Although not quite as powerful as the Terrorist’s AK-47, the M4A1 is still a popular choice of many players. This signature CT team gun comes with a silencer, meaning that it has quieter shots than the alternative M4A4, as well as less recoil and better accuracy. And while this comes at a price of a smaller magazine, M4A1 is still an amazingly effective gun useful in all skill brackets of the game.

Since the M4A1 is such a popular choice, it has many different skins, some really expensive and awesome designs. Many players who trade CS:GO (CS2) skins regularly are on the lookout for rare M4A1 skins. Here are 8 best M4A1 s skins you can get for your favorite CT gun today.

  1. Hyper Beast

skinsmonkey m4a1 s hyper beast

Coming up on first place is one of the more popular M4A1 skins and a part of the popular Hyper Beast collection. There are multiple guns in the game, which have this pattern available with each skin looking just as amazing. The Hyper Beast skins have high popularity among CSGO players, due to their stunning design. The gun itself is a dark navy color, but the main point of this skin is the amazing graphic design. On both sides of the entire gun it looks like there’s monster’s maw, with a blood red tongue sticking out. The skins is also quite cheap, making it one of the best M4A1-S skins you can get at the moment.

  • Flavor text: You really want to impress me Booth? Make this black light sensitive – Rona Sabri, Rising Star
  • Lowest Steam price: $13.21
  • Drops from case: Chroma 2 case
  • First added: 15 April 2015
  1. Cyrex

skinsmonkey m4a1 s cyrex

This M4A1-S skin is for the fans of simpler designs. Syrex has a sleek and attractive color pattern on the gun’s body. Primarly black with orange finishes, Cyrex also has some white details all over the gun’s body. If you enjoy stylish, minimalistic weapon skins, Cyrex is for you.

  • Flavor text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $13.39
  • Drops from case: Operation Breakout case
  • First added: 1 July 2014
  1. Basilisk

skinsmonkey m4a1 s basilisk

One of the best M4A1-S skins you can get for low price, Basilisk comes with a basic design, but an interesting pattern as well. The gun has a dark-silver metallic design all over, with a fantastic basilisk engraved on the side. Best part? You can add this amazing skin to your inventory in Factory New condition for less than $10.

  • Flavor text: It’s rude to stare, but war isn’t the time for pleasantries
  • Lowest Steam price: $4.51
  • Drops from case: Operation Vanguard case
  • First added: 11 November 2014
  1. Chantico’s Fire

skinsmonkey m4a1 s chanticos fire

Chantico’s Fire is a skin for the player who wants to really stand out in a match. It’s difficult not to immediately spot a skin like this, since Chicanto’s Fire is covered with many flashy details. The edges of the gun are covered in shiny gold, while the body is blood red covered in yellow Mexican-style drawings. A tiny smile on the stock gives this gun a finishing touch and makes it a perfect pick, if you want to dazzle your opponents.

  • Flavor text: Protect what is yours
  • Lowest Steam price: $13.56
  • Drops from case: Chroma 3 case
  • First added: 28 April 2016
  1. Hot Rod

skinsmonkey m4a1 s hot rod

Most players who see Hot Rod for the first time think that it’s probably a cheap, basic skin. They can’t be more mistaken though, since Hot Rod is one of the most expensive and rare M4A1-S skins you can get today. The skin design is very basic and there’s not a whole to write about, since the entire skin is covered in chromatic red. Still, even if it might not look like much, Hot Rod is one of the most wanted skins for M4A1-S, so if you have it in your inventory, you might be sitting on a small fortune.

  • Flavor text: Automatic. Systematic. Hydromatic.
  • Lowest Steam price: $500.77
  • Available in collection: Chop Shop collection
  • First added: 26 May 2015
  1. Mecha Industries

skinsmonkey m4a1 s mecha industries

Another item for players who enjoy simpler designs, Mecha Industries is perfect for any player who wants a metallic design, that will also stand out in a match. The gun is mainly silver and covered with tons of details, which look great in-game. Anyone who picks up this M4A1-S skin after you won’t be able to stop themselves from inspecting closer.

  • Flavor text: Featuring all new technology
  • Lowest Steam price: $16.63
  • Drops from case: Gamma case
  • First added: 16 June 2016
  1. Nightmare

skinsmonkey m4a1 s nightmare

Another one of the flashier M4A1-S skins, Nightmare is a dark skin that will immediately attract eyes of every player in the match. It comes with one of the highest-quality graphic designs, showing a dark silhouette of a monster against a blue background, which itself looks like a jungle. Although the Battle-Scarred condition skins are pretty cheap, you really want a Factory-New version to get the most out of the graphic.

  • Flavor text: Next time set an alarm
  • Lowest Steam price: $7.53
  • Drops from case: Chroma 2 case
  • First added: 3 August 2018
  1. Welcome To The Jungle

skinsmonkey m4a1 s welcome to the jungle

The final skin on this list and the one most expensive, Welcome To The Jungle is probably the best out of all M4A1-S skins you can gett for the gun to this day. This also explains it’s crazy price. The graphic design on this skin is one of the most intricate in the game, with many small details all over the gun. If you want something that will really impress other players, or want to sell CS:GO (CS2) skins for large sums of money, Welcome To The Jungle is for you.

  • Flavor text: Strike without warning
  • Lowest Steam price: $767.78
  • Available in collection: The Aztec Collection
  • First added: 3 December 2020
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To Sum Up

Here are the best skins you can get for M4A1-S. If you liked any of the skins on this list, remember that you can get them for the best prices always at Skinsmonkey. You can sell, buy, trade, and even participate in free CS:GO (CS2) skins giveaway! Be sure to check out our website and stock on some skins and CS:GO knowledge.