Stickers are a favorite way for CS2 players to add a personal touch to their weapons. The new CS2 sticker update lets gamers put stickers anywhere on the gun, creating truly unique designs. If you’ve played Counter Strike before, you know an exotic sticker on your weapon is a great way to show off your style in the game, and red stickers often have a deadly look to them, that goes great with any loadout, not just on a red skin.

There are tons of different CS2 stickers out there, so you can pick the colors and designs that fit your weapon perfectly. Today, we’re going to check out the best red stickers CSGO and CS2 have to offer, and how much they cost!

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1. Sticker | Howling Dawn

M4A4 Howl is one of the best high-grade weapon skins available in CS2, and perhaps the rarest and most controversial skin in the game. The controversy surrounding M4A4 Howl eventually led to its complete removal from the game, aside from the skins that were already opened before the M4A4 Howl got removed from the game. As it turns out, a player who uploaded this skin to the workshop didn’t have the rights to the drawing of the burning wolf that’s a main feature of the skin. M4A4 Howl was promptly made unobtainable, and gamers who already owned a copy of their own had its rarity bumped up to ‘Contraband’. And while M4A4 Howl is one of the most expensive CS2 skins, often costing tens of thousands of dollars, the Sticker Howling Dream, although still quite expensive, can be a great choice, if you want to feel the luxury that comes with M4A4 Howl, without spending a fortune.

  • Price: $1546.39

2. Sticker | The Fragger

Although it features a rather simple aesthetic, The Fragger is one of the best red stickers for anyone who’s interested in showcasing their style, without standing out too much in the game. This sticker features a simple design, that’s definitely going to capture the attention of anyone who wants an upgrade to their weapon skin, but also does not want to spend tons of money on rare CS2 stickers.

  • Price: $2,100
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3. Sticker | Battle Scarred

Red is the color of danger, and there are many deadly-looking red CS2 stickers available in the game that will make your weapon look all the more dangerous. Battle Scarred is not only a play on one of the CS2 wear levels but will also make your weapon skin look like a weathered tool of war. The Battle-Scarred red CS2 sticker adds a set of scratches to your weapon, revealing three bloody gashes. While it’s not clear what animal in the CS2 universe is capable of such destruction, one thing is certain – Battle Scarred is one of the best red CS2 stickers you can get a this price tag.

  • Price: $0.84

4. Sticker | Queen of Pain

This one’s the obvious choice for all Dota 2 fans. One of the crossover items in CS2, this sticker features the titular Queen of Pain, one of the more popular Dota 2 heroes, that’s most commonly played in the middle lane. Queen of Pain is known for her insane mobility and kill potential, which combined with her sly and sardonic character certainly makes her one of the more memorable characters in the game’s universe. She’s been featured on a red CS2 sticker, and remains a popular choice among CS2 players. The sticker also hides a secret message, which can be revealed when you scratch off the sticker.

  • Price: $0.80

5. iBUYPOWER (Holo) | Katowice 2014

If you’re confused after spotting the price tag, don’t rub your eyes, you’re not mistaken. iBUYPOWER Katowice 2014 sticker is one of the most expensive CS2 stickers in the game, and possibly the most expensive red CS2 sticker you can currently get. These stickers released over ten years ago were meant to commemorate the legendary Katowice 2014 ESL tournament, one of the biggest tournaments in Counter Strike history. Ever since, the CS2 tournament stickers from Katowice 2014 demand high prices on the market. The rare holo and foil stickers from this collection are worth tons of money, and if you want a red CS2 sticker that will show other players you have bling, iBUYPOWER in the holo version is what you need.

  • Price: $60000

6. Sticker | Killjoy

The Killjoy sticker has actually been an object of controversy for some time, since a character from another online FPS, Valorant, bears the same name. This, in turn, causes people to mostly see a Valorant sticker with the same name, instead of the popular red CS2 sticker, that has been in common use by players for a long time now. This awesome red skin sends a simple message with its writing ‘KILL-JOY’ and the black background makes it a great sticker to combine together with the best black CS2 skins.

  • Price: $1.02
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7. Sticker | Combine Helmet

The Combine Helmet sticker is another crossover item, this time referencing the classic Valve game series, Half-Life. In the game, The Combine are an evil alien race, native to the world of Xen, that invaded the planet and subjected Earth’s citizen to their control. Their ground forces are mostly made up of Combine soldiers, bio-mechanical monsters that enforce Combine law on Earth. The Combine Helmet sticker actually offers a look into a cross-section of what a Combine helmet might look inside, revealing its creepy contents in a form of red skull. Perfect to go with some of the best CS2 Halloween skins.

  • Price: $0.11

8. Sticker | Blood Boiler

We’re closing off our list with a skin that references a well-known spot on the Inferno map, where many rounds are often decided in a quick and bloody exchange of fire between the two teams. The boiler is a popular spot for advanced flashbang use, and a skilled player can use the Inferno’s height and open structure to their advantage. You can buy this skin for around a dollar, so it’s a great way to show your dedication to your favorite map!

  • Price: $1.06

Summing Up

Here are, according to us, the best red stickers you can get in CS2 today. If you enjoyed this guide, make sure to check out the rest of the SkinsMonkey website, where we regularly offer more guides, tips, and even giveaways, where you can win real free CS2 skins!