Counter Strike: Global Offensive has come a long way since it was released by Valve in 2012. CSGO’s player-base has grown a lot, especially after anyone with Steam was able to play the game for free in 2018. Currently, there are approximately 800,000 players actively in the game. Although this is actually a good situation for the community, it also has some disadvantages. The most important of these are cheating, scams and toxicity.

Although players who perform such illegal actions are quickly banned, a solution to the flaming and toxicity in the game has not been found yet. As a result, no one wants to spend a game with people who constantly shout, flame, and sabotage the game. This may bother you, especially if you are a player who plays CSGO just for fun.

For this reason, you have no choice but to mute the players who disturb you and your team in the game and turn off their voices. That’s why we will tell you how to mute toxic player in CSGO for a more comfortable experience. Let’s get started with all the ways without wasting any time.

How to Block Communication in CSGO?

This method is the simplest way to mute players in Counter Strike: Global Offensive to prevent communication abuse. However, after making this setting, both the enemy team and your team will be muted in all matches you enter. You may experience some difficulties as this will limit the information you will receive from your teammates in the game. Valve generally imposes communication penalties on players who become toxic and abusive. However, this still does not provide a solution, so CSGO players are looking for different ways.

Now let’s see how to make step-by-step settings;

  • Launch CSGO on Steam and log into the game. Then continue by clicking on the “Settings” section on the main screen.
  • Click on the “Game” subheading in the upper right part of the section that appears and switch to the “Communication” section. All the settings we want are in this communication part.
  • There are 3 important settings under this section. The first of these is “Mute Enemy Team,” the second is “Mute All But Friends,” and the other is “Text Filtering.”
  • Also, Text Filtering is used to prevent spam from other players in the in game chat. In this way, text chat looks cleaner because chat messages can be annoying like voice chat.
  • However, as we mentioned at the beginning, these settings can affect your gaming experience. That’s why you should only apply the settings you need while making your selections in game. Our second method may be for you if you are looking for more specific ways to mute people in CSGO.

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Mute Players Using the Scoreboard in CSGO

If you have even a little experience in CSGO, you should know how important it is to stay in touch. Especially in ranked matches, getting information about the enemy team from your teammates can sometimes be vital. Since the above method turns off all voices in CSGO, it may negatively affect your gaming comfort. That’s why we want to talk about a simpler way to mute players in CSGO voice chat.

  • Open the scoreboard by pressing the “Tab” key while in a match.
  • When you open the Scoreboard, find the player that is bothering your team and press the “right click” of your mouse to move freely on the screen.
  • Now, after clicking the player’s nick you want to block with your mouse “Left Click,” you will see a pop up menu in game scoreboard.
  • In this menu, you can mute all the player’s voices by clicking on the “Volume” image on the right if you do not want to hear them. You can understand more clearly from the voice chat image below.
  • However, sometimes all players can be toxic instead of a single player. Therefore, although we do not recommend it, you can mute all players with one click. All you have to do is click on the “Voice” icon in the upper right part of the Scoreboard, which is opened by pressing the “Tab” key, and enable it.

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Muting with Voice Chat Console Commands in CSGO

For some people, the methods we recommend may not be practical. You may be expecting faster and easier methods. That’s why we want to talk about how you can mute the whole team with a single key and unmute it with a single key using console commands in CS GO for voice chat.

  • First, you need to open the console. You have to press ` (tilde key) for this, just below the ESC.
  • You need to use a command script in the console window that opens. If you type the following command “voice_enable 0”, everyone in the game will be muted.
  • If you want to turn the voice back on, you need to change same command “0” value to “1”.
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As you can see, it can be a little troublesome to make this setting in the game. And you can be killed by the enemy until you make these settings. For this, we will make it simpler by assigning the settings to some keys on our keyboard.

  • Open the console again by pressing the “ key.
  • Then set the volume up command to any key you want, along with the “bind c voice_enable 1” command in game.
  • To mute everyone, use the command “bind f voice_enable 0” and press enter. It’s that simple to mute a player.
  • Now you can mute any players voice in seconds by pressing any key while in CSGO.

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A Comprehensive Solution: CSGO Prime Status

As a matter of fact, no matter how many methods we count, it is getting harder and harder to achieve a smooth CSGO. No matter how much Valve takes the necessary steps, cheaters, chat spammers, and toxic players are never missing from the matches. That’s why, if you don’t know, there has been an option called CSGO Prime for a while.

Players who have purchased the game in the past automatically have a premium account, but it is possible to obtain them in different ways. On the other hand, prime account holders are only matched with each other, not with other players, aiming for a more comfortable gaming experience.

In this way, more conscious players come to your games and you start to enjoy CSGO more. If you want to have more detailed information, you can read our CSGO Prime article.


Players who play CSGO seriously and competitively sometimes want to put all their focus on the game. Now imagine a match where you are alone against 2 people. In such clutch situations, focus is important. But several players on your team turn on their microphone, being toxic, shouting, and distracting you in voice chat. Do you realize how annoying it can be? Luckily, when you enable the methods we listed, a more comfortable and focused communication environment will be created.