If you are a CSGO player, then you are probably already familiar with the mystery of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive code. This bomb code number sequence has been present in the game ever since it was released.

Yet after all these years, nobody was able to figure out what the CSGO bomb code means, if anything at all. So let’s do some digging and see if we can unearth the secret of the CSGO bomb code.

Bomb Defusal Maps In CS:GO

Bomb defusal maps are a type of map in Counter-Strike that revolve around a relatively simple gameplay concept. The aim of the terrorist team is to arm an explosive device and plant it on one of the designated bomb sites. In contrast, the CTs are tasked with trying to successfully defuse the said explosive device before it goes off.

csgo bomb code ingame

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This concept was introduced to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a long time ago. Today many of the best CSGO maps follow this model.

To sum up, some of the most prominent bomb defusal maps are:

  • Dust 2
  • Inferno
  • Cobblestone
  • Nuke
  • Mirage.

What Does The CSGO Bomb Code Mean?

If you have been playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive as one of the terrorists, and you planted a bomb, then you are probably aware of the famous CSGO bomb code. During the arming of the device, the player can see that the bomb code entered by the character is 7355608. While it may seem like random numbers at first, this sequence has become known as the bomb code within the CSGO community. Many players are still wondering if there is a deeper meaning behind the bomb code.

The simple answer to this question is that we don’t actually know. This question has been present within the CSGO community for years. And while there have been numerous speculations on the meaning of the bomb code, nobody was able to get any official confirmation regarding the issue.

While there are many different opinions, and answers range from person to person, the most widely accepted theory. You can  easily find it on the internet. It is that the bomb code actually spells out tessboB in l33t. When read backward, you can read Bob”s set, which means Bomb’s Set.

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Why is Letter M Missing?

You might have noticed that a letter M is missing in the spelling mentioned above. Well if you take a close look at the bomb the next time you are playing as a terrorist, you will notice that the letter M has been engraved at the bottom right corner of the bomb itself the whole time. Thus it is completing the word “Bomb”.

This is certainly an interesting theory and it is definitely not the only easter egg that you can find in Counter-Strike. In fact, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is full of references. The easter eggs, for example, referring to Half Life and other Counter Strike games.

However, to this day, no developers or Counter Strike officials have come out to neither confirm nor deny this theory, allowing the secret meaning of the bomb code to remain a mystery.

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How To Change Bomb Code CSGO?

You might be wondering if there is a way to change the CSGO bomb code into something else. The answer is yes. There are, in fact, two ways that you can go about doing this. And while Valve doesn’t approve of tinkering and messing with the game files, both of the following methods are completely legal. What is more, they will not get your CSGO account banned.

Download existing code packs

The first option at your disposal is to simply download one of the already existing code packs. These packs are available online completely free of charge and are very simple to use. You can download code packs by using this link. Once your download is complete, go over the folders and find a code that you like. Once you have your bomb code CSGO picked out, simply open the font file, and click install. Click “Yes” to confirm the replacement of the file, and voila, you have a brand new bomb code.

Download FontForge

The second option is a bit more difficult to pull off however, it will allow the user to change the number sequence to whatever they see fit. The first thing you will need to accomplish this is to download a program called FontForge. You can do so by clicking here. Once your download is complete, install the software and then download this font file and open it via FontForge. A confirmation message will appear. Click “Yes”.

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How To Change CSGO Bomb Code?

Now you are able to change the number sequence to whatever you like by using the table in front of you. If you take a close look at the table, you will notice that each of the letters has a number corresponding to it, for example, A=A, B=B, 1=1, etc. Since the original code is 7355608, all you need to do is change these numbers to symbols that you wish your new code to be. You can easily accomplishe this by copying and pasting symbols in the correct order.

For example, if you want your code to be EXPLODE, you would copy E do 7, X to 3, and so on and so forth. Once your sequence is done, click on File and then click Generate Font. Give it a new name and click “Generate”. Congratulations, your new bomb code is ready.


In this article, we will go over some of the best CSGO bomb defusal maps as well as the details surrounding the mystery of the CSGO bomb code. We will also provide you with a detailed guide on how you can change your CSGO bomb coded to whatever you prefer. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our website, where you can even win free CS:GO (CS2) skins!