For most players, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is just a game they play in their free time. For many others, however, the game became a form of earning money and in some cases, even helped them start a new successful career.

If you want to make some extra money on the side, or make Counter Strike: Global Offensive your main way to earn money, there is a number of different methods, depending on what’s your goal. You can do more than just trade CS:GO skins. In this article you will learn the most lucrative ways to earn money while playing CSGO.

Is CSGO a Good Way To Earn Money?

Depending on what you want to do, there are many different methods of earning money related to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. At the moment CSGO is the most popular esports game on the market, with various online competitions attracting millions of viewers and an impressive prize pool. Likewise, there are milions of different people playing CS GO at any given time. Because of this, there are many forms of earning money on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Not all of them involve competing in proffesional esports events. With methods such as skin trading or esports betting even casual players can earn good money on CSGO.

How To Start Making Money On CSGO?

Since Counter Strike: Global Offensive is such a global phenomenon, there are a couple of different ways you can use the game’s popularity to your advantage and start earning money:

  1. Online CSGO Leagues

One of the most straightforward way of earning money on CSGO is simply by playing games. Many different gaming services offer ongoing game leagues and daily events, often with cash prizes. You can look through different formats offered and try to participate in the game modes you feel the most comfortable in. These most often involve the usual 5v5 matches, but there are also forms of one on one competition for the players looking to try their hand in solo game modes.

Although these small leagues don’t pay out a fortune, it is still an easy way to earn money playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, while at the same time letting the more casual players participate in their first esports events.

  1. Professional Esports
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For those players who find the online leagues too easy and feel like they have above average skills, there is a chance to become a professional esport athlete. Most esports enthusiasts dream of a career where they can make a living playing their favourite video game. It shouldn’t be surprising, considering that professional players can easily make more money than average person.

Participating in a big event with a significant prize pool can earn you more money than most people imagine. However, it is important to keep in mind that being a professional player is a difficult ordeal. While they get to make a living playing the most popular esports game ever, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

The best way to try and start your esports career is to participate in smaller organized events and slowly climb your way up, until you get noticed by a team or a company. If you consider yourself a skilled player, massive online competitions may be waiting for you.

  1. Esports Bets

The same as any gambling, it is difficut to say anything about the effectiveness of this method. There is definitely a large potential to earn money this way, seeing as some of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive competitions can attract very generous bettors willing to put a lot of money on the line.

The esports betting market is very volitaile, however, and it is as easy to lose as it is to earn money. If you want to start making esport bets, consider making a serious research beforehand, closely monitoring the trends and tendencies within the competition. Dedicated players can find making money with esport bets an attractive form of earning some extra income.

  1. Skins Trading

One of the main features of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the weapon customization which can be achieved by using weapon skins. The different skins for your guns can be earned by playing games, opening best CSGO cases or by buying CSGO skins from different players on the Steam market.

Trading skins is the most popular method of making money on CSGO, since you don’t have to be a skilled player to earn money on the skins market. By making smart trades you can turn a few skins that you don’t need into a gold mine. All you have to do, is just sell CSGO skins you don’t need for a quick buck.

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If you want to trade in game items for money, it is important to remember that through the Steam marketplace you can only earn funds for your steam wallet, which are only valid in the Steam store. If you want to earn money on trading skins, consider using services such as Skincashier to instantly earn cash on your in game items for money. You can even try and turn your free CSGO skins into real cash.

  1. Content Creation

Since Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular online games at the moment, creating content about CSGO which can attract viewers can be a good way to earn money on ads and partnership programs. You also don’t have to be a professional player to start making youtube videos.

There is always a market for attractive CSGO content. Videos, articles and many other forms of content are a great way of making money by attracting the audience of other players. If you can stay dedicated to content creation, you can later convert your views into income by monetizing your videos or taking part in paid partnership programs for different companies. Making money by imparting knowledge on other players through meaningful content can be both lucrative and fun.

  1. Streaming Your Gaming Sessions

If you think you have what it takes, you can try your hand at streaming yourself playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive through one of the popular online platforms. The competition is very tight, however, as CSGO has one of the biggest fan base of viewers on the most well known and used streaming service, Twitch.

Setting up a gaming stream is very easy and almost anyone can do it to show others how they play the game live. Simply sign up to one of the streaming platforms and follow the instructions.

If you’re looking to start making money on CSGO, it’s a good idea to give streaming a shot. Many of the most popular streamers make a fortune on viewer donations, streaming platforms subscriptions and partnership programs. Try streaming your game to a few friends and ask them if you might have what it takes.

  1. Coaching

Since so many people enjoy playing CS GO, there is a legitimate market for game coaches. The game even has native coaching tools, making it easy for the player who acts as a coach to navigate his team and give them instructions. Coaching other people at the game most often involves watching clips of their games and providing them with a live commentary, pointing out the mistakes and showing where is the place for improvement.

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Most players who are willing to start coaching for money advertise themselves on one of the many freelance websites such as skillshare of fiverr. There other players who are looking to improve their skills at the game can rent out the services of a coach of their choice.

Is it difficult to earn money on CSGO?

Since the fanbase of the game is so large, earning money through playing can be a difficult ordeal. If you want to make money on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the easiest way would be through skins trading. Services such as SkinsMonkey make trading in game items easy and will let you earn money on CSGO in no time.