Economy plays an important part in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Knowing when and what to buy gives you an insane advantage over the enemy team and allows you to be more effective in every round of the match.

There are many different guns and grenades in CSGO, and there’s also additional armor, riot shields and many other items you can get in the buy menu. Each of these items has its own individual price, and understanding this can help you plan your spending accordingly and stay one step ahead of the competition, even if you’re losing. Here’s a list of all the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon prices.

  1. Tec-9 – $500

Tec-9 is one of the signature guns used by the Terrorists, and it also happens to be one of the best weapons you can purchase early on. This weapon is often bought by many players in the first round of the game, as it’s one of the best pistols in the game. Tec-9 is great at long range where it can be used to take headshots with small potshots, but it’s also useful at close range where a skilled player can easily score kills by spraying. Tec-9 is also relatively cheap, while at the same time providing you with a nice bonus of $300 for every kill. This means that if you can take out two opponents with this weapon, it will immediately return its investment. As you can see, it’s one of the best t-side weapons you can get your hands on.

  1. AK-47 – $2700

Considered by many players to be the best gun in the Counter-Strike series, the AK-47 is an insanely versatile weapon, useful in virtually any scenario. The most popular rifle in the game by far, AK-47 allows you to fire highly accurate shots at a distance, or spray bullets up close to mow down enemies. While you should generally buy an AK-47 every round you can keep in mind that with the $2700 price tag, you will need to spend quite a lot of cash. You should also watch out for dropping this gun, since if you do it will leave your opponents with quite a powerful weapon for free. Still, it’s one of the best rifles in the game, so getting your hands on it can greatly improve your performance. Just make sure not to lose it.

  1. Five-SeveN – $500

One of the best pistols in the game, this CT weapon generally surpasses any other weapons from the same class available to the terrorists, for multiple reasons. For one, Five-SeveN has a greatly forgiving recoil, making it a great choice for fights at a distance where you need some extra accuracy, as well as up close. However, it’s the close range where Five-SeveN really shines. One of the most important features of this pistol is its very large magazine, able to store even up to 20 rounds, which can be fired very quickly without losing out on accuracy. Although at the $500 mark, it’s not the cheapest weapon, it’s also a great replacement for the USP-S, if you feel like you can score some kills early on.

  1. MAG-7 – $1300

If you find yourself lacking the money needed to get a rifle, the CT team can always opt for getting a MAG-7. At a measly $1300, this gun offers an insanely powerful punch for such a low price. In fact, MAG-7 has one of the best armor penetrations in the game and is capable of killing a fully armored target in a single hit, provided that all the bullets hit your target. Like other shotguns, MAG-7 isn’t perfect for every map and needs enclosed spaces and corners to be effective. Still, the weapon offers a whooping $900 kill reward, meaning that you can almost get a thousand dollars in a single shot. Still, it’s important to remember that the gun also has a very slow reload time as well as a large recoil, meaning that it’s a high risk – high reward weapon, and if you don’t get your enemy in a single shot, chances are they’ll easily retaliate and take you out instead.

  1. P90 – $2350

Although not commonly used by pros in high-level matches due to its relatively high cost, the P90 is still one of the best machine guns you can get for rushing and fighting up close. Holding 50 rounds in every magazine, the P90 is a great gun if you want to pray and spray. While it fires the rounds at a great speed. they are also not very accurate and have a tendency to spread out around your crosshair. Still, since it can fire very fast it’s not that difficult to score a headshot or two with this gun. If you know your team is rushing a bombsite this round, the P90 can be a cheaper alternative to the popular AK-47.

  1. AWP – $4750

Closing off this list is one of the most signature guns ever released in the game, the AWP was introduced in the previous versions of the game and remained a staple to this day, even in CS GO. Loved by many players and coming with a collection of some of the most expensive skins in CSGO history, the AWP is a great choice of a rifle if you want to show off your skill to other players. A skilled AWP player can quickly eliminate players on the other team, since the AWP lets you kill your enemies from another end of the map. As soon as someone comes into your crosshair you can simply pull the trigger to take them out with a single shot. Most players will tell you that the AWP is easily the best gun in CSGO, which can also be one of its main problems. So many players love this gun that they rush to purchase it as soon as they can when the round starts. Before buying another expensive AWP for your team, make sure you don’t have enough of them.

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To Sum Up

Here are the best weapons available in the current patch in CSGO. Planning your purchases accordingly is an important part of winning competitive matches. If you need more CSGO guides, be sure to check out the Skinsmonkey blog for some extra CSGO knowledge and free CS:GO (CS2) skins giveaways.

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