Do not underestimate your Rust Comfort level. The comfort feature is something many other survival games don’t pay attention to. You may not believe it, but having a high Rust Comfort level is critical if you want to survive without food or water.

This guide will teach you precisely what this tricky feature is, how to ensure it’s always high, and what benefits it can offer in-game.

rust comfort

What Does Comfort Level Mean Rust?

Comfort is a buff in Rust that can help you heal faster and survive for longer without any resources. It is a weird status effect that’s not very easy to understand. In contrast to the HP, Rust does now you a clear digit health status. Comfort is not always easy to elevate or maintain.

For example, you can only increase your comfort level by standing close to a small list of items. You can see which items precisely, below.

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What Does Comfort Do in Rust?

The higher your Comfort level in Rust is, the longer you can survive without food and water. You will begin to heal rapidly if you have a high enough comfort level. Let’s explore the main benefits you get when you have an optimal Comfort level in the game.

1. Slowed Hunger

Once you are fully healed and you’ve obtained a level of Comfort that’s above 50%, it will take much longer for your Food meter to drain. It gives you more time to get food in Rust.

2. Slowed Dehydration

Another crucial benefit is that you’ll have to wait much longer before dehydrating. As a result, you get more time to find a freshwater source and drink some water before collapsing.

3. Faster Healing

Anything above 50% Comfort will increase your healing rapidly. Learning how to get 100% Comfort in Rust will grant you a bar of Health Points. As you can see, being comfortable in Rust is quite important for survival. At the very least, you won’t struggle that much to get by.

4. Less Radiation Poisoning

One of the best benefits of high Comfort is that you won’t lose your HP that fast to Radiation. You take less damage from it and can linger around in high radiation areas for longer.

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What Is 50% Comfort in Rust?

When your Comfort meter is at 50% in Rust, your HP bar will jump up to 80 points. It is an excellent way to prolong your life in Rust. Moreover, it ensures easier survival without having to hunt restlessly for food.

Ideally, the more Comfort points you have, the more your HP will raise. However, you should take what you can get, as it’s not always clear how many comforts you’ll gain from each Comfort item.

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The Best 7 Comfort Items in Rust 

Speaking of Comfort items, let’s explore how to raise your Comfort level in Rust with these seven fairly easily accessible items.

Camp Fire

camp fire rust=

The Camp Fire is among the essential items in Rust. Standing near a Camp Fire will start to increase your Comfort. To be more precise, a lit Camp Fire will raise your Comfort meter to 50%.


furnace rust 1

The Furnace is another item you desperately need in Rust for more than just Comfort. However, standing near this item will also help you get up to 50% Comfort.


chair rust

The Chair may not be as necessary as a Furnace in Rust, but it grants you 100% Comfort when sitting in one. However, spending 50 Wood and 75 Metal Fragments on a Chair may not always be your priority in the game.


rugs rust 1

A Rug is very easy to craft in Rust. It only requires 25 Cloth. In return, it will grant you 25% Comfort when standing near it.

Bear Skin Rug

panda rug rust

The Bear Skin Rug can grant up to 100% Comfort if you’re lucky. Or, it can also offer as low as 25% Comfort.


sofa rust

The Rust Sofa will also give you 100% Comfort when you sit in it. However, this is a Twitch Drop item and won’t be as easy to get a hold of.

Hobo Barrel

The Hobo Barrel is an improved version of the Camp Fire. No one can destroy it or pick it up. It will give you 50% Comfort when lit on fire. However, it can also give you 100% Comfort if it’s in a safe zone.

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How to Guarantee High Comfort Level for Your Character in Rust?

You can never really guarantee a 100% Comfort level in Rust. Some factors can ruin it, such as bleeding, cold, heat, and similar. However, you can get access to the items listed above to increase your chances of achieving 100% Rust Comfort.

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Final Verdict

Even though having high Comfort is important, you shouldn’t prioritize this too much. Try to get your base built first, gather supplies, and then focus on maintaining a decent Comfort level.