At some point, you’ve probably tried practicing the game in a custom game lobby by yourself. It’s good to practice the game once in a while with bots, as this lets you test out various CS2 pro settings or tactics, that you would never try in a normal game, without getting flamed by angry teammates.

The best part of practicing with bots in custom lobbies, is that they don’t get mad if you screw up in the game. Matter of fact, they don’t even mind, if you use some CS2 cheats. Many people are unaware, but in CS2 you can use various console commands in custom lobbies to modify the game to your liking.

These commands allow you to stop the timer, kill all players or win the round instantly, but perhaps the most useful one is give weapon command. In this article you will learn how to use the give command and what are the individual commands for every weapon.

How To Enable Console Commands?

Before you try playing around with the give command, you must first enable developer console in the CS2 settings. With the console enabled, you will be able to bring it up in-game with the tilde (~) button. To enable the developer console commands, do the following:

  1. Go to the CS2 settings
  2. Go to the ‘Game’ tab
  3. Enable developer console

After this, you should be able to bring up the developer console in-game. While you’re in your own custom lobby, you can then bring the console up and enter the command sv_cheats 1 which enables console commands.

After this all you need to do, is us the appropriate give command. Luckily, we have prepared the list of all possible give commands in the game:

  1. give weapon_bayonet – Bayonet
  2. give weapon_butterfly – Butterfly Knife
  3. give weapon_falchion – Falchion Knife
  4. give weapon_flip – Flip Knife
  5. give weapon_gut – Gut Knife
  6. give weapon_karambit – Karambit
  7. give weapon_knife_canis – Survival Knife
  8. give weapon_knife_cord – Paracord Knife
  9. give weapon_knife_ct – CT Knife
  10. give weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife – Navaja Knife
  11. give weapon_knife_outdoor – Nomad Knife
  12. give weapon_knife_push – Shadow Dagger
  13. give weapon_knife_skeleton – Skeleton Knife
  14. give weapon_knife_stiletto – Stiletto Knife
  15. give weapon_knife_t – T Knife
  16. give weapon_knife_ursus – Ursus Knife
  17. give weapon_knife_widowmaker – Talon Knife
  18. give weapon_knifegg – Golden Knife
  19. give weapon_m9_bayonet – М9 Bayonet
  20. give weapon_survival_bowie – Bowie Knife
  21. give weapon_tactical – Huntsman Knife
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Pistol Commands CS 2

  1. give weapon_cz75a – CZ75-Auto
  2. give weapon_deagle – Desert Eagle
  3. give weapon_elite – Dual Berettas
  4. give weapon_fiveseven – Five-SeveN
  5. give weapon_glock – Glock-18
  6. give weapon_hkp2000 – P2000
  7. give weapon_p250 – P250
  8. give weapon_revolver – R8 Revolver
  9. give weapon_tec9 – Tec-9
  10. give weapon_usp_silencer – USP (Silenced)

Shotgun Commands CS2

  1. give weapon_mag7 – MAG-7
  2. give weapon_nova – Nova
  3. give weapon_sawedoff – Sawed-Off Shotgun
  4. give weapon_xm1014 – Benelli XM1014

Machine Gun Commands CS 2

  1. give weapon_m249 – M249
  2. give weapon_negev – Negev

Sniper Rifle Commands CS2

  1. give weapon_awp – AWP
  2. give weapon_g3sg1 – G3SG1
  3. give weapon_scar20 – SCAR-20
  4. give weapon_ssg08 – SSG 08

Assault Rifle Commands CS2

  1. give weapon_ak47 – AK-47
  2. give weapon_aug – AUG
  3. give weapon_famas – FAMAS
  4. give weapon_galilar – Galil Assault Rifle
  5. give weapon_m4a1_silencer – M4A1 (Silenced)
  6. give weapon_m4a4 – M4A4
  7. give weapon_sg553 – SG553 Commando

Sub-Machine Gun Commands CS2

  1. give weapon_bizon – PP-Bizon
  2. give weapon_mac10 – MAC-10
  3. give weapon_mp5sd – MP5-SD
  4. give weapon_mp7 – MP7
  5. give weapon_mp9 – MP9
  6. give weapon_p90 – P90
  7. give weapon_ump45 – UMP-45

Grenade Commands CS2

  1. give weapon_decoy – Decoy Grenade
  2. give weapon_flashbang – Flashbang Grenade
  3. give weapon_hegrenade – High Explosive Grenade
  4. give weapon_incgrenade – Incindeary Grenade
  5. give weapon_molotov – Molotov Cocktail
  6. give weapon_smokegrenade – Smoke Grenade

In Conclusion

The CS 2 console commands can really let you step up your game. With appropriate console commands, you can even modify settings, that you didn’t know were available in Counter Strike 2. Weapon commands can really help you understand the game better, and with access to every weapon code in the game, you should be able to master all the guns in no time. If you feel like you might want some extra skins for your favorite weapons, be sure to head over to Skinsmonkey, where you can trade CS2 skins for the best prices!