Learning about CSGO roles and understanding them will eventually help you become a great CSGO player. Why? Because CSGO roles are what make a team work together in perfect harmony.

There are five main CSGO team roles. This guide will focus on getting CSGO roles explained. In the end, you’ll know exactly which roles in CS:GO fit you and how you need to adapt to other roles as well.

What Is the Most Important Role in CSGO?

The most worthwhile, but also the riskiest, role in CSGO is the Entry Fragger. The Entry Fragger and their actions can help determine so much for each match in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Additionally, this role must be prepared to get killed at the cost of diving in first and taking out as many enemies as they can while gathering crucial information for their team.

throwing grenade in csgo

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1. Entry Fragger

As mentioned before, the Entry Fragger is one of the most critical roles in CS:GO that also requires highly advanced skills. The Entry Fragger’s job is to make first contact with the enemy team and take out as many of them as they can. This is an important role when it comes to entering a bomb site or other critical areas.

Ideally, a good Entry Fragger must have quick reflexes and amazing aim. This is definitely one of those CS GO roles that cannot be played by just about anyone.

2. Support

A Support player in CSGO is someone who takes advantage of utility items like flashes and smokes to provide support for their Entry Fragger and other players as well. A Support role is also just as crucial as any other role. Support players understand that it is not their job to focus on kills but to cover and keep their teammates alive.

If you want to play support in CSGO, you should avoid trying to trade kills. You must be very team-oriented and also master nade throws and positions.

3. In-Game Leader (IGL)

Out of all the CSGO player roles, becoming an In-Game Leader is probably the hardest. This is because it takes so much to prove yourself as a leader.

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Unlike other roles in Counter-Strike Global Offensive such as a Support player, a good In-Game Leader must be excellent at just about anything, not just shooting or throwing grenades.

A team leader in CSGO calls all the shots. They make the decisions. In order to do this, you must master everything about the game, be calm, and always strive to make the smartest decision in any situation.

csgo roles

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4. AWPer

To put it simply, the AWPer role in CSGO mainly requires you to be exceptional with an AWP. Out of all the different roles in CSGO, being an AWPer is the simplest, as it just requires you to master the technical skills and mechanics of this weapon.

However, don’t mistake this as meaning that this role is not important. You will be the one handling the long-range battles, covering your team, and making sure no one passes through any tight or long angles.

5. Lurker

A Lurker is another one of the official team roles in CSGO. It describes a player whose job is to roam around the map in search of quick pick-offs and surprise attacks on rotating players.

The main skillset a good Lurker in CSGO must have is excellent game awareness, sharp aim, and quick reactions.

Final Words

These roles are not just CSGO competitive roles. Regardless if you’re playing in a competitive community or with your friends at an internet cafe, these are the official roles that make a great team work together in the game.

A few last important tips to remember from the guide:

  • The Entry Fragger role is a high-risk but also a high-reward role as well;
  • A great In-Game Leader must have a good game sense and communication skills at a professional level;
  • The main job of a Support player is to assist teammates, not get kills;
  • A Lurker should focus on exploiting poor enemy positions and picking off isolated players;
  • An AWPer should also be excellent with a rifle.