Most players are right-handed in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As a result, the default setting for weapon location in shooting games is often on the right.

If you are a left-handed CSGO player or prefer a different location for your weapon, you might need to utilize the CSGO left hand command. You can change hands from left to right or vice versa as simple as pressing a button on the console. 

Many left-handed CS:GO players and their ViewModel is right-handed may utilize this with the CSGO left hand command. Still, it can also be leveraged to gain an advantage in combat.

Let’s see if you can do it on your own, shall we?

csgo left hand knife

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How Do I Enable the Left Hand in CS GO?

In CSGO, it takes next to no time at all to switch hands. You can freely juggle your hands by stroking a few keys and some mouse clicks.

  • First, you need to authorize the developer console.

To do that, go to the game’s options and tick the box next to “Enable Developer Console.” To open the console, you must hit the “~” key on your keyboard.

  • Second, type in “cl_righthand 0.”

Only if you want the ViewModel to be shown on the left hand. Otherwise, use “cl_righthand 1” as the command line parameter.

  • Third, Press Enter to get started.

Through the CS GO console, you may exchange your player’s hands and make things more interesting by assigning a key bind to switch between two hands.

csgo left hand command bind

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What is the Command to Switch Hands in CS GO?

You may get an advantage in fighting by assigning a key to switching between your two hands. The bind, for example, might free up space that your weapon ViewModel is occupying on your screen. Here’s how you can alternate the left-hand CSGO command.

Open the terminal and type bind “toggle cl_righthand 0 1,” where “#” denotes the desired key.

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You may alter your weapon’s grip from left to right by pressing the key you selected (in this example, ‘v’) while in a match.

how to left handed csgo

Swapping Strafing Between the Left and Right Hand in CSGO

If you want to strafe to the left or right, you may bind those two keys to each, including a command to modify the value of cl righthand, which is the default for strafing. That’s precisely how it will look: bind a-key “+move left; cl righthand 1”; bind d-key “+move right; cl righthand 0”;

With the help of this CSGO, swap hands bind. As you strafe left, the gun moves to the right, allowing you to see the left side of the screen better when peeking. Your gun will be held in your left hand when you strafe right to clear your right-hand vision.

Consider giving it a try and see if the continual switchovers don’t bother you as much as you expected. When playing on a lower-resolution screen, having the region shown in this manner might be advantageous.

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command for left hand csgo

How do You Bind the Side Mouse Buttons for Leftie in CS:GO?

The benefit of key bindings is that you can assign even the most basic functions to one key.

The mouse’s left “board” has two buttons. Thanks to them it is possible switch between different weapons quickly, or they can be connected to an explosive device so that it explodes as soon as the button is pressed. You can do this in the CSGO settings and use the console commands.

However, you need to know the name of the action you want to bind in the second scenario. The “Mouse 3” and “Mouse 4” buttons on a mouse are often referred to as such. Instead of writing bind, the button name and action need to be typed in quotes after binding.

  • Bind MOUSE3 “slot1”
  • Bind MOUSE4 “slot2”

With the first or second mouse button, you may easily swap between the two weapons in CSGO by simply pressing them. As a result, we’d like to offer you some advice: bind one of the buttons with the flash grenade and the other with a HE. You can swiftly select these grenades amid enemy advances and unleash fantastic instant shots with them.

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opposite movement keys

Why Do Pro CSGO Players Play in Left Hand Orientation?

The response depends on which eye they have a preference for. Essentially, these players have honed their skills to the point where they know how to take advantage of any advantage they can find to remain at the top of their game.

Some players’ dominant eye may be on the right rather than the left, and thus they won’t all play on the left. Check out these free tests online to determine which eye you are more dominant. In this case, choose the direction following your vision. Although you will not become an expert overnight, you will have a leg up on your competition if you do this. Improved game reading and danger detection are two of your newfound abilities.

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Changing hands in CSGO is fundamental. On the other hand, it demonstrates the power of adequately assigned key bindings. We may accomplish several results with only one parameter. We have gone over how to adjust your cl_righthand value; so that you may use the left hand or switch between the two in this post. So hopefully, you understand how to use CSGO left hand command.