Still looking for the perfect class in Team Fortress? We’ve got you covered! To give you a full spectrum of all the different abilities and items each character in the game provides, today we’re bringing you a full list of our favorite TF2 scout weapons. Read this article and find out what kind of crazy machines this mad Boston native can use.

Why Is Scout One of the Best TF2 Classes?

Before we get to the Scout’s best weapons in Team Fortress 2, let’s give a brief overview of this character. After all, some of you may not have had the opportunity to meet him yet.

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Scout is known for two things: being from Boston, Massachusetts, and being the fastest

character in Team Fortress 2. It’s hard to say which is more important, but what is certain is that if you choose this class, you have the potential to become many players’ worst nightmare. Why? Well, although it may not look like it, the Scout is actually part of the Offensive category, which makes him often take the initiative during gameplay. That is because his incredible speed makes him a difficult target for enemies, and also gives him the ability to easily complete objectives. In fact, there is no better character for tasks such as capture the flag or taking over intelligence briefcases.

The most important thing to remember when playing Scout is to always be on the move. This is because while he provides an incredible 133% speed boost, he is also very vulnerable to damage. In fact, his health is only 125, making him one of the weakest characters in Team Fortress 2. But if you always keep going forward, your enemies won’t even be able to take advantage of it.


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What Are the Best Scout’s Weapons in Team Fortress 2?

Although even just on his own, the Scout is still a great character, it’s always good to be aware of all the gadgets that can make your experience even more fun. That is why we’re bringing to you an overwiev of our favorite weapons for this character. Take a look at them and decide for yourself if they’re worth a try.

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Best Melee Weapon

First, let’s start with melee weapons, because while we’re well aware that usually TF2 players avoid any kind of melee combat, it’s always good to have options. You never know, you might find that you’re a fan of close-range combat.


The Sandman may look like an ordinary baseball bat, but if you actually try it out, you’ll find that it’s much more than that. In fact, it provides one of the best features added to any Scout weapon, namely, it fires a special ball that is able to slow down enemies by 1-7 seconds, depending on the distance. And believe us, if you’re the fastest person on the map, slowing others down even more is not only very useful for you, but also extremely annoying for them. And while the weapon itself doesn’t do much damage, it can allow you to easily escape from a heated situation. As for the bullet, it recharges in about 10 seconds or you can pick it up from the ground after firing.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane looks like a typical seasonal item that was added as part of some holiday promotion. Well, to everyone’s surprise, it is actually a pretty good craftable item that is capable of greatly improving your offensive play. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t necessarily provide massive damage. It does, however, provide a small packet of health every time the player kills an enemy. Interestingly, you don’t even have to use this particular weapon at the time. Regardless of the object you use, Candy Cane will reward you as long as it is equipped. As a result, this is a great item for anyone concerned about the Scout’s low health.

Best Primary Weapon

For many people, the primary weapon is the most important, as it is usually the one you will use most often during a match. In fact, we agree, which is why we think choosing the best weapon is crucial. Here are two of our favorite primary weapons for the Scout.

Force-A-Nature is a fairly well-known weapon of Scouts in the Team Fortress 2 world, as almost all players choose it when playing this class. And this is not without reason. In fact, this shotgun provides a number of useful abilities that can greatly increase a team’s chances of victory. For example, it offers 50% more fire rate and 20% more bullets per shot. But most importantly, as soon as it hits someone, it imposes a recoil effect that knocks enemies back and you in the opposite direction. This allows you to easily escape difficult situations and continue your quest for victory.

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Soda Popper

The Soda Popper not only has a funny name, but is itself a very fun object. Why? Well, it provides a 42% increase in fire rate and a 25% increase in reload speed, but that’s not what’s most important about it. The thing that really makes it fun is its ability to put up a special HUD (heads-up display) when equipped. It shows how much “hype” you’ve accumulated during the game. As soon as you’ve dealt about 350 points of damage, you’ll be able to activate Hype mode, which allows 5 additional airborne jumps. It will remain activated for about 8 seconds.

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Best Secondary Weapon

While we have so far emphasized the importance of primary weapons and the usefulness of melee weapons, it is also important to remember the importance of secondary weapons. Especially in the case of the TF Scout, which provides some very fun choices.

Mad Milk

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Team Fortress 2 is not a game that takes itself too seriously, hence players can use items such as Crit-a-Cola, Atomic Punch Bonk, and even…. Mad Milk! In fact, this unsavory dairy drink is one of the most interesting weapons available in the game. First, you can help your teammates by pouring it on their wounds after setting them on fire and restoring 60% of the damage inflicted on them. Second, you can also use it to put out fire on all your allies. And finally, third, it allows you to partially expose the cloak of enemy spies. Need we say more? Mad Milk may seem ridiculous, but in fact most Scout players swear by it.


This can of cola isn’t necessarily as impressive as Mad Milk, but it can still often come in handy during combat. That’s because while it may look like an ordinary soda drink, it actually acts as a very useful damage amplifier when equipped. In fact, anyone who uses it can count on guaranteed mini-crit hits. Sadly, the effect does come at a price of a 5-second Marked-For-Death debuff, but all in all, we still think it’s worth a try. Especially when you consider that it takes about 8 seconds for it to disappear, which in the Team Fortress 2 world is basically an eternity. Therefore, even this limited ability to deal mini-crit damage can actually make or break your game.

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As you can see, the Scout provides an array of amazing weapons that can significantly improve your gameplay, as long as you use them correctly. If you’re struggling to find the best strategy for this particular class, make sure to check out our list and familiarize yourself with all the different gadgets. You never know, the Scout may quickly turn out to be the perfect TF2 character for you.