In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, skilled players communicate via gaming slang. Thanks to it, they can more effectively forward the messages to their teammates. 

What is interesting, CS GO gaming slang refers, among others, to the key map locations. Such locations on the Train map are widely-known as Train callouts. You need to know them if you want to get better at CS:GO.

In this guide, you will discover the most important Train callouts. Additionally, you will learn more about this map: who made it, which side it favors, and so on.

train callouts csgo

The Most Important CS:GO Train Callouts

Here are the key CS:GO Train callouts you should know when playing the game with veterans:

Train Callout Description

T Spawn

This is where the Terrorists spawn.             

CT Spawn

This is where the Counter-Terrorists spawn.          

A Main

The main path the T-side can take from T-Spawn to A-Site.

T Stairs

These are the stairs used by the T-side to get from T Spawn to B Site or perhaps B Halls.

Brown Halls

The connective corridor is between T Stairs and B Hall.


The ladder connects A Site and B Hall. This CS:GO callout also refers to the area around the ladder, including the ladder room.


A room located near Brown Halls provides an alternative way of getting to B Halls from both A Site and T Spawn.

B Halls

It is a room that leads to B Site from the T side.

B Ramp

It is the second or lower entrance to B Site.

Upper B

The entrance to B Site. It is situated the furthest from T members that come from T Spawn.


The ladder used to go from Upper B to B site.


It is the continuation area of Upper B. The T side often moves through it on its way to B Site.


It is a tiny spot situated right at the end of Catwalk. Players often stay here to get easy kills.

Bomb Train A / B

These are the two locations where the bomb can be planted.


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Other Train callouts

  • Spools
  • White (or White Train)
  • Green (or Green Train)
  • Blue (or Blue Train)
  • Yellow (or Yellow Train)
  • Red (or Red Train) A / B
  • Oil
  • Sidewalk
  • Z Connector
  • CT Stairs
  • A1 / A2 / A3
  • CT Tunnel
  • Ivy
  • Dumpster
  • Alley
  • Hell
  • Kitchen
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If you know about these Train callouts, CS:GO on this map will be a bit more fun. In turn, you’ll be more successful. Train CS:GO callouts were created by the Steam Community. New Train callouts might be introduced with up-to-date gaming updates from Valve.

all train callouts

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Why Train Is Removed from CS:GO’s Active Duty Map Pool?

Even though the Train map used to be part of Counter-Strike’s active duty pool, Valve removed it temporarily because it was a bit unbalanced. Another reason why a Train map is not available for competitive matchmaking is linked to the decision to create a bit of challenge and variation.

If the same maps are played over and over, that’s not good for the professional CS:GO esport scene. Right now, the seven maps included in CS’s active duty pool are the following:

  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Dust II
  • Vertigo
  • Ancient

Notice that not only Train got removed, but also Cache. Such decisions are taken based on player input and other data owned by Valve.

What Side Is Train CS:GO?

The Train location is a CT-sided CS:GO map. The statistics and the players themselves clearly state that. For the Counter-Terrorists, it is not difficult to defend the T-side away from the bomb locations.

Of course, the Terrorists can still dominate the Counter-Terrorists on this map, but that usually happens when the T side is more skilled than the CT side. Given perfectly equal lineups in terms of skill and experience, the Counter-Terrorists will win around 54% of the time.

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With very little utility, key entrances can be smoked or Molotov and the remaining options force the T side to take huge risks.

It often results in crucial rounds being lost. In Counter-Strike, even a few rounds lost due to a minor map imbalance can result in a map loss. And when you add all the data and analyze it, the statistics speak for themselves.

Who Made Train CS:GO Map?

The Train CS GO is a gaming element of the popular shooter of Valve Corporation. And its expected location is somewhere in Russia. The theme of this map speaks for itself. You might notice there are multiple trains on it. On top of that, the surrounding looks industrial. The Terrorists on this map are named the Balkans, while the Counter-Terrorists are named SEAL Team 6.

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new train callouts in csgo

Other than that, this is a standard map that uses the bomb defusal scenario or game mode. The rain map is quite old in CS:GO. But it has been improved a few times to make it not only better looking and better suited for professional tournaments.

At the moment, as was mentioned before, it is not used in competitions. But it’s likely to make a return in the coming years. When it does, the CS Train callouts might change because of the Valve decision.

Final Verdict – All Train Callouts in 2022

The Train map is a funny CS:GO map to play. But to be successful on it, you need to understand at least the basic Train callouts. Otherwise, you will not understand what your teammates are trying to tell you. And, as a result, you won’t be able to convey what you know in return. And if you want to have the best skins to impress your opponents on Train, be sure to go to SkinsMonkey, where you can always trade CSGO skins for the best prices!