CS:GO Grenades, also known as nades by the CSGO community, are one of the most important game mechanics in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Nades are a key element of CS GO tactics, and the team that knows how to use grenades on the map will always have the advantage and will easily outplay their opponents.

While bots might not mind you not using grenades, if you want to reach higher ranks like Global Elite, the only way to do this is to understand how grenades work in the game. Here’s a brief CSGO nade guide.

What Are The CSGO Nades?

Grenades are items that have their own slot in your inventory and like guns, can be purchased at the start of every round. The four different grenades with their prices are:

  • HE Grenade – $300
  • Smoke Grenade – $300
  • Flashbang – $200
  • Molotov/Incendiary Grenade – $600
  • Decoy – $50

In total, you can have 4 grenades in your inventory at any given time. You can carry 2 flashbangs and 1 type of every other grenade with you.

HE Grenade

HE Grenade, which is short for high explosive grenade, is the most classic grenade that you can get and it has one simple use – explodes when thrown. The damage depends on how close your target was to the explosion and where the grenade landed, but the maximum damage to unarmored targets is 98 points, while armored targets take only 57 damage.

HE grenade is the simplest one to use, in addition, you can throw it to bounce off the walls and reach more difficult targets. There isn’t a whole lot to write about this grenade, since it simply deals damage to your target. HE grenades are great for smoking out damaged enemies who might be camping, as a grenade falling right under them will definitely force them to at least move out of their hiding.

Smoke Grenade

Smokes are one of the most important elements of the game and knowing where to place a smoke grenade on the map can completely change the game. Smoke grenades create a cloud, which obscures the view for both players and individual smokes can have a great effect on your team’s strategy.

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There are many different uses for smokes in the game. Defensively, they can be used to block the Terrorist team from advancing. Dropping a smoke in a corridor that they need to take to advance to the bombsite can greatly hinder their advance, as they will either have to wait out the smoke, rotate or rush in blindly. In all cases, this gives your team a huge advantage. Also, smoke grenades can be used to put out molotovs and incendiary grenades.

On the Terrorist team, you can also use smokes to help you attack the bombsites. A smoke grenade can effectively obscure the view of the CT team, preventing them from noticing where your team is going. Just remember to throw your smokes accurately, as missing and dropping a smoke on your team can cost you the round.


Flashbang is a cheap grenade that is often bought even during eco rounds, due to its versatility. When you a throw a flashbang, anyone caught in it’s range will be completely blinded for a 1.5 second. This might not seem long, but it’s enough to rush in and take the enemy by a surprise. Flashbangs are a great method to counter defensive smokes, since a successful flash will allow you to rush in safely, and in some cases force the enemy team to retreat or shift positions.

Flashbangs are super tricky, since they blind everyone who is caught in their range, whether it’s the enemy or your team. This means that if you mess up a flashbang, you can instead blind your team and give your opponents a free hand to run in and kill all of you.

While risky, it’s a good idea to carry at least one flashbang with you, no matter which team you’re on. Flashbangs are useful at every moment of the match, whether you’re trying to enter a bombsite or defending in a 1v1 situation.

Molotov/Incendiary Grenade

Flame grenades in CSGO come in two different variations, Molotov for the Terrorist team and the Incendiary Grenade for the CT team. Although they might have small differences, both have the same intended effect. When you throw a flame grenade it creates a small patch of fire for 7 seconds, which deals increasing damage to anyone who walks into it.

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Although they have the same effect, there are small differences between the Terrorist and CT nades. Molotovs deal a little bit more damage to the armored targets, meaning that they are more effective for blocking passage of your enemies. The incendiary grenade, however, can afford more bounces before it explodes into fire, making it slightly easier to reach more difficult positions.

Flame grenades are the most expensive of all CSGO nades, so you have to think through the decision to buy one. Wasting a flame grenade can seriously put you behind and make it harder for you to bounce back in later rounds.


Decoy, the cheapest of all nades, isn’t exactly a grenade, since it doesn’t explode or cause any damage. Instead, decoy allows for tactical plays, as it will make it appear on your enemy’s map as if there was a player standing in its location.

Decoys are a great purchase for any round, since they are so cheap, and allow you to pull off a huge number of strategic plays. A skilled Counter Strike player can easily use a decoy to outplay their opponents. All you need to do, is drop the decoy at one of the entries that you’re not taking, and surprise the enemy team from the back.

To Sum Up

Grenades are a super important part of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and understanding how they work and when to use them is a key to success. Check out the rest of our blog for more CSGO tips, best deals and efen free CS:GO skins.