TF2 is an amazing game with truly mind-blowing visuals. Beautifully designed maps combined with great-looking characters is a mix that has made countless players fall in love with it. Whether you’re interested in the comedic aspect or the intense gameplay, there’s no denying that Team Fortress 2 is a pleasure to watch.

What’s more, its creators are constantly adding tons of new items to make it even more fun and keep you interested, no matter how much you’ve been playing it. The customization options are truly enormous, which is why today we’re going to touch on TF2 War Paints.

What Are War Paints?

War paints are special items available exclusively in Team Fortress 2 that can be accessed through the equipment menu. They come in a variety of patterns and colors and can be applied to any compatible weapon in the game. As a result, entirely new items are created that feature the pattern contained in a particular war paint. Most of them come in Decorated quality (due to their cosmetic function), but some are of Strange or Unusual quality.

How Long Have War Paints Been Available in TF2?

War paints have been available in Team Fortress 2 since the Jungle Inferno update, which was introduced in October 2017. They replaced cosmetic weapon skins, as well as weapon drops and weapon cases.

In TF 2, to obtain war paints, you either have to get a case and open it with a special key, or simply buy it on the Steam Community Market, third-party sites such as SkinsMonkey or community servers.

How Many War Paints Collections Were There?

Similar to CS:GO skins, war paint are part of specific collections, which usually include about 10 items.

To date, Team Fortress has released 14 different collections and they were:

  • Jungle Jackpot Collection
  • Infernal Reward Collection
  • Decorated War Hero Collection
  • Contract Campaigner Collection
  • Saxton Select Collection
  • Mann Co. Events Collection
  • Winter 2017 Collection
  • Scream Fortress X Collection
  • Winter 2019 Collection
  • Scream Fortress XII Collection
  • Winter 2020 Collection
  • Scream Fortress XIII Collection
  • Scream Fortress XIV Collection
  • Summer 2023 Collection

What Are the Most Popular War Paints?

While it’s impossible to pick one best tf2 war paint, as it depends entirely on taste, we can point out a few that are beloved by the vast majority of the gaming community. If you choose to equip any of them, you can be sure that both your teammates and opponents will respect you.

  1. Dragon Slayer

Collection: Saxton Select

  1. Frozen Aurora

Collection: Winter 2020 Collection

  1. Leopard Printed

Collection: Jungle Jackpot

  1. Jazzy

Collection: Winter 2017

  1. Miami Element

Collection: Winter 2017

  1. Yeti Coated

Collection: Jungle Jackpot

  1. Metalized Soul

Collection: Scream Fortress XIV Collection

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As you can see, there are plenty of different war paints available in the game, and every player is sure to find something to his liking. Thanks to the fact that they can be applied to different types of weapons, it’s hard to get two of the same kind of equipment. Buy your favorite war paints today and create your unique loadout in Team Fortress 2.