Rust is an exciting game. It sure makes players break a sweat to get materials. One such hard-to-get material is Tech Trash Rust. You’ll want to stock up on it if you plan to make significant future purchases.

You’ll need to know where and how to obtain Tech Trash Rust quickly.

To help you out, we made a list of proven ways to get Tech Trash. We’ve included only products with a 100% chance of producing Rust Tech Trash on this list. So you’ll be sure to get these precious materials. Most things are difficult to get, but they may be beneficial once in your inventory.

rust tech trash farming

What Is Tech Trash Used For in Rust?

Tech Trash is a collection of random tech parts. And it is used for creating multi-tiered items. So, how to get tech trash Rust? Mainly, there are only six foolproof methods of obtaining Tech Scrap, and those are the following:

1. Loot Boxes

Crates are storage containers discovered in Monuments and other high-level locales. You can use crates to store items. When accessed by hitting the ‘Use’ key, it usually includes numerous components and mid/high-tier goods like weapons, attachments, and rare resources, amongst other things.

These crates are more valuable than red toolboxes and Wooden crates because they hold more helpful stuff. Even if the amount of loot and stuff in these crates may be comparable to conventional ones, the likelihood that they include more things than regular ones is higher.

loot boxes

You can find tech trash in Locked Crates, Treasure Boxes, Underwater Lab Tech Crates, Elite Crates, APC Crates, Military Crates, and Supply Drops.

2. Recycling a Targeting Computer

Auto-turrets and enormous volumes of scrap can be recycled using Targeting Computers, which are very hard to come by. If you come across this, it’s a good idea to consider scrapping it since it’s rare.

Targeting Computers are utilized to construct the Computer Station, which may be used for real-time surveillance with any accessible CCTV Cameras. The Computer should be unusable before being disposed of as Tech Trash.

If you recycle a targeting computer, you will obtain 3 tech trash items, 50 metal fragments, and 1 high-quality metal.

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recycling a targeting computer

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3. Recycling a CCTV Camera

When a CCTV camera is activated and coupled with a computer station, it may record video and sound. To connect to a Computer Station, it has a unique ID. To use the ID, the CCTV camera must be connected to a computer station with at least 5 rWm of electricity. People can track your base’s cameras if their IDs aren’t random. Thus you should always maintain them that way.

If you recycle a CCTV camera, you will obtain 2 Tech Trash and 2 high-quality metal items.

recycling a cctv camera

4. Recycling Night Vision Goggles

The night vision goggles project and amplify infrared light to provide night vision. A Level 2 workbench can recharge the batteries. You cannot wear a helmet while wearing this item. It has a lot of similarities with the odd headlamp candle, but it’s a lot more advanced. It is a handy new feature if you’re going on night raids to gather resources in caverns.

If you recycle the night vision goggles, you will obtain 1 tech trash item and 5 high-quality metal items.

recycling night vision goggles

5. Recycling an MLRS Aiming Module

Due to the strong nature of the MLRS, the MLRS Aiming Module must be obtained from Locked Crates. When the MLRS is fired, the targeting module is depleted. There are many different missile launcher systems, but the MLRS is one of the most powerful and versatile. You can only use it once, but it’s helpful if you want to inflict significant damage on a target’s foundation.

If you recycle an MLRS aiming module, you will get 2 tech trash items and 50 metal fragments.

mlrs aiming module rust

6. Recycling a Large Rechargeable Battery

The device must have a charge of at least five seconds to discharge. Series wiring is possible. The charging rate is power-dependent, with an efficiency of up to 80%. Another uncommon item can only be discovered in high-tier crates. It is another object that you should consider discarding.

If you recycle a large rechargeable battery, you will obtain 1 tech trash and 5 high-quality metal items.

large rechargeable battery

7. Monuments Containing Tech Trash

In the game, there are many Monuments, each of which has a unique set of abilities. The creators are also constantly adding new Monuments and locations to the game, making it challenging to stay up. You can find tech trash in the Airfield, Launch Site, Power Plant, Harbor, Military Tunnels, Satellite Dish Array, Water Treatment Plant, and the Dome.

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Do You Need Tech Trash Rust?

Tech trash is almost worthless early in the RUST wipe. Once you get farther in the game, you’ll need it for more and more electrical components, especially for large rechargeable batteries and Temporary Explosive Charges.

Is Tech Trash Easy To Find?

It might be tough to locate Tech Trash unless you know exactly where to search. You can receive a lot of it if you have a lot of scrap pieces, for example. Once purchased from the Outpost, the Auto-turret may be recycled and reclaimed for Tech Trash. It isn’t a bad option if you’ve got a lot of scraps.

You can do many things with Tech Trash. Tech Trash is a critical resource for anything from weapons attachments to the wiring of your fortress.

Final Words

Hopefully, you found these ways to get Tech Trash helpful. They will get this very hard-to-get material a little easier.

Buying Tech Trash from someone else can also be a good option if you’re having trouble finding any. Also, if you’re a new player, familiarize yourself with the game’s most recent updates by reading them to learn what’s new and on the way.