Many of the best weapon skins CSGO has to offer have crucial value for players. They play a huge role in the game’s ecosystem and offer a chance to look more unique. Many players regularly sell CSGO skins for high prices. 

Moreover, owning CSGO skins for each weapon in the game is a great investment over time. As it offers you the potential to convert those skins into more cash in the future.

As a result, in this article we’ll explore some of the best weapon skins in CSGO that can customize your weapons. And hopefully reward you with a much bigger selling price as time passes.

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Top 10 CS:GO Weapon Skins

When it comes to the best skins for CSGO weapons, the most promising ones have always been the most unique, rarest, and of the highest quality. It is easy to remember. 

💡 Note: This best weapon skins list doesn’t feature any knife skins from the game, even though knives are still weapons in CS GO.

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So what are the best 10 weapon items in 2022 for better gameplay CS GO?

10. AK-47 – The Empress

ak47 the empress csgo

The AK-47 Empress skin is a Covert Rifle weapon skin that is also available as a StatTrak version. It’s mostly covered in gold and red bright colors and is available in any float value. Check out all available AK-47 skins on our trade bot SkinsMonkey!

  • Lowest Price: $20
  • Highest Price: $330
  • Collection: The Spectrum 2 Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Spectrum 2 Case
  • Skin Quality: Covert

9. AK-47 – Neon Rider

skin csgo for ak 47 neon rider

The AK-47 Neon Rider is a unique skin that comes with a fairly low covert starting price for a rifle of its type. It also comes with StatTrak capabilities and is one of the most colorful weapon skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

  • Lowest Price: $25
  • Highest Price: $250
  • Collection: The Horizon Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Horizon Case
  • Skin Quality: Covert

8. Desert Eagle – Mecha Industries

skin csgo for desert eagle mecha industries

The Mecha Industries skin features a black and white simplistic design and comes at a fairly decent price. It has thousands of weapon skin listings, meaning you can easily get a hold of one.

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Best of all, this simple skin is a Classified Pistol that you can get with StatTrak technology with an affordable price tag, even in Factory New condition.

  • Lowest Price: $3
  • Highest Price: $25
  • Collection: The Danger Zone Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Danger Zone Case
  • Skin Quality: Classified

7. AK-47 – Aquamarine Revenge

skin csgo for ak 47 aquamarine revenge

Another great example of some of the best CSGO skins out there is the AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge. It is a Covert Rifle skin that’s fairly affordable and has hundreds of listings on the Steam marketplace.

  • Lowest Price: $15
  • Highest Price: $220
  • Collection: The Falchion Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Falchion Case
  • Skin Quality: Covert

6. Mac-10 – Disco Tech

skin csgo mac 10 disco tech

The Disco Tech is a playful gun skin that is widely available and doesn’t cost a lot of money. This is one skin that is in high demand and has a gorgeous design. It is available in every quality level, including a StatTrak version.

  • Lowest Price: $3
  • Highest Price: $45
  • Collection: The Prisma 2 Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Prisma 2 Case
  • Skin Quality: Classified

5. Desert Eagle – Fennec Fox (Souvenir)

skin csgo desert eagle fennec fox

The Desert Eagle Fennec Fox is among the rarest skins listed in CSGO. It has less than 100 listings and is also available as a Souvenir gun skin. A Factory New Souvenir Fennec Fox skin will cost a little less than $1000.

Thanks to its impeccable looks, excellent quality, and its rarity, there’s no doubt that the Desert Eagle Fennex Fox is one of the all-time best CS GO skins out there.

  • Lowest Price: $260
  • Highest Price: $900
  • Collection: The 2021 Mirage Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: \
  • Skin Quality: Classified

4. Glock-18 – Water Elemental

skin csgo glock 18 water elemental

The Water Elemental is a unique and popular skin in CSGO that can take many forms. It’s one of the most colorful CSGO skins that completely transforms how this weapon looks in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

3. AWP – Hyper Beast

skins for awp csgo

The AWP Hyper Beast is one of the mid-priced weapon skins that are available in the Falchion Case. It’s among the best skins in CS:GO because it’s fairly affordable, it’s available in every quality and float value, and its body is covered in unique psychedelic colors.

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This gun skin is the most expensive when purchased in Factory New StatTrak condition. However, even in Battle-Scarred or Field-Tested condition most of the beastly creature still remains visible on the gun.

  • Lowest Price: $40
  • Highest Price: $300
  • Collection: The Falchion Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Falchion Case
  • Skin Quality: Covert Sniper Rifle

2. USP-S – Kill Confirmed

skin csgo usp s kill confirmed

If you want to completely transform how the iconic pistol USP-S looks, then this is one of the best weapon skins for the job.

If you want USPS Kill Confirmed in Factory New condition and in StatTrak quality, then it gets fairly expensive, going as high as $900. However, the non-StatTrak models in Field-Tested or lower quality are more affordable, costing around $50.

  • Lowest Price: $40
  • Highest Price: $900
  • Collection: The Shadow Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Shadow Case
  • Skin Quality: Covert

1. P90 – Trigon

skin csgo for p90 trigon

The Trigon is a part of the SMG family of CS:GO skins that has one of the most simplistic yet unique designs in the game. It is a highly affordable skin that’s a complete steal considering how well it looks in-game.

Its pattern consists of mainly tiny triangles scattered across in black and orange colors. The only downside here is that it’s not available in Factory New condition anymore. However, its rarity means it can cost even more money in the future.

  • Lowest Price: $8
  • Highest Price: $20
  • Collection: The Phoenix Collection
  • Weapon Skin Case: Operation Phoenix Weapon Case
  • Skin Quality: Classified SMG

Bonus Skin – The Neo Noir Skin

The Neo Noir skin pattern in CSGO is available for multiple in-game weapons, including:

This skin is unique and highly detailed. Fortunately, it’s still fairly affordable and doesn’t go over $200 for any of the weapons listed. It also has a mysterious flavor text and is available in every skin quality, including StatTrak.

How To Buy a CSGO Weapon Skin?

There are two main ways to buy any CSGO skins:

  1. The Steam Community Market
  2. Third-Party Websites

If you want to buy your CSGO skins, you can go the Steam Community Market and type in the name of the skin you want to purchase in the search box on the right side of the page.

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If you want to try third-party websites, you can use a secure site for CS:GO (CS2) trading, such as SkinsMonkey.

 where you can browse countless listings with the cheapest possible prices.


From what we’ve seen so far, owning all of these CS GO skins would most likely increase your CSGO inventory worth over time. These are some of the most unique and high-quality skins in the game, with a lot of potential to become even more valuable and popular in the future. 

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