Let’s be realistic! Every CSGO fan has wanted, at least once, to own an¬†AWP Dragon Lore¬†without paying thousands of dollars.¬†What if we told you there was a way to get any in-game CSGO skins you could imagine, entirely for free?¬†

And this method is called a CSGO Skin Changer.

A CSGO skin changer is a tool that lets you use CS GO custom skins without having to buy them off the Steam Community Market. You can choose any skin you want and immediately apply it to your weapon.

So, let’s find out more about skin changer programs for CSGO, discover the best skin changer, and explain how to exploit them not getting banned.

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Can You Change Skins in CS:GO?

Yes, in theory, you can change any skin you want in CSGO completely free. However, the main downside here is that only you will view the skin and its effects in-game. Your teammates and opponents cannot see it if it is changed with a CSGO external skin changer.

On the bright side, popping on some of the best skins ever made in CSGO with a skin changer is remarkably easy. The easiest and best way to do this is to use the popular CSGO Skin Changer 2022.

With it, you can effortlessly put on any skin of your choice, including Sport gloves CSGO, the most expensive CSGO knife ever sold, maybe an M4A4 Howl, and start playing CSGO like a pro. However, when you use the skin changer you can’t sell CSGO skins that you change your weapon to, only the original skin.¬†

Is CS:GO Skin Changer Bannable?

Technically, yes.¬†Skin Changer CS GO programs can cause your account to get banned. However, this depends on which tool you’re using¬†and how you set it up.¬†If you do it right, you won’t get banned.

So, how do you make sure you don’t get banned while using a CSGO skin changer? It’s quite simple! All you need to do is make sure to use one of the three tools you see in this CSGO skin changer 2022 list below.

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Even though a skin changer in CSGO is not a CSGO cheating, many of them are still recognized as cheats. It is because VAC sees these tools as programs that modify files in CSGO.

However, the options below are safe and won’t be recognized as cheats by the VAC system in CSGO. So, feel free to install the skin changer, throw on your favorite pair of Driver gloves, and have some fun.

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How to Install CSGO External Skin Changer?

It depends on the CSGO skin changer source. However, most legit skin changers feature a very similar installation process. After downloading the Skin Changer Tool follow the guide. The process usually goes like this:

  • Step 1:¬†Download the best skin changer of your choice
  • Step 2:¬†Follow the prompts for easy installation
  • Step 3:¬†Start CSGO after it finishes installing
  • Step 4:¬†Press the designated button to open the skin changer panel
  • Step 5:¬†Select your skin, select a sticker if you want, and apply

TOP 3 Platforms to Change Your CS:GO Skins for Free

Not all CSGO skin changers are safe to use. The ones you are about to see still follow the game’s guidelines and prevent your account from breaking any rules.

As a result, you are welcome to use them as much as you want without getting banned.

CSGO Skin Changer

It is currently the most popular tool for getting¬†free CSGO skins. It’s very safe, easy to install, and simple to use. If you’ve never used a skin-changer, try this one.¬†

csgo skin changer

Moreover, it supports five different languages. It also has all the CSGO skins you’ll ever need, including the¬†CS GO StatTrak skins. What is more, it has¬†CS GO stickers.

Thus, lets you choose any wear float you want. It’s supported on¬†all Windows versions, and it’s completely free. What more could you want?


With a rating of 4.9 out of 5 and over 20.000 downloads, this is the second-best CS GO skin changer program out there.

free csgo cheats with skin changer

The company that made this tool is known for creating reliable programs just like it. In fact, this is not the only skin changer they’ve created. Their arsenal also includes a¬†League of Legends¬†skin changer, a Fortnite skin changer, a Valorant one, and several skin swappers.

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CS Changer

If you want an even more diverse Counter-Strike Global Offensive skin changer, this one is it. Aside from giving you up-to-date custom skins for free, it also includes player modes, custom settings, and several other exciting features.

cs skin changer

It is confirmed safe for use by Virustotal and, aside from the free version, also offers a premium subscription. With this, you can access even cooler features and other perks that will be worth your while.

Final Verdict 

Now you know all you need to safely start using skin changer in CS:GO.

The ones we’ve¬†listed here are safe for use¬†because they don’t give you a significant advantage over other players in CSGO. However, they will¬†boost your confidence and make your gameplay more exciting.

Best of all, you get all of that for free!