CounteHow To Change Your CS2 Viewmodel Settings? Strike 2 allows it’s players to customize many aspects of the game to fit their liking. Players can trade, buy and sell CS2 skins to modify their guns, as well as tweak many settings for their game. Although the game options offer a number of different settings that you can change and play around with, most players don’t know that you can change much more of the game using CS2 console commands.

In this article, you will learn how to change your viewmodel settings with viewmodel commands in the developer console. With the right viewmodel settings you will be able to dominate on every map.

What Is The Viewmodel in CS2?

Your viewmodel is essentially the character you are playing, and more importantly, it’s PoV (point of view). This includes details such as where on the screen the gun model is displayed, whether your in-game model uses the left hand or right hand, how wide is your field of view or how the viewmodel bobs on the screen.

By default, the gun model is located in the lower right corner of the screen. And although for many players this is perfectly fine, it’s possible to change it using viewmodel commands.

Although there is technicaly nothing wrong with the default viewmodel, CS2 pros most often choose to customize their viewmodel settings for most optimal gameplay experience.

How To Change Viewmodel Settings Using The Viewmodel Commands

Before you try to change your viewmodel settings you have to take care of one important thing – decide your dominant eye. This will be crucial later, as your dominant eye is the one that you will use to aim your gun, and consequently, will be a reference on how to position your weapon model to get the best viewmodel settings for you. Generally, you should position the gun model on the opposite side of your dominant eye.

After you’ve decided which eye is your dominant one, you can proceed to playing around with the viewmodel settings. Before trying out the viewmodel commands, remember that you must have the developer’s console enabled (this can be done in the game settings). When you’ve got everything ready, press tilde (~) and enter the command sets that you want to apply to your viewmodel settings.

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Console Commands For Best Viewmodel Settings

It’s best to change the viewmodel settings while you are in-game on a practice map. This will allow you to safely change all the parameters and try out different preferences in a safe environment. You will also immediately see the viewmodel shift. Here are all the viewmodel commands in Counter Strike 2


The CL_righthand command is used to switch the hands that your viewmodel uses to hold the gun. The default value is 1, setting your weapon model in your right hand. If you want to switch and try shooting with your left hand, change the value to 0.

Viewmodel_offset_x, y, z

This command is a little more tricky than the previous one. As you can see, there are three different values available. That is becuase this command controls where the gun model’s position on the screen. The three different values each correspond to a different axis on te screen. X controls the gun’s placement from left to right side of the screen. Y is the variable responsible for how far or close to your viewmodel the gun will be positioned. Z corresponds to how far up or down the weapon model will be positioned. For each of this parameters the minimum value is -2 and the maximum value is 2.


This command controls the total field of view in game. The larger the field of view, the more you can spot in-game. This isn’t always the best viewmodel setting to crank up to maximum value, as some players find it difficult to control their gun and in worst cases report motion sickness when palying. The default value is 60 and the maximum value you can set with console commands is 68.

Cl_bobamt_lat, Cl_bob_lower_amt, Cl_bob_amt_vert

These three commands are grouped together, as they control the same thing, the in-game weapon bob animation. When you move in CS2, you’ll notice that your gun moves in a rythmical manner. This is called weapon bobbing and depending on your needs you can adjust it with a command. Cl_bobamt_lat controls how your gun bobs from side to side, Cl_bob_lower_amt corresponds to the back and forth movement of the weapon model and Cl_bob_amt_vert controls the bob up and down. There are different values possible for each command:

  • Cl_bobamt_lat – default value is 0.4, the highest is 2 and the lowest value is 0.1
  • Cl_bob_lower_amt – default value is 21, highest value possible is 30 and the lowest is 5
  • Cl_bob_amt_vert – default value is set at 0.25, the highest it can go is 2 and the lowest 0.1
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This setting can be used to adjust the recoil of the gun in your viewmodel. It’s important to note, however, that this change is purely cosmetic. You can’t change the actual recoil of the weapon, only how it looks in the viewmodel.

Can I Change My Viewmodel Settings Without Getting Banned?

The Steam VAC security tool can hand out permanent bans. This bans are particularly bad, as they cannot be removed or appealed. When your account is VAC banned, you can’t play online and you can’t trade CS:GO (CS2) skins with other players as well. However, this only applies to the players who are looking to modify the game files or are using a third-party software to get unfair advantage in their games.

You can change many settings using console commands. However, these changes are purely cosmetic and don’t affect the game by themselves. Because of that, you are free to change them however you want.

Is It Worth It To Change Viewmodel Settings With Console Commands?

Most people are content with the defaul viewmodel settings. Likewise, for many players changing their viewmodel settings makes no visible difference.

For many others, however, how their viewmodel moves or where the weapon model is positioned on the screen has legitimate benefits. Many players who spend time figuring out their perfect viewmodel settings report that their overall shooting accuracy increases and they perform better in their games.

If you need any more reasons, all pro players use console commands to create their own custom viewmodel settings. If you have trouble deciding, remember you can change your viewmodel easily by using only a couple commands.

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