Fly, shoot, and carry the loot. It is everything a Minicopter Rust vehicle can let you do in the sky. When you first look at this aircraft, you’re probably thinking about whether it can take off into the air.

However, you’ll be surprised by how durable and manoeuvrable the Minicopter Rust is. There’s no need to wonder anymore, as this guide will provide everything you need to know about the Rust Minicopter.

where can i find a minicopter in rust

Where Can I Find A Minicopter in Rust?

There are two ways anyone can get a Minicopter in Rust:

  • buy this flying vehicle
  • or steal the mini cooper belonging to another player.

If you want to buy a Minicopter, there’s only one place to do so, the Air Wolf compound at the Bandit Camp. It will cost you 750 Scrap to purchase one. Luckily, it already comes with 100 Low-Grade fuel inside, allowing you to take it back home to your base. Its Low-Grade fuel consumption is low enough to allow you to fly for a few minutes before you crash and burn.

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On the other hand, if you want to steal a Rust Minicopter, look at high rooftops at Rust bases. The Minicopter should be easily visible if there is one. Also, remember to carry a ladder if you’re on the hunt for a new vehicle.

How Do You Make a Minicopter Rust?

You can’t craft or make your Minicopter in Rust. It is an unfortunate fact. But it has been the case since the release of this aircraft in Rust. As we mentioned, if you can’t afford to buy one, the next best thing you can do is to steal a Minicopter. However, this is also pretty dangerous. You could end up without your loot if you have anything valuable.

How Do You Use A Mini in Rust?

The Minicopter Rust controls are simple. The difficult part is getting used to its movements. The keys you’ll be using to control the Minicopter are the following:

  • E – hop inside the pilot seat
  • W (hold) – start the engine and take off
  • S – lower aptitude and fly downwards
  • A – tilt to the left for easier turns
  • D – tilt to the right for easier turns
  • Mouse Tilt Forward – speed up as you move forward
  • Mouse Tilt Backward – slow down until you begin moving backwards
  • Mouse Side Movements – tilt towards the sides
  • F – toggle light
  • Space – get off the Minicopter
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By mastering the Minicopter’s controls, you can enjoy a significant advantage in Rust. For example, simplifying is one of the most difficult challenges. You can also more easily enter the Launch Site and the Oil Rig. But if that’s not important for you, the Minicopter will make moving around the map much faster and easier.

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Can You Lock a Minicopter in Rust?

Right now, the only way to lock your Minicopter is with a mod. However, not all Rust servers will allow you to do this. Only a modded server will grant you this feature. There is no realistic way to lock your Minicopter on official Rust servers.

However, this topic is not foreign to Facepunch Studios. It has been a discussion for a while on public forums as well. We don’t know when or if this feature will be introduced to Rust, but for now, all we can do is wait.

Ideally, the best compromise for this right now would be storing your Minicopter inside your base. This way, you can consider it locked because it would be far more difficult for someone to steal it from you or push it away.

How to Repair Minicopter Rust?

To repair your Minicopter in Rust, you will need some resources. To be precise, you will need a Hammer and a decent supply of Metal Fragments. If the majority of its hitpoints are depleted, it takes a maximum of 250 Metal Fragments to fully repair the Minicopter.

If you don’t repair it, it will decay and break down over time. To be more precise, a Rust Minicopter left outside will decay after 8 hours. However, if you place it inside a garage or your base, it will take 48 hours for it to completely decay.

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What Are the Best Rust Minicopter Training Servers?

You can find countless Minicopter training servers for free online. Server directories such as Just-Wiped or BattleMetrics offer tons of servers to choose from that are solely dedicated to allowing players to practice their Minicopter flying skills.

If we had to list a few, here is a Rust Minicopter training server list you should try:

  • Rust Addicted
  • Rust City
  • Koala Kopters
  • Rust Again Aviators
  • Heligrads

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On another note, you can also create your private Rust server for free. You can’t have other players join and play with you here. But you can use them to hone your skills without any distractions.

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Final Verdict

For a beginner, flying a Minicopter in Rust is no easy task. If you think you can handle this just because you’ve flown a plane in GTA V, you are not right. The game mechanics in this survival game are different and don’t make it as easy. However, it’s all about getting used to it. The more you practice on a Rust Minicopter server, the better you’ll get.