CSGO Cheating is not an uncommon term in the online gaming community. Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been struggling with cheating problems since the very beginning. And it gets especially worrisome when pro players start doing it.

Luckily, you’re about to find out what cheating actually is in CS:GO. how to deal with the sore losers in CSGO that use cheats. And which pro CS:GO players were shamefully caught, exposed, and banned as CSGO cheaters in pro tournaments.

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What Is the Cheating Problem in CS:GO?

 Cheating in CS GO is the practice of using illegal cheats to make the game easier and increase your chances of winning. Cheat refers to a piece of software that gives you all sorts of different advantages.

Some of the most popular cheats a cheater will use in CSGO are the following:

  • AimBot – when shooting, the AimBot cheat will automatically aim at the target’s head and significantly increase the cheater’s accuracy.
  • Spin Bot – it lets the player spin around rapidly so that the opponents will have an extremely difficult time hitting him.
  • Wallhack – this is the worst cheat in CSGO you can go against, as it lets the cheater see everyone through walls. Basically, no one can surprise cheaters with this hacking method in the game.
  • Mobility Hacks – these methods of cheating grant you a significant increase in movement speed, large jumping bonuses, quicker weapon draw periods, and lots more.

Today, the CSGO community has been poisoned with countless ways to get a hold of both paid and free CSGO hacks. Sadly, CSGO cheating or hacking is not close to being fixed any time soon.

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Is CSGO Full of Cheaters? Are There Hacks in CSGO?

To this day, despite Valve’s hard-working anti-cheat system (VAC), there are still cheaters roaming around the game. However, there are also countless banned players who have lost valuable accounts due to CSGO cheating.

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Nevertheless, ever since Valve made CS:GO free to play in 2018, cheaters have been given the ability to quickly create new accounts and continue ruining the experience for other players in this community.

To get a slight idea of what CSGO’s cheating problem looks like, there have been several studies done on the match history of countless players. The percentage of users playing with a cheat at that time was about 4.6%, of which 3.8% got VAC banned.

In other words, this means that you’ll come across one cheater in every three CSGO matches you play on average.

Are Pro CSGO Cheating?

One of the most unfortunate truths in CS:GO is that professional players have also been suspected, and actually confirmed of cheating in big tournaments. It just goes to show that some players will do anything to beat their opponent.

Let’s look at a list of some pro players in CS:GO that have been accused and busted for cheating:


In October 2018, the Indian CSGO player Forsaken was caught using cheats. It happened during the professional CS:GO match. His team played versus the Vietnamese Club Revolution.

forsaken csgo player

The crowd and admins quickly noticed Forsaken’s CSGO cheats. When his team, Optic India, got stomped on Inferno in the first round. On the following map, he was forced to go blatant and resort to using a cheat, which he tried to hide and delete afterward. But he was caught on time.

As a result, the match got canceled, his team was disqualified, and Forsaken earned himself a 5-year ban.

Akuma Cheating in CSGO Tournament

This CSGO cheating scandal is a simple one that can be quickly understood after laying out a few obvious facts. It happened in 2021 at the Epic League CIS Tournament.

This was a tournament that was played from home, without VAC enabled, without Stream delay, and without recorded coms.

During this event, team Akuma went from being ranked below one hundred and went straight into the top twenty teams. They managed to destroy NaVi and claim third place at this tournament.

Speculations occurred when Akuma’s performance saw a staggering drop at another tournament later that year where the organizers made sure to include stream delay, FACEIT Anti-Cheat, and recorded communications.

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Does Trusted Mode Prevent Cheats From Working?

No, Trusted Mode in CS GO will not play a huge part in fixing the cheater problem in the game. It will not stop cheats from working. However, it does play some role, however slight it may be, in detecting cheats faster.

Playing in Trusted Mode can help CS:GO detect cheats more quickly. It may even help detect some cheats that would otherwise have easily gone undetected. So, it won’t prevent cheats from working but it can help improve the game and catch anyone using a cheat much sooner.

Launching CSGO in Trusted Mode ensures that you don’t accidentally inject a cheat alongside normal programs such as the video recording software OBS.

Lastly, running CS GO in Trusted Mode can also have positive effects on your account’s Trust Factor.

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Popular Ways to Protect Yourselves From CSGO Cheating?

We all know that it’s a pain to get matched against opponents who cheat. In fact, it’s no fun playing with teammate cheaters as well, as it just ruins the entire flow of the game and they don’t even leave a single enemy for you to kill.

The main thing you can do against a cheater problem in CSGO is to report these players, regardless of whether they are your teammate or the enemy.

Once a person receives a lot of reports from multiple players in CSGO, they will eventually get their account banned. Initially, there are different, less severe punishments for this. However, you can bet that you’re not the only one reporting a cheater in these types of games.


The most important lesson to learn here is that hacking or using CS cheater software is not the right way to play the game. If you tolerate CSGO cheating, you aren’t actually playing the game. You’re just clicking around and not learning or improving. Hopefully, this guide was able to help.