Duping CSGO skins is a great way to get your Steam account banned. However, this wasn’t always the case. If you’re wondering how to duplicate CS GO skins, you’ll find all the information you need in this guide. Learning how to duplicate CS GO skins was easy back in the day. Today, it’s near impossible. But it can still happen. Read the guide. Due to it, all will be made clear regarding this gaming aspect.

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What Is Duping in CS:GO?

Duping CSGO skins is a very profitable way to duplicate CSGO skins completely free. You get one¬†AWP Dragon Lore¬†that’s worth about¬†$8.000. And you copy-paste that skin for free. Then, you can take the duped items and sell them online. You can list it for a lower price and get a faster sale.

It caused a big problem for the CSGO Community and the Steam Community Market. The CSGO skins duping method almost destroyed¬†Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and¬†Valve’s revenue.

What’s even more alarming is that any duped item is authentic. It still bears all the features of the original skin and can be used in-game without any differences. Additionally, players can easily sell CSGO skins that were duped.

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How Did People Dupe CSGO Skins?

The people who duped weapon skins achieved this by following a simple method. It went like this:

  1. You get into a regular trade on Steam with another fake Steam account.
  2. You transfer a tradable skin to the other account and the duping process begins.
  3. Then,¬†you complain to Steam support¬†that the receiving account scammed you and you didn’t receive compensation for your item.
  4. Steam support would then duplicate the same item and restore it to your Steam inventory

During the peak of the CSGO skins duping method, dupers were duplicating items quickly. For example, they managed to dupe extremely expensive skins such as:

  • Factory New¬†M4A4 Howl¬†(StatTrak) with 3 Titan Holo stickers – duped 2 times
  • Factory New M4A4 Howl (StatTrak) with 2 Titan Holo stickers – duped 40 times
  • Karambit Doppler Sapphire¬†– duped 35 times
  • Factory New Dragon Lore – duped 46 times
  • StatTrak¬†M9 Bayonet Crimson Web¬†– duped 19 times
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Some of these items only had two or three copies in existence. Then, when duping started, there were dozens and dozens of them suddenly on the market.

You might be asking, “How did Steam support not catch on after so many skins were being duped?”.

Well, it turns out that it was because Steam support has different centres in different regions. It took a lot of time for all items to catch on to this scam. By the time they did, it was already a big deal on the market. It eventually led to a CSGO skins market crash.

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Should You Try to Dupe CSGO Items?

You should not attempt to dupe items to get free CSGO skins. Even trying to learn how to dupe CS GO skins is a waste of time and morality. Even if CSGO skins duping work and moral reasons don’t concern you, many risks come with skin duping.

For example, you could get a timed trade ban, a permanent trade ban, and other penalties. Trying to dupe even one skin can result in any of these punishments.

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How to Trade Duped CSGO Skins?

You can still trade duped CSGO skins today as normal items. That’s because they are regular skins that were created through duping. Given that this problem isn’t as active today, such skins’ prices have stabilized and you’re free to sell, buy, or trade duped CSGO items just as any other tradable skin.

Some of the best methods to do this are the following:

  • Trade your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins on the Steam market. Today, the Steam Guard
  • will protect you from scams.
  • Connect your Steam with third-party CS:GO (CS2) skin sites¬†and trade instantly there. This way, you get safer and quicker trades with significantly lower fees.

When it comes to selling or buying duped skins, it’s kind of hard to notice this these days. A lot of time has passed since this process was popular and all of those skins have gone deep in circulation. So, you should treat these skins just as all the rest. It doesn’t matter if they are expensive items or cheaper skins.

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Final Verdict 

Duplicating skins in CSGO is a bad idea these days. CSGO duped skins aren’t as easy to create and you’d be quickly banned from Steam and CS GO. If you want to safely play CS GO, how to duplicate skins should be the last question you need to ask. Hopefully,¬†this guide was able to clear this up before you went and attempted something stupid.