Although CS GO is about taking out the enemy team and planting bombs, weapon skins are also an important element of the game, for some even more than the actual gameplay. That is because weapon skins in CS GO are a subject to their own economy, providing an entire new dimension to the game.

Although there is no actual difference whether you’re playing with the default weapon skins or some of the high-end expensive ones, most players enjoy the extra level of customization provided by this game mechanic. However, not everyone can afford the skins that they would want to use. Some of the rarer weapon skins can cost hundreds of dollars. However, this also means that you can make a lot of money if you try to sell CS:GO skins.

However, if you’re looking to enhance your game with a few skins for your favourite guns, this can be done without spending a fortune. Here are top 8 best cheap CSGO skins that anyone can get for under $1.

What determines the price of a skin?

There are many different factors that determine the final price when you trade CS:GO skins. One thing to keep in mind is that CS:GO knives remain one of the most expensive skins on the market, followed by some of the more popular guns such as AWP or AK 47. Generally, the more likely you are to see the weapon in a match, the more expensive the skins will be.

One of the factors determining the price of a weapon skin is its rarity. In CS:GO skins come in five different grades, signifying different rarity levels:

  • White (common)
  • Baby Blue (uncommon)
  • Navy Blue (rare)
  • Purple (mythical)
  • Hot Pink (legendary)
  • Red (ancient)

There are also two more hidden rarities, Gold and even rarer Rose Gold. Weapon skins of this, grade, however, do not drop in-game and the players must get them some other way, for example by trading.

The second quality that defines the price of a skin is its float, also known as wear rating. This is a number between 1 and 0 that is ascribed to every skin and it corresponds to the skin’s wear quality. The more worn out skins are, the lower their value. There are five wear level in the game:

  • Battle Scarred
  • Well Worn
  • Field Tested
  • Minimal Wear
  • Factory New
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The float levels play an important role in determining the skin’s final worth. The same AWP skin can differ drastically in price, depending on the skins wear level.

The last stat you should keep in mind when determining the skin’s price is its pattern template. Each template has a number between 1 and 1000 assigned to it. That means that the same skin can come in 1000 different variations. Depending on the paint, the skin patterns where the changes to the gun are very visible or skins that otherwise stand out in a match can cost significantly more.

8 Best Cheap CSGO Skins You Can Get Today

Many players use CS:GO skins to make money by trading and selling them. This can be a great source of revenue on the side, as some of the more expensive skin variants can be worth hundreds of dollars. And while it certainly feels great to play around with an aesthetically pleasing weapon, some of the more expensive skins are out of reach for most players looking only to enjoy their game. However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune, this doesn’t mean that you are destined to play with default or ugly weapon skins. Here are 8 of some of the cheapest CSGO skins that are a must have in every skin collection:

  1. M4A1-S Flashback (battle scarred)
skinsmonkey m4a1 s flashback

A surprising entry on the list to some players, skins for the signature M4 rifle of the CT team are almost always the more expensive ones. However, you can easily snatch a battle scarred version of this skin for a cheap price of under $1.

The battle scarred wear level isn’t that noticeable, as the gun skin is supposed to mimic the army gear of the main character of Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie ‘Full-Metal Jacket’. It will be sure to catch the eye of your allies spectating, or your enemies when they see who killed them.

  1. PP-Bizon Osiris (factory new)
skinsmonkey pp bizon osiris

The PP-Bizon is a popular choice for eco rounds amongst the players. The gun provides alright firepower for its low cost, making it a great choice if you are struggling in the match and need to get back on your feet.

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The PP-Bizon Osiris skin provides an aesthetically pleasing color palette of black, white and amber. It’s a skin that other players will be sure to notice in the CS:GO matches, but most importantly, the factory new version of this skin can be picked up for lower than $1.

  1. Nova Koi (minimal wear)
skinsmonkey nova koi

Nova is one of the cheaper shotguns available to the players in game. Although shotguns are not a very popular weapon of choice due to their short range, Nova still makes for a good choice if you’re playing on a map that has many tight corridors or other spots where you can surprise your opponents in close quarters.

The Nova Koi skin has a very distinctive white-orange finish, imitating the scales of a koi fish. The radical change in the colour palette of the gun skin will be sure no to go unnoticed by other players.

  1. AWP Acheron (field tested)
skinsmonkey awp acheron

The different AWP variants remain some of the most desired CSGO skins of all. This is because the AWP sniper rifle remains a favourite of players in all skill divisions. The awesome firepower that’s a signature of the AWP can only be matched by its equally awesome collection of skins available for the gun.

While many of the more classic AWP skins are amongst some of the more expensive, you can get the field tested wear level of the classic Acheron skin for less than one dollar. This custom painted sniper rifle will make a great addition to any player’s inventory.

  1. P90 Grim Reaper (factory new)
skinsmonkey p90 grim 1

P90 is a popular choice for players of all skill levels, delivering high damage at quick speed, with the only real downside being the gun’s short range.

The skin remains one of the better looking CSGO skins that you can get at the factory new wear level for this price. It’s stylish paint job of green skulls on the black background will be sure to impress all the players that will be playing with or against you.

  1. UMP 45 Exposure (minimal wear)
skinsmonkey ump 45 exposure 1

One of the player’s favourite when it comes to cheap CSGO skins, the exposure skin for UMP 45 can be bought at the minimal wear float level for just under one dollar on the Steam market.

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Designers behind this skin did an amazing job, as the signature blue skeleton bones really let the UMP 45 Exposure shine among other cheap CSGO skins. Using this skin will definitely leave other players spooked to the bone.

  1. Famas Neural Net (field tested)
skinsmonkey famas neural net

Famas is a great choice if you ever find yourself strapped for cash in a match and need a gun that can let you effectively fight at range. The gun provides alright firepower for its price, making it a great choice if your team is lagging behind.

The Neural Net skin gives your gun a futuristic look with it’s bright yellow colours and the geometric graphics on the side. Best part about it? This skin can be bought at it’s field tested wear level for lower than $1.

  1. SSG 08 Abyss (minimal wear)
skinsmonkey ssg 08 abyss 1

One of the more classic of the cheap skins listed here, the Abyss skin for the SSg 08 sniper rifle has been available to the players for a long period of time. And although the SSG 08 is much less popular than other, more powerful sniper rifles, skins for this weapon can still be worth some serious money on the market.

This one, however, can be cheaply bought for less than one dollar at the minimal wear float level. Sporting a signature blue and black paintjob, the abyss skin for SSG 08 is a great choice for any player looking to expand their collection.

Where to buy cheap skins

The easiest way to obtain skins is to play the game and open the best weapon cases, which drop while playing. You can also get common free CS:GO skins for simply playing the game. However, this process can be painstaking since you have little chance of dropping the weapon skins you want. The best way to get CS GO skins for a low price is to either trade on the Steam market with other players or use services like SkinsMonkey to get the best cheap CSGO skins any time you want to ramp up your game.