Counter Strike: Global Offensive has many different weapon skins, many of them worth a lot of money. The most expensive skins in the game have always been the CSGO knives. These CSGO skins are super rare, and are often worth well over $1000.

If you have a CSGO knife in your Steam account inventory, it’s probably worth some really good money. However, if you want to trade skins and get the most money for your knife, you have to first learn a couple of things. Here’s everything that you need to know about Counter Strike knife trading and how to buy skins for CS 2 for the best prices.

What Are CSGO Knives?

Knife skins are obtainable from almost all Weapon cases in the game. Each case has a low chance to drop a covert knife skin that can be used by both teams. Because knife skins are so rare and there’s quite a large number of them, obtaining a specific knife skin through opening cases is very difficult. The Steam community market prices reflect that, with almost all skins being worth at least $100, and many of them easily crossing the $1000 barrier. If you’re trying to sell CS:GO (CS2) skins, knives are your best bet at making money.

Knife skins don’t give you any in-game advantage, other than a visual change. Still, some of them, like the Shadow knife can completely change the attack animation, as well as the knife model. Each knife skin comes with special pull-out and attack animations. Each stabbing and slicing animation will look different from the default knife.

Although you can get knife skins as rare items from weapon cases, getting a knife this way requires extreme luck. Most players who get a new knife, do so mainly by buying it or trading it with other players. Everyone wants to have a knife skin of their own, and many CSGO skins collectors want to get their hands on as many knives as possible. This means that if you want to sell your CSGO knife skins, you can easily find someone interested in buying them.

How To Sell CSGO Knife Skins?

If you’ve got a knife skin in your CSGO inventory, finding a good trade offer won’t be difficult. Many CS GO players are interested in trading knife skins, but if you want to sell your CSGO knife with the most profit, there are a couple of details that you have to watch out for.

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Most importantly, you shouldn’t be selling CSGO skins that cost more than $100 on the Steam community market. First of all, Valve’s business model states that they take a significant cut of every transaction dome on the market. While this isn’t such a bad thing when trading cheaper skins, all knives are generally expensive, and in the process, Steam takes a large cut of the final sum for themselves. This means that to trade skins you would either have to demand a smaller price or hope that a buyer will also cover the Steam tax.

In addition, when you trade skins or any other items on the Steam community market, you don’t receive a payout in cash, only in Steam wallet funds. These funds can’t be cashed out, and you can only spend them in the Steam store. If you want to turn Steam wallet funds into real money, you have to purchase CD keys, and later trade those CD keys to other players. This can take some time and is a completely unreliable method when trying to cash out larger sums.

Best Trading Sites to Sell Your CSGO Knife

If you want to get the most money that you can for your CSGO knife, you will have to use third-party trading sites. This way you can avoid any hidden fees, get the best offer for your items and quickly sell your CSGO skins. Some websites even offer free CS:GO (CS2) skins Two websites, that you should check if you want to sell your knife are:


Skincashier is a great method for Steam users to quickly cash out their inventory. When you use this site to sell your CSGO skins, you can be sure you’ll always get the best prices possible and your cash as soon as you finalize the transaction. One of the best features of Skincashier, is that you can choose many different pay-out options. You can receive your money via a standard bank transfer, but you can choose many different options, such as Paypal funds, store credit and even cryptocurrencies. The website is very straightforward, simply log-in with your Steam account, select the skins that you want to sell, choose the payout method, and finalize your transaction. Skincashier is a great way to quickly sell your CSGO knife and get the most that you can out of that rare skin.

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If you want to trade knife skins to other players, you still should avoid the Steam community market. Selling skins to players can often take more time, but you can also get a better price for your skin this way. If you’re looking for trade offers for your CSGO knife, OPmarket is the best website that you can try. This third-party marketplace helps connect buyers with sellers, and will allow you to score the best deal on your CSGO knife. While using OPmarket there’s also no chance of you getting scammed out of your CSGO knife, so if you want to make money by selling skins to other players, OPmarket is the best way to do that.

In Conclusion

Selling CSGO knives can often mean dealing with a lot of money. If you understand how to sell your knife for the best prices, you can easily make some serious cash. Try trading your CSGO knife at one of the websites mentioned in this article and enjoy your payout.