Do you want to die less in Rust? If your answer is yes, the best piece of clothing you can wear is something that offers protection from all dangers in one suit. Hazmat means hazardous materials, making the Rust Hazmat Suit the perfect clothing choice. So, prepare yourself and your Rust nudity character for the search to find your first Rust Hazmat Suit.

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What is the Hazmat Suit Used for in Rust?

The purpose of the Hazmat Suit is to provide radiation protection. It is essential while you’re raiding areas with high radiation levels. However, this one-piece clothing set offers more. It also protects against melee attacks, ranged damage, explosions, cold weather, and bites. It’s a clothing item that provides all types of protection in one.

And that’s not all. If you wear a Hazmat Suit, the deadly¬†Patrol Helicopter¬†won’t notice you. Just make sure you’re not carrying high-tier weapons in your hot bar.

The main downside with the Rust Hazmat suits is that they are noticeable from afar. Due to this, you can be an easy target for just about anyone you come across. So, be on your guard at all times!

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Is Hazmat Suit Rare?

The Rust Hazmat Suit is not as rare as many players believe. You will often find various players running around with a few Hazmat Suits in their Steam inventory. Plus, all scientists wear them. So if you have decent weapons, you can snatch one, 

The only time a Hazmat Suit will seem rare to you is at the start of the game. This item is expensive to research and craft. For this reason, players rarely take the time and resources to craft their own Hazmat Suit in Rust. It is much more reasonable to buy a couple of Rust Hazmat Suit skins at SkinsMonkey. And get even more fun online.

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How Do You Get Hazmat Suits in Rust?

There are dozens of ways to get a Hazmat suit. You just have to know where to look. The highest chance to get a Hazmat Suit comes from the Crate and the Underwater Lab Blue Crate, both offering 4%. Any other object has a lower probability.

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In any case, here are all the ways you’ll be able to get this suit, ranked by the drop chance each method offers.

Looting Rads

  • Crate – 4%
  • Underwater Lab Blue Crate – 4%
  • Military Tunnel Scientist – 3%
  • Treasure Box – 2%
  • Excavator Scientist – 2%
  • Military Base Scientist – 2%
  • Oil Rig Scientist – 2%
  • Patrol Scientist – 2%
  • Arctic Scientist – 2%
  • Cargo Shit Scientist – 2%
  • Locked Crate – 2%
  • Tunnel Dweller – 2%
  • Underwater Dweller – 2%
  • Elite Tier Crate – 1%
  • Roaming Scientist – 1%
  • Underwater Lab Elite Crate – 1%
  • Underwater Lab Yellow Crate – 1%
  • Military Crate – 0.5%
  • Heavy Scientist – 0.08%

Taking It From Other Players

If you’re a great shot and if you already have some decent weapons on you, the best way to get a Hazmat Suit in Rust is to steal it from another player. You simply kill the player and loot them. Most of the time well-geared players will have more than one Hazmat Suit in their inventory.

Crafting Your Own Hazmat Suit

If you’re wondering how to make a Hazmat Suit in Rust, here are all the resources you will require.


  • Hazmat Suit Blueprint
  • Sewing Kit Blueprint
how do you find hazmat suits on rust


  • 5 Tarp
  • 2 Sewing Kit
  • 8 High-Quality Metal
  • 20 Cloth
  • 3 ft Rope


  • Workbench level 1
  • Workbench level 2

Keep in mind, that learning how to craft Hazmat Suit in Rust is not worth it. It takes too long to gather the ingredients, research the blueprints, and is simply too expensive. But still, if you can’t find it any other way, this is still optimal if you want protection from lethal radiation level.

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Is the Hazmat Suit the Best Armor in Rust?

It depends on the type of armor. Yes, the Hazmat Suit is one of the best Rust armor items for radiation protection. Even though other clothing items can reduce radiation damage, the Hazmat Suit makes this process much easier while protecting you from other harmful elements.

If you are curious about what type of protection the Hazmat Suit offers, here’s the full list:

  • Projectile – 30%
  • Melee – 30%
  • Bite – 8%
  • Radiation – 50%
  • Cold – 8%
  • Explosion – 5%
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Final Verdict: How Do You Find Hazmat Suits on Rust?

So, the best way to grab a Hazmat Suit in Rust is to loot the brown Crates near rad towns and roads. The second best way is to kill other players and steal their suits. However, never waste your time hitting barrels and similar objects, because they have a 0% chance of dropping Hazmat Suits. Hopefully, this guide helps you in your quest to find your first Rust Hazmat Suit.