Counter Strike: Global Offensive has dominated the popularity top charts for online video games for a decade now. And although everyone loves the true and tried game of CSGO, many players would argue, that the old source engine is dated graphically, and the game’s quality doesn’t really stand when compared to other, more modern shooters.

This was all true until Valve announced that they will soon be moving CS:GO to the Source 2 engine, essentially creating a new game, dubbed Counter Strike 2 (CS2 for short). And while all of this has been a topic of rumors and myth for a long time, it all changed, when Valve released the Counter Strike 2 trailer on 22nd of March, 2o23.

With the trailer and new information, it’s pretty clear, that we will be getting a new game and an entirely new experience. And while the trailer did show some new information to the Counter Strike community, it also brought up many questions, especially regarding the status of current player inventories. The main question on everyone’s mind is will you be able to trade CS:GO (CS2) skins in the new version of the game?

What Is CS2?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been out for a long time, and the original source engine, although quite impressive, has become somewhat obsolete by now. In order to fix some of the issues caused by the old engine, Valve has decided to transfer the game to the newer, improved Source 2. If you happened to miss the trailer or the announcement, here are all the details we know so far:

The Game Will Have Improved Graphics

One of the biggest changes that is definitely coming to CSGO, is the improved graphics, that Source 2 is capable of. While CSGO graphics certainly aren’t the worst, they are not as advanced and detailed, as most modern FPS games. Although the models look good, the surroundings and various visual effects like blood or bullet holes certainly look like from a game that was created in 2013-2012. Although we don’t know too much about all the changes that Counter Strike 2 will bring, we can certainly expect upgraded graphics in the game’s future.

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Improved Matchmaking

One of the key aspects of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the competitive matchmaking, that the game offers. While players are supposed to be matched according to their individual skill levels, it’s pretty clear that this has not always worked in the best way. One of the largest issues that has been plaguing CS:GO has been smurf accounts, as well as account buyers. Although Valve has introduced various measures to prevent such players from getting an advantage, this has not always worked so well. One of the changes that we can expect in CS2 for sure, is some improvements to the game’s matchmaking.

Movement, Maps, And Shooting

CS2 will introduce a lot of refreshed content from the original CSGO, but in a refreshed format. This means that some of the most elementary aspects of the game are going to be changed significantly. While we’re not yet entirely sure what changes will be introduced to the game itself, it’s clear that Source 2 will bring an entirely new experience to the CSGO players. Expect to have to re-learn your favorite guns and all the best grenade spots.

What About CSGO Skins?

While there will be some changes to the gameplay mechanics, more players are interested in a question, which is significantly more important – what’s going to happen to all the CSGO skins within your inventory? Many players who hold skins worth a high price in their inventory were rightfully worried that they might lose some of their money in the process of changes.

While we are still in the dark about many changes introduced to the game, one thing is absolutely certain: skins in your inventory will stay the same, and most likely retain their price on the market. While there’s still no information on how older skins will look with the new graphics and gun models, we can expect no major changes. All of the skins that you currently have in CSGO will be automatically transferred to your CS2 inventory when the changes come live.

Can I Use Skinsmonkey in CS2?

To answer your questions – yes, with the new version of the game you will be able to purchase, trade and sell CS:GO (CS2) skins on Skinsmonkey and add them to your inventory like you would with CSGO. Any item that you would want for your CSGO inventory will remain available at Skinsmonkey, only in its updated CS2 form.

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The process on our website will remain the same, without any difference. All you have to do to get your favorite skins is to enable Steam trading for your account, log in with your Steam account to Skinsmonkey and start trading. Our service offers a large selection of CS skins, as well as allow you to trade-in the skins that you don’t want for other Counter Strike items and free CS:GO (CS2) skins giveaway.

When you log-in to Skinsmonkey, all you have to do is select the skins that you want from our inventory, as well as the skins that you want to trade away from yours. You can also choose to spend money from your account balance to cover the rest of the transaction. When you finalize your payment, your skins of choice will appear in your Steam inventory as soon as possible.

What Is Happening to Counter Strike 2 in September of 2023?

Despite promises by the developer that the game would be released in the summer of 2023, at the end of September the community still had no official date. Of course, the gaming scene community was teeming with speculation, and every day new rumors surfaced about when the game would finally be released.

Interestingly, on September 20, the official CS2 Twitter account (or rather, X) added a post asking everyone watching what they were doing next Wednesday. Initially, of course, it was unclear what exactly Valve had in mind when it added such a post, but there was a strong possibility that it could have been about the CS2 release.

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[UPDATED] Counter Strike 2 Is Finally Here

Finally, after a week (and several months) of waiting, Valve officially unveiled the newest version of CS, Counter Strike 2, on September 27, 2023. It is now officially time to say goodbye to Global Offensive and welcome a whole new era of gaming.

From now on, anyone can get access to Counter Strike 2 and take their inventory to a whole new level. Remember, on SkinsMonkey not only are you trading CS2 skins at the very best prices, but you can only choose from the top deals, so this is the perfect place to build your new collection.

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In Conclusion

Source 2 will definitely shock the CSGO community and introduce many significant changes to the game. And while we can expect some things about the game to change, one thing is certain – even in CS2, Skinsmonkey will remain the best place to get the cheapest CS2 skins.