Called?

Terrorists begin at the Back Allay which is connected to the Arcade and the Balcony, then to the Bombsite A. On the other side, the alley leads to Mid which then connects to both sites. Terrorists can also get a good view of the B site by climbing to the apartments.

CTs start at the city gate and have three different routes, the ramp leading to bombsite A, the window shaft that leads to the sniper’s nest overlooking mid, and the market to bombsite B.

csgo mirage callouts

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Mirage also features the connector, between mid and A, the catwalk that leads to short B, and the underpass which is a stairway to the underground passage.

Where is the Map Mirage CSGO located?

The Mirage map is one of the most popular and iconic bomb maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after Dust II. While the location of the map was never officially confirmed by any of the Valve corporation employees, there are some clues to go on.

Mirage map is definitely set in a middle-eastern town based on the architecture and the overall design of the map. The map is heavily inspired by Morocco. Regardless of its location, Mirage remains one of the most commonly played CS GO maps to this day.

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TOP 15 Mirage Callouts for Better Play

The Mirage CSGO map is very large. In turn, the Mirage map CSGO callouts are numerous. In fact, there are over forty different locations on the map, each with its own callout. While we won’t go into detail about each and every one of them, we will provide you with the Top 15 Mirage callouts below:

  1. Mid: A huge open area set in the middle of the map.
  2. B Site: One of two areas where terrorist forces can plant the bomb.
  3. A Site: One of two areas where terrorist forces can plant the bomb. (Located close to the CT Spawn)
  4. T Spawn: The area where Terrorist forces spawn.
  5. T Roof: Also known as Ledge. This is a waiting area for Terrorists to access the A Site via the A Ramp.
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csgo mirage map in game

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  1. A Ramp: Terrorist entry point to A Site. 
  2. Palace: Located very close to the Balcony. It is another entry point to the A Site. One of the favorite scouting locations for the Terrorist forces.
  3. Pillars: A large room in close proximity to the A Site. An ambush spot for Counter-Terrorist forces.
  4. Balcony: Another Counter-Terrorists ambush spot close to the A Site.
  5. Tetris: Boxes near the A Ramp. Terrorists often use them as cover upon entering the A Site. Another ambush site favored by the Counter-Terrorists.
  6. Sandwich: Has an excellent view of the Balcony as well as the A Site.
  7. Stairs: Provides a good view of the A site from above.
  8. Firebox: It is located behind the boxes on the A Site. The Terrorist forces usually hide behind them after planting the bomb. A defensive spot for the Counter-Terrorists.
  9. CT: The area where Counter-Terrorist forces spawn.
  10. Ticket Booth : Also known as the Ticket. Counter-Terrorists use this spot to move to the A Site. Also a favorite spot for snipers.

Why is Mirage CS:GO Map So Popular among Players?

One of the bigger reasons why Mirage is so popular is because the map is well-balanced in terms of the offensive and defensive sides. This allows players of all play styles an opportunity to have fun. Thanks to it you can show off their skills unique to those specific playstyles. Those who prefer the AWP can go to the Ticket and hold the A site or rush the window and shut down mid. Regardless of your playing style, the map has a spot where you can shine.

Another reason why Mirage is so popular among players is due to it being around for so long. The map was implemented into CSGO very early and to this day has remained in the map rotation.

The Best CS GO Mirage Tactics

Mirage map in CS:GO was designed to provide limitless opportunities for all kinds of playstyles, which means that the number of ways you can approach your enemy is practically limitless. Nevertheless, there are a few common tactics that you can use to enhance your gameplay and increase the odds of your team winning.

  • There are three main routes that players usually take.
  • Mirage is a map that allows players to approach the opposing team and clash extremely quickly so always keep this in mind.
  • During casual gameplay, most teams will rush a single bombsite, likely A. You can use this knowledge to go around the enemy team and dispatch enemies from behind.
  • Terrorists can cause a diversion at the A ramp and have teammates come out on the Balcony and vice-versa.
  • Counter-Terrorists can use the back alley and protect the B site.
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This article will provide some basic information about one of the popular CS:GO maps, Mirage. It will also provide detailed information about the de_mirage callouts which are phrases used by CSGO players to quickly identify and communicate specific areas of the map. Lastly, the article will provide a few helpful tips and tactics for Mirage.