Players who know how to aim in CSGO not only accurately hit their targets but also constantly improve their win rate. And, as a result, they rank-up fast in CS:GO.

By practising all of the accuracy aspects you can achieve really impressive results in CS:GO. Unfortunately, mastering every weapon in CSGO is not an easy task. The majority of fresh players do not know how to aim in CSGO and where to start.

Thanks to this beginner guide you will improve your aim in CS:GO quickly and jump to the next ranking level to get more fun.

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Properly Set up Your CSGO Crosshair Settings

If you are wondering how to get a better aim in CSGO, then a good place to start would be the crosshair setting.

Crosshair settings play a huge part in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive aiming. They should be customized and altered in order to best suit the player. Don’t just go to some website and blatantly copy the crosshair settings of your favourite professional CSGO player.

Start things off by using the static version of the crosshair and not the dynamic. The static version is much more reliable and a large majority of pro players use it.

Sadly this is where any and all other advice becomes useless. Because of other settings like the crosshair colour, size and so on each player usually customizes individually to fit the basic parameters of the device.

If you are struggling with where to start, try borrowing the crosshair settings from your favourite CSGO player and then adjust it until it fits your individual needs.

Configure Mouse Sensitivity

Another huge aspect when it comes to improving your CS GO aim is the mouse sensitivity. Mouse sensitivity directly affects your aim in CSGO so having perfect sensitivity is a must.

It is a general rule that the lower your sensitivity is, the higher the precision of your shots. However, having too low sensitivity will make you too slow and unable to react. Most players use a sensitivity setting between 2 and 4, however, you should try out different values until you get perfect sensitivity for your mouse and mousepad.

Pay Attention to Your CSGO Crosshair Placement

The majority of players who are new to any first-person shooter game tend to explore the map with their crosshairs aimed at either the sky or the ground, however. That is a huge mistake!

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When moving around a map CSGO, you should always try and keep your crosshairs at roughly the headshot level. Doing this minimises your reaction time and increases the chances of you shooting an enemy in the head and maximizing your damage.

Naturally, you will need to move your crosshairs up and down if for no other reason, only due to the changes in the map terrain. This is why it is important to learn the headshot level on all locations across all CSGO maps in order to ensure that your bullets always hit their targets.

Additionally, you can also pre-aim any common location where your opponents are likely to appear and maximize the effectiveness of your bullets. You can also follow walls with your crosshairs to improve your aim in CSGO.

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Develop Your Shooting Techniques

CSGO is a unique game due to having multiple shooting techniques. The most commonly used are: tapping, bursting and spraying. It goes without saying that you should master each and every one of them if you wish to improve your aim in CSGO so let’s take a closer look at them.


Tapping is one of the simplest weapons techniques to master in CS GO. Utilizing it requires the player to only fire a single shot at a time. When using tapping, you should always aim at the opponent’s head and fire a single shot. If your bullet hits the enemy, it will likely be a kill, if you miss a shot, simply fire another. 

Tapping is vital when it comes to long-range or mid-range combat and has many benefits such as low ammo usage, better mobility, and fewer reloads. It is important to note that tapping should not be used at close range due to other techniques being more effective.


Bursting is a technique that sits between spraying and blasting. Moreover, it requires the player to shoot a few bullets at a time. It is mostly used in mid-range combat and the main advantages of using it are the precision it offers and the low recoil compensation. Just keep in mind that in order to maintain your precision, you should never fire more than four or five consecutive bullets.

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Spraying is one of the hardest techniques in CS GO. On the other hand, it is essential to fight in close quarters. What is more, this technique is especially useful if you find yourself fighting against multiple opponents at once. 

It is performed by simply holding down your left mouse button and firing many bullets in succession.

However, there is a trick to properly utilizing it. When firing a weapon, regardless of which one it is, you will lose your accuracy due to recoil. Thus, learning how to properly compensate for that is key to blowing up your enemies’ heads.

💡 Note: Each CSGO weapon has its own unique CSGO spray pattern which will make you lose your accuracy. So in order to compensate for that, you will need to move your mouse in the opposite direction of the spray pattern. To do this you’ll need to learn the spray pattern of every CSGO weapon if you truly want to deepen your understanding of how to aim in CSGO.

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Take Part in CSGO Aim Training

If you are looking for ways to practice aim in CSGO, then aim training maps might be the answer you are searching for. There are a few different CSGO aim training map types designed to improve aim and reflexes, so let’s take a closer look at them:

Fast Aim/Reflex Training

Many consider this to be the best aim training map. The map is designed to keep spawning bots with knives who will run at the player, however, these bots are not able to kill you as they are not able to reach you. You will also have all of the weapons at your disposal so you can practice with all of them. Fast aim/reflex training is by many considered to be the best way to practice tapping.

Recoil Master

Recoil master is another aim training map that you must try out if you are aiming to improve your accuracy with various guns. The map provides players with the ability to examine spray patterns of every weapon within the CSGO arsenal.

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This map is a prime example when it comes to the opportunities it provides to develop and improve your reflexes. The map is definitely at the top in terms of difficulty, but it will improve your reflexes over time. Training_Aim_CSGO2 was designed to commit certain actions to the player’s muscle memory so that performing those actions becomes second nature to the player.

Improve Your Weapon Familiarity

Regardless of whether you are playing on a deathmatch server, a casual competitive game with real players, simply wanting to warm up, or any other of the game modes, being familiar with CS GO weapons and knowing them inside and out goes a long way when it comes to improving accuracy.

What Are The Best CS GO Weapons For Beginners?

If you are somebody new in CSGO and is starting out in lower ranks, your best choice of weapons would probably be the SMGs and Shotguns. These types of weapons are easy to control and can be fired while running without losing too much accuracy.

The downside of SMGs is the significantly lower damage output compared to other weapons and as such, they are most effective against an opponent with no armour. Shotguns, on the other hand, have a very high damage output. On the other hand, they are only effective at close range. 

BONUS: CSGO Guns for Experienced Players 

When it comes to the most effective weapons in CSGO, most professional CSGO players put assault rifles and sniper rifles right at the top of that list. Assault rifles such as the Ak-47 and the A4M4 are usually the first weapons that players should master due to their high-damage output, accuracy, and long-range effectiveness. Snipers such as the AWP have no recoil but restrict your movement when scoping and are very expensive to obtain. However, mastering the AWP will provide you with an opportunity to eliminate enemies with a single shot.