Have you ever noticed a helicopter fly above your head in Rust? If so, the first thing you’ve thought about is¬†how to fly the Rust helicopter¬†yourself. Well, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Thanks to this guide, you can have all about the Rust helicopter in one place.

Tip: Although it is¬†the best mode of transport in the game, Rust helicopters can also provide you with high-tier loot crates. So, make sure your seat belt is on and let’s prepare for take-off.

rust helicopter

Can You Get a Helicopter in Rust?

First of all, yes, you can get a helicopter in Rust. On the other hand, you can’t get it immediately after starting the game. Moreover, you can’t get just about any helicopter fuselage you see.

The only way to get a helicopter is by buying it from the Air Wolf compound at the Rust Bandit Camp. You cannot craft helicopters in Rust.

Once you’re at the Airwolf compound, you can purchase a Minicopter for¬†750 Scrap¬†and a Scrap Transport Helicopter for¬†1250 Scrap. Also, don’t worry about buying or bringing your Low-Grade Fuel, as any helicopter you purchase will already come with¬†100 Low-Grade Fuel¬†inside the tank.

What Kind of Helicopters Are in Rust?

There are three types of helicopters in the game: the Attack Helicopter, the Minicopter, and the Scrap Transport Helicopter.

Rust Attack Helicopter

The Rust Attack Helicopter, also known as the Patrol Helicopter, spawns every 2-4 hours. It randomly flies around the Rust maps, carrying valuable loot inside. Anyone who takes it down can enjoy the incredible loot it drops at the crash site.

rust attack helicopter

Flying the Attack Helicopter is out of the question. Moreover, it is the only Rust helicopter that cannot be controlled or owned by players.

It is extremely dangerous. This helicopter has two automatic guns that will instantly open fire at any player with at least three pieces of clothing. If the helicopter sees players with a ranged weapon in their hot bar, it will instantly start shooting machine gun fire.

To destroy the Attack Helicopter in Rust, you must aim for its weak spots: the main rotor and the tail rotor.¬†These are the only areas where you can deal significant damage. No matter, whether you’re using a rocket launcher or an assault rifle.

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The Minicopter is a transport vehicle for a solo player but can also carry up to two players at a time. It’s small and has some of the best Rust helicopter controls that are easy to master. It is easy to manoeuvre and can help you carry various loot from one place to another.

rust minicopter 1

This helicopter can also shoot rockets, and flares, fire a machine gun and stands its ground nicely during combat. It takes around 63 direct hits with explosive Assault Rifle ammo to take it down from the ground.

It can store up to 500 Low-Grade Fuel in its fuel tank at a time. A full fuel tank will grant you just slightly over 16 minutes of continuous flight.

The Minicopter will decay in 8 hours if you leave it outside in the open. You can significantly increase this duration to 36 hours if you store it inside a garage or your base.

You will need 34 Metal Fragments to repair 100 Health on the Minicopter.

Scrap Transport Helicopter

The Scrap Transport Helicopter, or the Rust Military Transport Helicopter, is very similar to the Minicopter in Rust. The main differences between the two are their size and manoeuvrability.

The bigger Scrap Transport heli is more difficult to control. But it can carry many more people at the same time.

Like the Mini copter, this one also holds a maximum of 500 Low-Grade Fuel inside its tank. It grants you just over 16 minutes of flight time.

rust scrap transport helicopter

The Scrap Transport Helicopter costs 1250 Scrap to purchase from the Air Wolf compound. It will decay in 8 hours if left outside. However, it can last for 48 hours of storage inside. Additionally, you will need 76 Metal Fragments to repair 100 of its Health.

How Do You Build a Rust Helicopter?

Unfortunately, you cannot build your helicopter in Rust. Even if you had all the Scrap in the world, this is still not something you will be able to do.

As we mentioned, the only way to get your hands on a Rust helicopter is by purchasing one from the Air Wolf compound at the Bandit Camp.

How Do You Fly Heli?

The only types of helicopters you can fly in Rust are the Minicopter and the Scrap Transport Helicopter. Flying both vehiles is very similar. To clarify, the controls are the same, but the feel isn’t. To master your skills in Rust flying you also need to know more about Rust fly command. It might give you an exceptional ability to freely move around the vast world of Rust.¬†

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how do you fly heli

Here’s what you need to know from a technical aspect:

  • Hold¬†W¬†to lift off and keep holding it to stay in the air
  • To go forward, slowly move your mouse forward
  • Tilting your mouse backwards will move the helicopter backwards
  • To turn left, press¬†A¬†and slowly tilt your mouse to the left at the same time
  • To turn right, press¬†D¬†and tilt your mouse to the right
  • If you want to land, get close to the ground, slow down, and hold¬†S

Tip:¬†You can also drive the Minicopter on the road by holding down your¬†Left Control¬†key. It isn’t one of the best Rust helicopter tips out there. But it’s nice to know.

Final Verdict

As you can see,¬†Rust helicopters aren’t very complicated. Now you know how to get your helicopter, how to fly it, how much fuel it needs to fly, and whether it can do any special tricks or not.

From here on, you’re on your own. Do whatever helps you progress faster in Rust, you don’t crash the very instant you take off with your new heli.