Rust is a competitive and multiplayer, tough survival game. It was released in 2013. The game offers more fun and detailed gameplay than most games of the same genre. It might take additional effort to figure out Rust’s dynamics and progress in the game. New players, who suddenly find themselves alone and naked in the wilderness, wonder, “How to play the Rust game?”


If you’ve just stepped into the world of Rust game, you’re probably looking for a Rust Tips tutorial. For a beginner to the wild world of Rust, Rust tips and tricks are the keys to survival. That’s why we’ve prepared the Rust beginners guide.

How To Start Playing Rust?

Rust is both an enjoyable and challenging game.

When you first come to the Rust, you are naked and only have one Rock. You have responsibilities like gathering wood, crafting more valuable items, finding enough food, and surviving while dodging other players’ attacks.

Don’t be scared right away; it won’t be hard to do once you follow the Rust tips.

Essential Rust Tips & Tricks for New Players

Rust tips in our guide will walk you in your first steps to avoid painful mistakes and have more enjoyable hours in the world of Rust. Although it may be difficult to play solo, you can make it easy by following the tips in Rust. 

Follow the below mentioned Rust Tips to master your skills in the game.

Rust Tip 1: Choose The Server That Suits You

The first of the Rust tips is about the battlefield servers. When you first start the Rust game, you should choose a server. The first error that beginner players make is to join official servers that are overcrowded.

rust survival games list

Usually, many players prefer to play highly populated official servers. For this reason, other players can kill a beginner many times while a player has not yet figured out the game’s dynamics.

You need some time to understand how to play. For a new player, it’s a better idea to choose a beginner-friendly server. You don’t want to be a meal for experienced players when you’re just getting started.

Rust Tip 2: Don’t Farm Any More Than You Need

Over-farming is the most prevalent error made by new players in Rust. Gathering resources may be tempting at first. This idea is not very safe. By farming enough resources at the early game and bringing them to your base, you can lessen the danger of losing all of your savings.

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Rust Tip 3: Hit The Right Target While Farming Wood And Stone

While progressing, you need to farm wood and stones by hitting trees and large boulders with the Rock (starter tool). Having only Rock makes you feel exhausted. However, you must farm wood and stone with Rock to make your first special tools – Hatchet and Pickaxe.

To farm most yield from wood, take your aim and hit the X on the trees. While breaking the large boulder, you need to aim for the spark on it. You can get more wood and stones per hit by choosing the right target.

Rust Tip 4: You Need Hatchet And Pickaxe To Gather Resources Fast

Valuable tools of the early game, the Hatchet and Pickaxe are required to take the quick! What can you do with them?

  • You can get wood faster with a Hatchet. It’s also one of the good weapons for looting animals and inexperienced players.
  • You use the pickaxe to get stones first. Then it allows you to get sulfur ore and metal.

Rust Tip 5: Prioritize Gathering Wood To Build Your Base

You need wood to build your base. Now that you have the Hatchet and Pickaxe, you can quickly gather wood.

Your priority should be to collect wood, do not waste too much time with other resources. To show how vital wood farming is, we’ve listed what you can do with it:

  • Building plan
  • Campfire
  • Walls
  • Wooden door
  • Wooden lock
  • Building foundation
  • Storage box

Tip 6: Choose The Best Location For Your First Base

The location of your base has an impact on your game success. A strong base makes you stronger. To choose the right spot for your base, you need to consider many factors. We have listed these factors for you:

  • You don’t have to travel the entire map to find your base. This situation can cause you to be looted by other players repeatedly.
  • You should choose close to areas where you can quickly gather resources.
  • Take care to choose a secret place for your base. More forests are suitable for this. As your Rust experience progresses, you may prefer areas close to the roads for your base location.
  • Deserts are dangerous, and snowy areas can add to the difficulty of keeping your guy warm.
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Rust Tip 7: Increase Security By Using Double Doors On Your Base

If an equipped player comes after you, sometimes the best thing to do is head back to your base. This is a risky route if your base is not secure enough.

To increase security on your base, you should use double doors. Build a base with at least two rooms and keep the material you collect in the last room. Thus, even if the enemy player opens the first door, they will not be able to reach your stuff.

Rust Tip 8: To Gain A Respawn Point, Make A Sleeping Bag

One of the Rust tips you will need when starting the game is sleeping bags. You will get a unique respawn point when you place it on the ground.

Having a sleeping bag early will save you the trouble of spawning at the default spawning (beach) location. So when you die, you won’t have to walk all the way again. The source you need for the sleeping bag is the cloth. So wearing multiple sleeping bags is a good idea.

sleeping bag in game

You can get a sleeping bag by using 30 cloths. You may get dozens of clothes by killing hostile animals. Also, you may gather the cloth in the stack of ten from cannabis plants.

Rust Tip 9: Increase The Base’s Protective Levels

You need an excellent stone base. So, do not stop making the walls of your building better. Take extraordinary security measures by adding deadly spikes to the roof.

Also, our starting guide for beginner players recommends getting:

  • Tool Cupboard: Get this to better protect your stashed material.
  • Two Key Locks: Two key locks are required for your doors and the Tool Cupboard. This makes it harder to open doors and you can keep your tools and resources safer.

Rust Tip 10: Your Base Should Be Freshened Up

In the Rust world, buildings don’t last forever. You must take care of your base so that it does not rot.

Put some of your stacked building materials in your cupboard and upkeep your building. As your base is bigger, it needs more upkeep.

Rust Tip 11: You Have To Be Careful With Radiation

You must explore abandoned sites to gather more valuable materials. Exploring around here is usually fun, but it also comes with risks. Abandoned sites are often radioactive and you must get protective clothing to survive.

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Players usually wear hazmat suits to provide radiation protection. If you can find one hazmat suit in the early game, you can do research by making blueprints from the research table.

Rust Tip 12: To Survive, Craft Weapons

Rust has a brutal world where you can go wild. Players hunt each other for the loot. You need to be prepared for attacks. To be better prepared for attacks, get:

  1. Wooden Spear: The first weapon you need for hunting. You can hunt your enemies by throwing them but other players can take them and run away or throw them back at you. Therefore,you should be careful.
  2. Hunting Bow: Hunting Bow is an effective weapon, but you need more resources to get it. The Hunting Bow is perfect for your ranged attacks.
  3. Bone Knife: You will need to chop up your corpses. The Bone Knife is just for that! After hunting your first animal, craft a bone knife.

Rust Tip 13: Farm The Barrels And Crates

You have to be a little brave to get the most useful items in the Rust game. You may need to gain some experience to loot Barrels and Crates. Once you have enough equipment and knowledge, start looting them to get valuable materials.

Look for Barrels and Crates on the side of roads or in the ocean. Watch out for hiding places to make sure your enemies aren’t ambushing.

Rust Tip 14: You Shouldn’t Light A Torch At Night

Walking around at night with a torch is like advertising to other players. The torch you light at night can make you the target of enemies. You shouldn’t light a torch at night unless you have to. If you have to, make sure to burn it away from your base.

tears open at night

In addition, pay attention to cooking your meals during the day. Because daylight is safer. So, It should be your routine to check your food stocks before night.

Rust Tip 15: Be A Daring Adventurer

The final Rust tip in our beginner’s guide asks you to be brave. After meeting your basic needs, explore the Rust universe! Don’t forget to get stuff while exploring. Be ready for unpredictable situations such as fighting and hunting during exploration.