The Rust minicopter is a vehicle players can purchase from a helicopter vendor in Bandit camp. It costs 750 scrap and flies around the map. Two players can hop on with the pilot seat in the back of the vehicle.

To start flying the Rust minicopter, you will need low-grade fuel, so keep that in mind.

Apart from controlling the Rust minicopter, Rust items are another big part if you want to be an authentic pilot. You can find a few Rust skins in the game, making you look like you have just taken your flight lessons. There are several cool Rust pilot skins: from helmets, jackets, and pants to even a helicopter door. Thus, you can get everything you need!

[2022] How To Get Rust Console Skins?

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TOP 4 Rust Minicopter Skins for Pilot

If you want to be a proper pilot, you should first head to a Rust minicopter server, or more specifically, a Rust minicopter training server, and learn how to fly Rust heli.

Second, find the pilot armor – a helmet, a jacket, and pants- to protect your hero in the skies. You can even get a skin for the minicopter hanger door! Still, doubt if the game is worth the candle.

Make a pragmatic decision based on the info we gathered for you. We prepare a complete list of Rust helicopter skins. Hunt for them at the best bot trading site to look trendy during the raid in Rust. Later, you can trade them for new Rust items without any risks to your wallet. Cosmetic skins are the best way to make Rust’s gameplay more colourful. So, do not miss the chance to get even more fun thanks to Rust pilot skins!

1. Minicopter Pilot Helmet

minicopter pilot helmet rust

You can’t be an authentic pilot if you don’t have the pilot helmet – goggles and all! You can get this skin from the Steam market for around $5.60 or trade it at SkinsMonkey. 

Strapped on the helmet are a pair of goggles, the same ones that old-school pilots used to wear back in the day.

Before you get the skin, you will need the burlap headwrap. The burlap headwrap can not only protect you from the cold and melee attacks, but it is also helpful for this skin. You can craft the headwrap using 10 pieces of cloth and then apply the skin – Voila! You’re halfway there to becoming a pilot!

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2. Minicopter Pilot Jacket

minicopter pilot jacket rust

A pilot jacket is another high-rated skin to fit with the minicopter, and it can be yours for about $2.20 from the Steam marketplace or SkinsMonkey. 

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To equip the skin, you will need to craft a hoodie first. The hoodie in Rust has probably the best resistance against projectiles and melee attacks. So it will come in handy during raids. Plus, that brownish leather color does fit any character model.

Because it is so valuable, it will take a lot of ingredients to craft. To craft a hoodie in Rust, you will need 40 pieces of cloth and a sewing kit. A Sewing kit isn’t lying around, so you will also need to craft one yourself.

3. Minicopter Pilot Pants

minicopter pilot pants rust

Even though the pilot pants are not rare or expensive skin, you can miss out on them if you want the full Minicopter Pilot to look! You can get the pilot pants for $1.20 on Steam or trade them on SkinsMonkey. Coming in the same color as the jacket, with leg straps and knee padding, you need the skin to complete your outfit. To equip the skin, you need to have pants in your inventory.

There are two ways to get pants: complete the mission the Lumberjack NPC gives you or craft the item yourself. You will need 40 pieces of cloth and a sewing kit to craft pants.

4. Minicopter Hangar Door

minicopter hangar door rust

Finally, to complete the whole minicopter pilot feel, you can get a minicopter hangar door on the Steam market for around $1.39, and of course, you guessed it, SkinsMonkey. While it is only a cosmetic, getting the skin lets players know that you have a minicopter in your garage – and they wouldn’t want to mess with that, would they?

How to Get Rust Skins for Heli Pilot?

All of these minicopter Rust skins you can buy in two types of services:

SkinsMonkey is an example of a trade site where you can trade loads of different Rust skins and skins for other games like CS: GO, TF2, DOTA 2 and many others.

The best Rust minicopter skins aren’t as expensive as other items. Thus, you’ll be able to find a profitable deal for trading. And if you want to craft them yourself, you can always trade the items for even better ones.

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Final Verdict

The minicopter is a flying vehicle you should certainly go for to have fun with your friends. Get the pilot gear, helmet, pants, and jacket. Thanks to them, you could become the first pilot on your server.

The best Rust minicopter skins highlighted in this review aren’t that expensive. As a result, you can get all of them for a price lower than $10. The crafting will be a bit difficult; however, it is worth it in the end.

Ready to become a full-fledged pilot and soar the skies of Rust?