Over the years that the game has been out, Valve has released a number of different methods that players can use to customize their game. CS2 weapon skins are at the forefront, with an entire economy of items, with some of the most expensive CS2 skins worth thousands of dollars. However, besides weapons, stickers, and CS2 gloves skins, the game also includes another customization slot, that is often forgotten by many players. Today we will be looking at CS2 agents and what you need to know about them!

What Are The CS2 Agent Skins?

In the Operation Shattered Web on November 2019 Valve introduced new kind of skins to the game, which would allow players for further customization – CSGO Agents. Unlike gloves and weapon skins, CS2 and CSGO agents change the entire player model to something more fancy. CS2 agents are mostly various lore characters, most often representing the different factions in the game’s world. Once equipped, the CS2 agents replace the entire player model, allowing you to stand out in the match. Instead of the default terrorist or counter-terrorist model, your character will load into the game with the distinguished agent skin equipped, making it easier to stand out.

How To Get CS2 Agents?

Initially, players could obtain CS 2 agents from the Operation Shattered Web battle pass. Other agents where respectively added to the game, and although we don’t know when the new CS2 operation will release, players can now buy CS2 agent skins via trading from other players. Although CS2 agents can sometimes appear quite expensive, CS 2 agent skins don’t have various skins features, like wear value or patter index, meaning that there’s generally no overpay for these skins. If you’re looking for CS2 Agent skins, your best bet is purchasing it from other players, or a third-party CS2 trading site.

What Are The Best CS2 Agents?

As you can tell, owning a CS2 Agent skin is a real sign of prestige. While they’re far from the most expensive CS2 skins when it comes to price, purchasing a CS2 agent is still an impressive investment. If you’re planning to trade CS2 skins with other gamers, here are some CS2 agents to keep an eye out for:

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1. Number K | The Professionals

While The Professionals are one of the bigger factions in the Counter Strike world, they aren’t very well known to players, but Number K has certainly left his mark on the community. Many gamers referred to him as an example of how not to design agents for the Terrorist or the CT side. Players would go to Reddit to log their complaints about how Valve introduced a character that has a huge condom on their head. Well, while this might sound pretty bad, many players wanted to nail down this funny look, making Number K one of the most popular CS2 agents.

2. Sir Bloody Miami Darryl | The Professionals

Another character from The Professionals, Sir Bloody Miami Darryl seems to be the polar opposite of Number K. His character is a cold, professional killer, not worried about collateral damage or whoever might be caught in the crossfire of his criminal operation. Sir Bloody Miami Darryl also has many characteristic features, that make him stand out from other CS2 agents. For one, his white mask is a welcome change from whatever Number K has on his head, and his cool and edgy voice lines make him one of the best CS2 agents in the game.

3. Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC Seal

Finally getting over to the CT side, the Lt. Commander Ricksaw is the perfect choice if you’re starting your adventure with CS2 agents, or are simply looking for a budget solution for a CS2 inventory glowup. One of the cheapest CS2 agents, Commander Ricksaw can routinely be purchased for less than $10. Generally speaking, CT side CS2 agents are often less visually stunning, since most counter-terrorists have to stick to real military regimes regarding their uniforms. Still, CS2 Agents can add some character to your CT side gameplay as well, and Commander Ricksaw can greatly improve your game with his voicelines, without ruining you financially.

4. Special Agent Ava | FBI

One of the first official female characters in the Counter Strike universe, Special Agent Ava is a representative of the FBI, and a great choice for any gamer that wants to switch up their game a little. While this CS2 agent skin can command impressive prices on the market, this is mainly because it’s the only way to play CS2 as a woman character. If you want to show off some much-needed girl-power in the game, Special Agent Ava is definitely what you need!

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5. Bloody Darryl The Strapped | The Professionals

Sir Bloody Miami Darryl is one of the most coveted CS2 agents in the game, so it’s no surprise that he commands an impressive price tag. Many players want to play as the cool, Hawaiian shirt wearing criminal, which is why he is generally the most popular CS2 agent. If you can’t afford the high price of the Bloody Miami Darryl, a budget version was introduced in the operation Riptide, allowing you to enjoy the same visuals, at a greatly reduced price tag.

In Conclusion

Here are all of the best CS2 Agent skins you can add to your inventory today. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out the rest of the SkinsMonkey website, where we regularly post more tips, tricks, and guides for CS2! Also, visit our giveaways where you can score Free CS2 skins!