CS:GO (CS2) skins trading is a very important part of the game’s economy. Although they don’t add any practical advantage to the player using them, scoring headshots with a cool looking AK 47 or M4 just feels better.

Another reason why weapon skins are so important to the players is that they are worth real money. CS:GO skins are subject to their own economy, with some factory new weapon skins worth hundred of dollars, which is why so many players try to sell CS:GO (CS2) skins at the Steam marketplace for the highest price possible.

Most of the time the cheap skins will be visually unimpressive, while the most expensive and rare skins will drastically change the look of your weapons. However, If you’re looking to change your CSGO aesthetics, there is a way to do it cheaper. Here are the best 8 CSGO skins that you can buy under 10 dollars.

What Decides The Skin Prices?

Knives still remain the most expensive items on the CS:GO skins market. The same generally applies to the most popular weapons. Weapons such as AK 47, M4, AWP as well as starter guns are generally worth a bit more than the other skins.

Besides this, there are also other, less obvious stats assigned to weapons skins. Skin pattern ID is a unique number attatched to every copy of a skin and selected from 1 to 1000. Each number signifies a different colour pattern of the same skin. Because of this, some different patterns of the same skin might be worth more or less, depending on the skin pattern ID.

Another important statistic to keep in mind is the wear level of CSGO skins. This number signifies how ‘used up’ the skin is. Naturally, the lower the wear level the higher the price on the Steam market. Weapon skins can come in 5 levels of wear:

  1. Factory New
  2. Minimal Wear
  3. Field Tested
  4. Well Worn
  5. Battle scarred

Skins in the Factory New version are the most expensive and the Battle Scarred version is always worth the least.

Top 8 Skins Under 10 Dollars

Most players think that you have to invest in the expensive, high end skins to really change the quality of your game. There are cheap skins, however, which you can buy that will really let you feel the difference. Here are the top 8 cheap weapon skins that will give you a completely new experience while playing the game:

  1. AWP Atheris (minimal wear version) – $4.86
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skinsmonkey awp atheris

AWP skins are some of the most desired virtual items in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This isn’t surprising, considering how impressive most AWP skins look, as well as the overall devastating power of the famous sniper rifle.

Available in the Prisma cases, this skin spots a detailed, jade-green snake on the side of the gun, together with the scaly texture and finish on the rest of the weapon. The minimal wear version will set you back less than $5, while at the same time letting you pick up kills with this classic sniper rifle in style.

  1. AK47 Legion of Anubis (battle scarred version) – $8
skinsmonkey ak 47 legion of anubis

AK47 skins are generally some of the more expensive. This is true especially for all the skins which distinctively change the paintjob on the entire gun.

This applies to the Legion of Anubis AK 47 weapon skin available in the Fracture case. This gold-plated AK 47 weapon skin has distinctive golden features, visible to everyone in the match. At just $8, the battle scarred version of this skin is one of the best cheap CSGO skins you can get your hands on.

  1. M4A4 Neo Noir (field tested version) – $7.02
skinsmonkey m4a4 neo noir

The M4 is a signature gun of the Counter-Terrorist forces in the game, in many ways it’s the CT version of the AK 47. Because of this some of the nicer M4A4 CS:GO skins can be worth quite a lot of money on the secondary market.

However, if you’re looking for a weapon skin to significantly spice up your Counter-Terrorist gameplay, consider buying the Neo Noir M4A4 weapon skin. At just barely over $7, it’s one of the best cheap CSGO skins you can get your hands on.

  1. AK 47 elite build (factory new version) – $4.33
skinsmonkey ak 47 elite build

Another skin for the popular Ak 47, this is one of the more popular weapon skins you can find in game. The AK 47 elite build remains the player’s favourite to this day.

One of the most popular cheap CS:GO skins, this classic AK 47 at a factory new wear level can be bought as cheap as $4.33. It’s an unusualy low price for a skin with so many visible features, so if you’re looking for the best cheap CSGO skins, consider buying the AK 47 elite build.

  1. Glock-18 Water Elemental (minimal wear version) – $4.88
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skinsmonkey glock 18 water elemental

A surprising entry on the list to some, the Glock-18 Water Elemental skin wouldn’t qualify as a cheap skin not that long ago. However, you can now buy the minimal wear version of this skin for less than $5, which does not make the skin look any less cooler.

  1. USP-S Cortex (field tested version) – $1.77
skinsmonkey usp s cortex

The CT version of the starting gun, many of the more detailed USP-S skins can be worth quite a bit of money. Since this is a weapon you will be seeing on practically every round of the match, there is a large demand for the handgun skins.v

Luckily, you can get the field tested version of the USP-S Cortex skin for under two dolars. It’s one of the more visualy interesting cheap skins, so consider investing in it if you’re looking to shake up your game.

  1. UMP-45 Primal Saber (field tested version) – $1.69
skinsmonkey ump 45 primal saber

UMP-45 is not a particularly popular gun among the players, mainly due to it’s small magazine in contrast to its damage. However, this can allow you to score higher quality UMP-45 skins for lower prices.

The Primal Saber, normaly found in the Chroma 3 case, comes with a painjob showing a skull and a sign of scratches on the side of the gun. This is one of the cheap skins that would be great addition to any collection.

  1. SG-553 Tiger Moth (factory new version) – $2.22
skinsmonkey sg 553 tiger moth

The SG-553 is one of the most powerful guns in the game, often appearing only in the last rounds of the match. Because of this, many of the weapon skins for this gun can be bought cheap.

For a measly $2.22 you can buy a factory new version of the Tiger Moth skin for the SG-553. Initially found in the Revolver case, this skin gives yout weapon a scaly red-orange finish, making it look like a deadly red lizard.

Where to buy cheap skins for CSGO?

One of the easiest ways of buying skins is the Steam market. You can go there to sell your skins, trade, and look for what might be missing from your collection. You can also use SkinsMonkey and Skincashier to make sure you are buying and selling your CSGO skins at the best prices possible. Eeven better, Skinsmonkey offers its users a way to win free CS:GO (CS2) skins! This way you will always get the best cheap CSGO skins that you might want.

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