The Spy is by far one of the most popular classes in Team Fortress 2. His playstyle requires a lot of skill and knowledge, and an experienced TF2 spy will sow dissent in the ranks of the opposing team, while making big plays himself. Capable of destroying engineer nests with his sapper, as well as taking out any player instantly with a quick stab to the back. The Spy offers a varied kit, full of different utility abilities, that makes him a great addition to any team composition.

One of the key features of the Spy is his signature dashing style, which makes his class completely unique. Although the Spy is most often wearing a mask and a full disguise, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have an awesome hat or two. Here is our top list of the best Spy skins in TF2 you can get today!

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1. Facepeeler

We’re starting off our list with a creepy pick. If you’re looking for a Halloween TF2 skin that will definitely freak out your enemies, the Facepeeler is a great choice. One of the best cosmetic items available during the event, while other Spy hats tend to go for a more comedic vibe, the Facepeeler doesn’t mess around, instead showcasing a grotesque look, with Spy’s ace quite literally coming off his head, and being held only barely by a couple of stitches on the sides. However, if you want to add this awesome Sky cosmetic item to your inventory, keep in mind, that it will only be visible in-game during the Halloween event! This awesome Halloweed TF2 cosmetic item will cost you around $6.80.

2. Sky Captain

One of the most recognizable traits of the Spy is definitely his signature elegant look. Although his default clothes already carry an air of fashion and elegance, his jacket can be further upgraded with a selection of different cosmetic items you can buy. The Automatic Pilot community-designed item set for the Spy features two pretty-looking cosmetic items inspired by real-life pilot clothes, a hat as well as a decorated jacket. While both of these items are great in their own way, the Sky Captain jacket is an awesome choice for any player who wants a significant visual overhaul for their Spy, but lacks the financial means for some of the more flashy skins. Not the most expensive TF2 hat in the game, you can get the Sky Captain for as low as $0.45!

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3. Le Party Phantom

For all the players who feel like the Spy isn’t mysterious enough, Le Party Phantom will let them add even more secrecy to this TF2 class. Le Party Phantom might sound like a bad joke, considering the Spy is equipping a mask over another mask, but it can be a nice way to add some extra style to an already insanely stylish class. It also goes well with other, more classical cosmetic items, to give your Spy a look similar to middle-ages assassin. You can also get this awesome spy cosmetic insanely cheap, for around $0.06!

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4. Spycrab

Team Fortress 2 features many cosmetic items that reference the various game community memes that were spawned over the years, but few of them come close to the recognition that the classic Spycrab receives. One of the classic taunts in TF2 is the Spy disguise kit, making the Spy recreate the movements of a crab, with the disguise kit in place of the crab’s pincher. If you’re a Spy’s fan, this item is an absolute must-have. It’s a small crab, that appears on the Spy’s arm. The Spycrab isn’t tradable, and can only be purchased together with the real-life Spyracb plushie from the store.

5. The Belgian Detective

If you’re looking for a more classic look for your TF2 Spy, the Belgian Detective is a TF2 hat that is also a reference to classic Spy movies from the time. This cosmetic item is actually a combo, adding a small black mustache to the Spy, as well as a classic homburg hat, with stylish leather decorations. If you want an item that will give your Spy a visual upgrade in a match, but will still stay within the classic TF2 aesthetic, The Belgian Detective can be yours for only $4.99!

6. Dashin’ Hashshashin

If you’re a fan of the Assassin’s Creed game series, you’ve already probably heard of this hat as well. The Dashin Hashshashin is a reference to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, equipping the Spy with a hood similar to that worn by the main character. While it adds some flair and deadliness to the Spy’s usual look, it looks surprisingly fitting in the TF2 world, adding that classic Assassins Creed touch with the cartoonish style of TF2, almost making the Spy look like a member of the templars himself. While the Dashin Hashshashin was initially available as a promotional item together with the game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, it’s now tradable, and can be yours for around $7.50.

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Summing Up

Here are all of the best spy cosmetic items in TF2. If you liked this top list, make sure to check out the rest of the Skinsmonkey blog, where we regularly post more guides, tips and tricks for Team Fortress 2! Also, make sure to check out our Team Fortress 2 guide!